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Donna Hayward: Sweet wholesome vampy vixen

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Responding to this comment in the small talk thread:


(THough I will take oldDonna over newDonna any day!!)



I've been rewatching the show and it seems to me there are three Donna's.  There's the "Fire Walk With Me" Donna played by Moira Kelly.  The season 1 Donna played of course by Lara Flynn Boyle, was a wholesome, innocent teen motivated to investigate the murder of her best friend.  Then, literally overnight since the transition between Season 1 and Season 2 was overnight, she transforms into a vampy, jealous, conniving vixen.  I suppose you could argue that the events in season 1 and FWWM led to her breaking bad (sorry, couldn't resist).  But it does seem jarring... she really seems like a different character in the second season.

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