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General Site-Wide Spoiler Policy

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General Spoiler Policy:

  • No "A-Bomb" spoilers, regardless of age, outside the show's forum (e.g. don't spoil Game of Thrones in Outlander or Genre Talk topics).
  • No spoilers for the next episode, or further into the season(s), in episode threads.
  • Character threads, and other non-episode threads, have discussions across seasons so no thread spoiler tag necessary.
  • History is considered a spoiler when a new drama based on historical facts airs. 
  • Source material is spoilery, even if the show veers quite far from it and/or the material is decades or more old. (e.g. comic books, "regular" books).
  • Other "typical" spoiler sources are kept in Spoiler threads or spoiler tagged.  E.g. casting sides, Pics from "stalkers" - people near sets as filming, leaked eps/scenes... you get the idea.
  • Unaired USA tags indicate that an episode hasn't aired in the US yet.

Some things are case by case (or forum by forum), please be sure to read any forum specific spoiler policy if one exists:

  • Previews: Sometimes are spoilers, sometimes not. Check before posting.
  • Separate Spoiler Only and Spoiler Discussion threads vs a single Spoilers and Spoiler Discussion/Speculation thread.


Things that are not considered spoilers:

  • Info button descriptions, TV Guide descriptions, general public sources like magazines.
  • Pure speculation: based on what has aired or the general public sources.
  • Speculation based on previews (if not specified otherwise in the forum per above). 

Last, but not least...
GAME OF THRONES IS SPECIAL! GoT has it's own very specific spoiler policies clearly outlined in the forum.

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