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S04.E15: Blood in the Water

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NOTE: Reign airs on Thursdays in Canada, meaning that the episodes are very often viewed a day before they have aired in the US. Therefore please be aware that this thread will almost definitely have spoilers for those who wish to wait until Friday night to view the new episode.


Childbirth becomes dangerous for Mary and leaves her and her unborn child's lives in jeopardy. Meanwhile, Elizabeth discovers that someone in her inner circle was the cause of death of someone close to her.


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I liked Charles throwing his sister in the dungeon.

How is Narcisse running back and forth between France  and England so much without nobody realizing?

Finally Claude is done with Leith. 

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Charles imprisoning Leeza was pretty damn great! And it's almost funny how Narcisse has accidentally saved Charles from Spain by accidentally setting Elizabeth on the course to war. (Unless he really is that much of a chessmaster and told those ships to fire, which...holy shit, Narcisse is MAGNIFICENT.)

I didn't like how so much time was covered and yet somehow we never saw Elizabeth reacting to the news that Mary had had a male heir. I could understand her not getting the letter yet, but we should have seen the tantrums of tantrums from her at that. It was a sweet letter Mary wrote (although frankly I would not have added the part about leaving the throne to James, that seems grasping. She should have kept it to, "a bunch of men are trying to hurt my child, please protect him"), but I wish they had built up some kind of rapport before now. Elizabeth and Mary would have been so interesting this season if they had been communicating. They could have commiserated over their shared constant sausage fest problem.

One more episode and I don't think they'll be showing Mary's years of imprisonment. I think she's going to lose her head while young and pretty. Which makes it interesting to consider what exactly they've been writing Elizabeth as? They tried to make her sympathetic, but maybe in the end they realized she would just have to be the villain and stopped trying to make her likable. Or at least, tried a lot less. This whole season I've had trouble sympathizing with her, especially since she made so many of her own problems while Mary was just bombarded with issue after issue.

Ah well. Off to watch Orange is the New Black.

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I don't understand why they left pretty much all of her story for the last couple of episodes. And Darnley isn't even dead, she isn't married to Bothwell, James isn't back AND they added the story of newborn James disappearing. So how much are they going to cover in the finale? Especially considering that they will have to have scenes from the french court as well.

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I really want to see Darnley go up in flames, syph and all.

Did the show really not know it was going to be canceled? That's all I can figure based on how they dragged their feet all season and are now having to rush to a conclusion. Surely they had more notice than this.

Is Nicole based in any sort of history?

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