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S13.E03: All-Terrain Eats

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On 6/20/2017 at 6:25 PM, MajorWoody said:

That big screen background  feature reminded me of Edward G Robinson in the death theater in Soylent Green. Unfortunately, the dishes in this episode also seemed to emanate from that film.


Matt is better than the previous season. That being said, he is still a flaming jerk, just not as big a jerk as he was. Any show, webcast, or episode of GGG that he might end up on will be unwatchable.


Chef Mamma Suzanne reminded me of the famous Ralph Kramden "Chef of the Future" when she was doing her video. Her food reminded me of the Honeymooners episode with Kran-mars mystery appetizer, as did a few of the other contestants dishes.


The old battleaxe was annoying, and an idiot. My guess is she bussed tables at the NASA cafeteria. 

Jason seemed nice in the first episode, but his act is getting old real quick, He really needs to tone it down.


Trace Bieber just looks like he needs a haircut and a shave. He comes across as a dirty stumblebum with that look.


I really don't see a star in this group at all.

Thank you, MajorWoody!  Soylent Green, indeed.

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Am I the only one who can't grasp the concepts that they use?  I don't know what would be good to cook for the mountains or the desert..I hate when they say use so and so for inspiration... I just get lost.

Suzanne can only blame herself.  She was bleeding time trying to give her presentation and then couldn't make a decent dish to begin with.  My daughter in law's dad makes a delicious baklava and I know he brushes butter on every layer.

All that being said I cannot stand Jason.  I hate his voice and his demeanor.  I guess it comes from the baking show.  I'm sick of him!!!

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