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S10.E09: The Empress Of Mars

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10 hours ago, tennisgurl said:

Poor young engaged guy, sucks that he got killed. But, the poor guy was doomed from the start. I mean, he's the only black person (except for main character Bill) around in this horror movie scenario, AND he has a picture of his fiancé he was showing people. All we needed further to cement his doomed-ness was for him to mention he was just one day left until retirement.

And don't forget the red shirt!  Granted, they were all wearing red shirts, but he was, too.  

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On 15/06/2017 at 6:14 AM, Llywela said:

But when one has dedicated his entire life to helping the helpless, and the other has dedicated their entire life to the senseless slaughter of billions, a close relationship of any kind suddenly becomes a lot less likely. The Doctor wants to see the universe; the Master wants to rule it. That fundamental philosophical difference between them has existed since the early 1970s and remains insurmountable, despite Moffat's best efforts to convince us otherwise.

People have been shipping the Doctor and Master for decades. But if you want to blame someone for making it canon, blame RTD and his phone sex scene in The Souns of Drums.

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