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Spoiler Policy For Poldark

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As Poldark airs in the UK considerably earlier than in the US the spoiler policy for this forum is set out below.

  • Per site policy about non-US shows: Airdates are the date which an episode aired in the UK. 
  • Episode topics will follow the UK schedule. This means even if PBS airs episodes together as they've done in the past, they will still "count" as two separate episodes for our purposes.
  • If you go into an episode thread and you haven't seen it yet, prepare to be spoiled.
  • Elements that have broadcast in the UK may also be mentioned in the character, media, etc. topics. Please spoiler tag plot points in non-episode topics for the benefit of unspoiled viewers.
  • Please restrict book talk to topics with a Book Talk tag only *see post below, this includes any 'but it's different in the books' comments or variations thereof.
  • Posts in episode topics should be at least 90% about that episode.

Keep in mind also that discussion in the episode topics should only include elements that have aired in that episode or previous episodes. That's a general site spoiler policy.

TL;DR Edition:

  • Unspoiled show peeps: don't go into episode threads unless you want to be spoiled.
  • Spoiled show peeps: spoiler tag stuff outside episode threads.
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*Please note:

For people who are getting to know Ross Poldark for the first time, book talk can hinder conversation about the current version of the show. With that in mind, please note the topics below where book readers may spread their wings:
For those who do want to compare/contrast the different versions of the story, there are three topics:

The Dear Book Readers: I Have a Question topic exists for people to get clarification from book readers on different topics. This topic naturally contains Book Talk.

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  • 1 year later...

Somewhat confused why you're stating it's "impossible to compare the novels to the 2015 adaptation" when this topic exists, one in which you've previously participated.

However, if what you meant to do was ask this question regarding episode topics then it's because:

  • This forum exists predominantly to discuss the show, not the novels.
  • Many, if not most, viewers haven't read the novels
    • We don't want non-book reader members spoiled or subjected to endless book comparisons when the purpose of the episode topics is for those who want to talk about the show
  • We want to be thoughtful and considerate for all our members
    • As mentioned, the topic linked above exists (as do others) which specifically caters to those who have read the novels

TL;DR It's all about consideration for show only members because the main purpose of this forum is to discuss the show. 

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