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S01.E02: Funerary

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On 6/18/2017 at 11:14 PM, Gillian Rosh said:

Polly and Quiet Ann chatting in the van.

The "Chattanooga Chatterbox"?  LOL

On 6/18/2017 at 11:25 PM, FlowerofCarnage said:

Uncle Daddy and Mrs. Uncle Daddy are a match made in Jerry Springer heaven. Given how Jenn referred to UD as her "father-in-law", I guess he pretty much raise Bryce and Roller. Funny, how Bryce turned out relatively normal.

"Relatively" being the key word here.


On 6/19/2017 at 10:45 AM, HunterHunted said:

Does Uncle Daddy's boy toy live with him too?

Judging from the Gay Erotic Jesus paintings, I think so.

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I'm in the minority here but I like Karreuche Tran, because she's trying to do better in her life and not just become the next Kim Kardashian or Karrine Steffans.  Sure she got notoriety by dating Chris Brown, but hey, as Wendy Williams says, not everybody can go to college and at least she's not on "Basketball Wives" "WAGS" or "Love and Hip Hop."

I like her too. I don't hold the Chris Brown thing against her either, because with some of the good-for-nothing men I've dated, it would be throwing stones at glass houses. She's got the restraining order against him and is moving on with her life--good for her. I feel like Nicey is taking her under her wing a bit IRL  and maybe she will benefit being around and learning from a strong, older woman. As for the show, I think its a good early role for her.  I used to watch soaps, so I've definitely seen worse acting. She definitely has potential IMO.

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I keep seeing Judy Reyes as carla from Scrubs. She does an amazing job. I for one love love the over the topness of this show. I think the undermentioned character is the bug eyed doctor! He seems to be dipping in to his own stash, which is no 1 rule of doling out drugs.

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13 hours ago, tardistravler said:

I keep seeing Judy Reyes as carla from Scrubs.

I keep not seeing her as Carla.  She really owns the character of Quiet Ann.

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I thought they might just throw him in the pool and by TV logic the chlorine would wash away any meaningful evidence. And then wipe the gun and make up a story about a home invasion (since he apparently had no security) where they were injured and knocked out but Roller must have put up a fight. 

But setting fire to two dead bodies on a little boat works too. That joke about Virginia's clear heels was good. I was thinking it. Dumb dumb.

Where does he live that NO neighbors heard ALL those gun shots?

THAT MONEY. I was immediately like... how can she use it to fund her salon... won't she get caught? But then I was like... if she just keeps that cash someone is going to steal it because that's how TV shows work.

The performance of the actor playing her brother is... rough. Is it bad that I think he's going to die at some point (because loved ones are always in danger) and that it might be good for the show?

I continue to enjoy the nail art. The faux pearls and gold on the matte black was cute.

Desna having to run all over the place dealing with this child... smh

Good lord the attire at that funeral...

End of the episode... Virginia is living up to her nick name. Dummy. 

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