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S05.E01: The Few Who Dare

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13 minutes ago, Solace247 said:

I was thinking that the whole "Follow my lead" thing didn't come into play in the episode. That note followed by Delphine saying "We all have a role to play" made me think that she is speaking in code--something Cosima will recall later. Unless the sheet Delphine showed Cosima is, in fact, her lead she wants followed, but the note was placed in Cosima's bag before Delphine's encounter with the mother and child. I don't know, it's vague and cryptic as usual.

True enough!

I took "follow my lead" to mean, "Don't do anything rogue here. It's not safe and you don't know what's going on." I watched the episode again, and just as Cosima wakes up, right before she finds the note, you hear a door latch. Then she looks out the window and Delphine is arguing with the old guy. So I think it was Delphine who had just left the yurt AND Delphine who locked Cosima inside. For reasons we can only speculate about at the moment, Delphine wanted Cosima contained, and she (Delphine) wanted to be the one who controlled that. I suspect it's because she knows more than she's let on...maybe she knows about the creature person in the woods?? And she's trying to keep Cosima safe. 

She doesn't, though, seem to know the full scope of Rachel's plan. And she got a weird look when the sick girl mentioned "the fountain." I can't tell if Delphine is on board with the creepy cult or not. Maybe she's half on board? When she spoke to Cosima, she seemed dazzled by the science. But all the rest of the time, she seemed scared and like everything was happening against her will. And yeah, even if the Sardinia thing was in reference to aging and the fact that Sardinians live longer than most, the conversation still seemed coded. And Cosima kind of seemed to get it! I really don't know how to read all that.

In other news, I'd like to know where Charlotte is staying and who's taking care of her.

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I'd like to know why, if people come from all over the world in search of cures (for ex the mother and child at the clinic, and see also the Mary Sue science article linked upthread), Revival is being sold to us as a very secret project, and the clones couldn't discover it before now, given all their access to information and shenanigans with various factions.

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My prediction:  the "creature" in the woods that attacked Sarah is the beloved founder of the Colony, P.T. whatever it is.

Me too on all the interlocking conspiring groups.  We need Mrs. S. to knock all their heads together until they can play nice.

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On 11/06/2017 at 7:30 PM, AftermathTV said:

-Liked the callback to "we each have a role", even if I've hated Delphine's behavior in almost every season and find Cophine overrated. That part of the OB fandom is going to be pissed that she's splitting off again. But they should just be grateful that the chances of it ending in a tragedy like Sarah/Paul are zero percent.

Delphine sucks but the dead lesbian trope is a thing and I'm kind of glad the writers realised that and back pedalled. I have no skin in the game on the ship - because Delphine fucking sucks - but another dead lesbian was more than 2016 could handle.

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