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The Chefs/Cheftestants of Top Chef

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13 minutes ago, chiaros said:

Edward Lee & his 610 Magnolia continues to garner attention.


I liked Ed.  Not only did he create food that I wanted to taste, he was one of the more enjoyable personalities during that sour Texas season.  

Another Top Chef contestant to make the list is Justin Devillier for his (and his wife Mia's) La Petite Grocery in New Orleans.  I liked Justin a lot in his season although many did not.  This is a nice feather in his cap, and his wife's.

Several guest judges have restaurants on the list too:  Hugh Acheson's Five & Ten in Athens, GA , Sean Brock's Husk Nashville, Mike Lata's Fig in Charleston, and Leah Chase's Dooky Chase which featured prominently in one of the TC New Orleans' episodes.  I may even have missed a couple.

I was somewhat surprised not to see one of John Besh's restaurants on the list, but New Orleans was so well represented on this list that it was obviously  a tough market to crack.

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One of my PBS stations played a Moveable Feast with Fine Cooking episode today, that appears to have originally aired on or about November 26, 2016, with Mike Isabella and Jenn Carroll. The two of them were apparently partners in Requin, a restaurant I only thought was Isabella's. In fact, I thought she was the one who got in the fight with one of the members of Concrete Blonde and ended up having her restaurant stalled because the investors backed out, in part, over that feud and her response to it.

Anyhoo, it was a pretty interesting episode for food porn. They show meat roasting on the spit with the fat dripping into pans of roasting potatoes. Yum!

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2 minutes ago, Christina said:

In fact, I thought she was the one who got in the fight with one of the members of Concrete Blonde and ended up having her restaurant stalled because the investors backed out, in part, over that feud and her response to it.

That was Jenn. 

Jenn is the head chef at Requin and it was her concept, Isabella is the behind the scenes partner. 

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2 hours ago, cooksdelight said:

Thanks for that, @cooksdelight ... I think.

This guy is like Christopher Lee in those 60s Dracula movies, where he appeared to be destroyed by a wooden stake, running water, silver bullets, the purifying rays of the sun...and kept coming back when everyone thought they were safe.

Advice to pigs in the LA area - if you see him coming - RUN!

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Just saw advert on "The Food Network" showing Season 4 winner Stephanie Izard will participate in their latest incarnation of "The Next Iron Chef" called "IC Gauntlet!" It starts this Sunday on the FN at 9 pm EDT! I can't ever remember her losing; going against an IC in Kitchen Stadium or returning to Bravo as a challenger in an EC of "Top Chef!" ;-)

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Good night at Beard Awards for Top Chef Alum. Outstanding Restaurant of the Year went to Topolobampo, helmed by the original Top Chef Master, Rick Bayless and Sarah Grueneberg of Top Chef Texas won Best Chef Great Lakes (even if you dislike her, Monteverde is pretty great). Stephen Starr is a frequent guest judge and he won for outstanding restauranteur too.

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25 minutes ago, cooksdelight said:

No, I don't know who that is, he named her but it didn't ring a bell.

On his Instagram he says it's Brooke and that's her tattoo. Brooke also has pics on her Instagram and it's definitely her.

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So today I went with some friends to a farmer's market in Serenbe, GA. It's west of Atlanta and it's an up and coming community with some farm to table restaurants, shops and absolutely gorgeous homes. I want to live there. Anyway, we walked around a bit and saw an open house so naturally, we go check it out. We chat a bit with the realtor and she mentions the owner is a chef with a few restaurants in Atlanta. We ask the name of the restaurant and she says Gunshow. My response was "am I in Kevin Gillespie's house?!" She starts laughing and said yes. The house was beautiful, the kitchen was pretty amazing and there were several pictures of pigs on the walls. I haven't had a chance to visit his restaurant yet but my friends and I were thinking of going there soon and if we see Kevin, tell him "Hey, we were in your house!" 

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@MaggieG  What a great story!  Talk about being in the right place at the right time!  Glad you shared that with us.

Hung is opening an Asian street food restaurant in Palm Coast, FL                                                                                                                   http://www.orlandoweekly.com/Blogs/archives/2017/05/12/top-chef-winner-opening-mamalings-asian-street-food-in-palm-coast

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I learned recently that Kristen Kish had never ever tasted Hainanese Chicken Rice until April of last year, and she was surprised that the chicken was served "cold" (actually, it is at room temperature).  I can't say I am surprised, as she - although of Korean heritage - was brought up in the US and was trained in French cuisine...but somehow it still raised an eyebrow or two for me.


Then...she talks about doing her Frenchie version of it, after describing it as "a version" of what she knows as chicken on rice in the US.

Sigh.  HCR and its antecedents predates you and your knowledge of C&R, Kristen. 

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21 hours ago, cooksdelight said:

Katsuji's newest restaurant in Chicago.

Holy Cow!  Is that crowd waiting to get in or is that just what a Chicago city street looks like?

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Good for him! I know he could be a shit-stirrer, but by and large the other cheftestants seem to like him and that says a lot. I'd love to try his food. Prawns with guajillo-dashi butter!!

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This certainly isn't the kind of publicity you'd want.
‘Top Chef’ alums eating up trendy restaurant’s profits: Suit


The “Top Chef” alums behind one of New York City’s hottest fried chicken joints have been eating up company profits — spending proceeds on a $135,000 apartment renovation and side projects like a Puerto Rico pop-up, according to a new lawsuit by their business partner.  James Beard Award finalists Jeff McInnis and Janine Booth opened Root and Bone in Alphabet City in 2014 — quickly drawing accolades and hour-plus wait times.
McCinnis and Booth “have failed to account for over $286,000 in cash distributions” including $136,000 they used to renovate their apartment above the East 3rd Street restaurant, $85,000 for rent for their pad, and payments to a PR firm for outside ventures like the pop-up restaurant in Puerto Rico, the suit says.

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Explains why he's gone silent on social media. He left his wife for her, messy divorce, etc. Wow.....

But he's hiring:

Jeff McInnis with Janine Booth at Root & Bone NYC.

July 31 at 7:31pm · New York, NY · 

Hello All, 

Root And Bone is looking for back of house management. If you want to work with the best team in New York please direct message me. Strong sous chef with at least six years experience under their belt. Pay is good and you can eat all the fried chicken you want for a lifetime.  

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Stephanie Izzard showed up at the end of Wheel of Fortune last night. They're in Chicago this week and at the end they showed a montage of restaurants in a restaurant group, forgot the name. One of the restaurants is The Girl and Goat and Stephanie spoke about it for a few seconds.

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On 8/9/2017 at 11:29 AM, AriAu said:

For your listening pleasure, Fabio is featured on the podcast "How I Got Here" this week.

Fabio pops up a lot on our local morning news. 

Good for Katsuji! Glad to hear his place is doing so well.

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Emily Hahn, a former Top Chef contestant and Food & Wine choice for a Rising Star Chef in Charleston, is next month leaving her executive chef post at Warehouse.

“I will be staying in Charleston, working on new things,” Hahn says. “When the time is right, I’ll be able to shout it from the rooftops.”

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