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Meg being a secret XMan and using Quicksilver speed to unleash some much-deserved payback on the family for all their abuse was brilliant. Though why she didn't dodge the sneeze is beyond me.

The Giant Chicken being an antivaxxer was pretty timely. I agree that they should have just let him die to end that stupid gag once and for all. But of course Peter realized he needed the grudge to feel alive (and to escape culpability for all the damage of the fights).

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I love the chicken fights. I think the animation is fantastic and all the scenarios are brilliant. They actually haven't really beaten that joke into the ground either. I enjoyed the retrospective of their fights. 

The joke about the family not knowing/caring was the perfect context for it. 


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"Fecal Matters". After he makes it through (Wuhan) flu season without getting sick, the hospital asks Peter to volunteer as a nurse, but he finds himself at a crossroads when the giant chicken, his mortal enemy is a patient.

Wow, that was dull.

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As a cat person, I laugh at cat satire very easily. Knowing Seth McFarlane has cats makes it even funnier.

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