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S04.E02: Hell on Earth

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1 hour ago, ProfCrash said:

One benefit to having two people should be the division of labor. One person can be gathering wood and edible plants while the other fishes or hunts. We shall see how it works out in the end.

Another is having a second person to bounce ideas off and possibly come up with ideas. I think a key to David's win in season 2 was his finding crabs when his gill net failed to produce. We saw that in some of the reunion shows, where contestants turned to someone else and said "I wish I'd thought of that." Several tap outs in the past might have been averted if they had a team member standing by. OTOH, minor annoyances in the real world could easily magnify into major problems... ie, dad snoring down the hall isn'the exactly the same thing when he's sleeping a foot away.

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It seriously drives me nuts that there are still competitors who go into this thing super lean. Morons, you had ONE JOB to do, and that's gorge on peanut butter-filled cupcakes from the moment you get the casting call.

One of the all-time series highlights, for me, was the online bonus footage of Fuckin' Larry just going ecstatically berserk at a local bakery upon his return home. Before reuniting with his family, even--he showed up on the doorstep with a box of pastries. 

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