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One thing that's nice about this show is that if the first date is awful but the last one goes really well, you "appreciate" the latter that much more. By the time Ahmed and Alyssa finished describing their date, I had forgotten all about Katie.

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Dang that is cold to put a 1. Even if you aren't attracted to the person at least put a 5 or 6. I liked her best in the video package too, other than the tattoo sleeves. 

Myron's intro saying it was like he was in a movie and slowly turned around. The way he was saying it made you think it was going to be this Ooooo Ahhhh moment only for to cap it off with....and I was extremely disappointed with what I saw. He said she wasn't his type just on looks alone so I wonder how much the show actually tries to match up people with their "types". It surely can't be a one way pairing as they do say they find 3 potential matches based on your criteria. 

Glad Ahmed and Alyssa seem to be a good pairing. I wonder how much of her initial attraction was influenced by wanting to be like her parents and finding a match. I agree with another poster that she should have been the main contestant to give her 3 opportunities. 

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That Myron guy is all sorts of awkward. He can't even be polite to spare someone's feelings. I hate to assume because I know these type of assumptions rub people the wrong way, but here goes.... I think he probably has a mild form of Aspergers. If that is the case, I can forgive his bluntness. Otherwise, he's just a jerk.

Tiffany was very gracious, though. She never said anything offensive about him.

Jeff was cute when I could only see his face on the screen. He didn't look attractive to me when he came out at the end. Then the way he was slouched on the couch on their overnight date was just awful.

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Vaughn rubbed me the wrong way right from the start, when he said that he wanted someone who wants to learn, because he was a wealth of information that he wanted to share. So it didn't surprise me that he was kind of a jerk. Staci was no 6 and she wasn't big. I'm glad she got to keep her money with only the happy hour to pay for. 

Then he wanted to teach Parker to bowl, when she didn't want to, which is part and parcel of his "wealth of information" opinion of himself. 

I had picked Kyerra (sp? don't remember) because of the music, but it was close with Parker. I felt kind of bad for Staci and her idea of what good conversation was (was there nothing better she could have shared than the pineapple conversation? I had to google to see what they were talking about!) 

It didn't surprise me that Vaughn and Parker didn't make it, though not for his reason: I thought he'd just be a jerk. I actually respect him for not liking someone who's not nice to staff. 

Love love LOVED Josh and his dog Tucker in their video. I knew *he* wasn't going to be giving anyone any sixes! Too nice. I picked Sean, but I did think during the interviews that he and Chase seemed like they had a lot of chemistry, and both of them had dogs. Really he was right, they *did* pick three great guys for him. I'm glad he and Sean are still seeing each other. 

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23 hours ago, Mystery said:

Vaughn rubbed me the wrong way right from the start, when he said that he wanted someone who wants to learn, because he was a wealth of information that he wanted to share. So it didn't surprise me that he was kind of a jerk. Staci was no 6 and she wasn't big. I'm glad she got to keep her money with only the happy hour to pay for. 

Then he wanted to teach Parker to bowl, when she didn't want to, which is part and parcel of his "wealth of information" opinion of himself. 

Yeah, that came out all wrong. He was supposed to say he wants to learn along with her. Duh! Then he insults the first lady by saying he wants a "small" woman, but then chooses a woman taller than him.

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Oh my gosh, tonight. I liked Johnathan. I picked Erica M. because of their mutual political ambitions, but I'm surprised that he picked her because she was whack. I agreed with him that she was pushy about "blessing the food." It wasn't so much that she wanted him to do it, it was that she not only told him to do it, but she said it was something he should have thought of himself. That kind of person will NEVER be satisfied, because other people will never "think of" everything that she thinks they should. And the way she painted that painting black was just strange. SHE picked that activity. And because she "got bored during the date," she couldn't be bothered to even try to paint? I felt like she just wanted to latch on to him. I don't remember what she did for a living (Innovative something) but I bet she was picturing herself as Mrs. Mayor of Los Angeles or something like that. I expected that they wouldn't last beyond the overnight date, but I was surprised that she stood him up! He kind of deserved it -- there WERE red flags all over the place. 

Erica T. seemed nice. I laughed out loud when she told the story about Johnathan offering to pray over the food!I thought it was strange that she was from Chicago. She was the one I thought he'd pick. And Marnie was also cute, but it didn't seem like they had much chemistry. 

I was so distracted by Amber's eyebrows in her video that I could hardly pay attention to what she was saying. They looked better on the show, not so thin and arched. I assume the show's makeup person took her in hand. She had her own horrible ones in her video with Elliott, which of course was before Makeup Person made her change, so that must be her own style. I hope she takes a look at this show and reconsiders. 

Since the show picked two CEOs for her, what did she ask for, I wonder?? Elliott the music producer, besides not being a CEO, lived up in Santa Barbara which is a good distance away. I discounted him right away and chose Austin because he seemed more steady. I thought his Queen Mary tour was a good idea, and I had actually thought, after his description of himself as a kid and teen, that he might appreciate some sex therapy tips! But it surprised me that he was willing to say so. I was disappointed that he got wasted, especially at the end when he shouldn't have been nervous, as opposed to the beginning. I wonder if she was drinking, too, because she was all in with the kissing and then later she was commending Elliott for not doing that. 

Elliott surprised me with the long-stemmed roses! He seemed great. I was totally wrong about him. 

I didn't like the way Nick kept saying he was looking for a "girl" in his video; I kept thinking "try 'woman,' dude," but he turned out okay in the end. Having tons of money must make it easier to be impressive -- those were some amazing places. By the end, I wasn't surprised to see that Amber chose him. I'm glad they're still together, so far. 

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Okay, I have no life!!!

I didn't like the way Annalee the matchmaker kept pursing her lips; I hate that look. I eventually just started doing something else and stopped looking at her facial expressions and her over-the-top mannerisms and little-girl voice. She would exhaust me if I knew her. I had picked Brett and they seemed like they had a good time. It was interesting that she had some additional feedback after their on-camera interview. I always wonder if the person has already picked their overnight date, or if that interview can change anything. We've had some shows where the "pickee's" parents were in the audience, so I thought it was already set. 

Max would have been my other choice, since Brian was from NYC. But you could see that they had no chemistry. She was really into Brian even though he kept mispronouncing her name (or Andy and the other guys did). By the end of their interview, I knew it would be him. I was surprised that the audience had chosen him, since he was from NYC. When it didn't work out, I thought it would be because of the distance. I guess the daters have to start specifying "must at least be OPEN to the idea of an exclusive relationship." When she raised her glass and did the duck-lips thing at the end, I thought, maybe he also found her exhausting!

I loved Hero Jon at the beginning. I grew up in Massachusetts with plenty of friends like him, from big Italian families, just good guys. Except perhaps for the marriage equality thing. I wonder what he was looking for, because the smallest age difference was Kelsey at 5 years. Was he really picky and they had to go from 24 to 36 year olds to date him, at 30? I thought Lindsay was kind of stingy with her 7, especially since she had already said he was tall, dark, and handsome and that was great. 

I had picked Alysa, and i liked that she pointed out his great personality right after his looks. I figured that he's an engineer and rides motorcycles and he needs someone who can take care of herself if he doesn't have a lot of free time, plus he has that big family, and she seemed like that kind of strong person although she was the youngest. It was funny that he mentioned liking her strong personality; that was what I had been looking at, too. 

Kelsey would have been my last choice because of the "I want a guy who'll get tattoos with me" thing; that just didn't seem like him. I was amazed that she scored him a 5 (and surprised that he scored her a 7). But again, they obviously had no chemistry. It was no surprise to see Alysa come through that door. It was so strange that he still felt (or said he felt) things for his ex. I don't remember liking Logan very much (wasn't he the "when I knock you up" guy?) but I like Alysa a lot. 

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I thought Annalee was WAY older than 25. I actually had to rewind it and make sure I read that right. Especially since she was a “professional” matchmaker for 5 years. Who would listen to a 20 year old when it comes to relationships??  

This may be untrue, but to me everything she did seemed fake, especially the giving money to the homeless guy. 

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So, Michael and Diane

Michael started off on the wrong foot with me by referring to what he wanted in "a girl." When you're 29 you should be talking about "women," dude. But that was it. Girl girl girl girl girl. And yet Andy managed to go the whole show without using that word. 

Wende was *so* not a 5. "Almost intimidating" said it all as far as I was concerned. I have to admit that truffle mac and cheese with lobster would've put me off. I would have been picking out mushrooms and lobster pieces. I would've loved Medieval Times, though. 

Kendall was a PE teacher but I hadn't realized how much of a homebody Michael was, when I picked, so I didn't pick her. She got his highest compliment: "marriage material." We've had "cooking class" dates before and when Kendall said that she found out right away that Michael doesn't know how to cook (or, he interjected, LIKE to cook) I started seeing the advantage of this kind of date. Grownups need to cook sometimes. I think it'd be good to find out how much a person is willing to learn and help out, in the kitchen and in life. 

Amanda was the one I'd picked. Again, she didn't deserve a 5. He wasn't very dressed up for the date, and I wasn't surprised that he was lame enough not to realize that he had to keep his stuff on the table, not on the revolving part of the restaurant. At least this time around, the "changing my initial impression during the date" worked in her favor. They did seem to laugh and have fun throughout the date. I knew he liked her being small, because he kept picking her up. I'm glad they're still dating, and I hope he grows up. 


Diane was kind of wacky. I wanted her to find someone, and I was glad to see older people. She talked more about her past than what she wanted, so it was hard to pick, but I picked Jay. I think he might have done better to have the coffee and talking part of the date first. I thought she was kind of negative. Like instead of saying "I wish we'd had more time to talk, or a place that was more conducive," she said she felt like she was on a different date than the one he described. 

Alan kept saying that people always think he's in his 40s, but I didn't see it. I'm in my late 50s and I would have pegged him in his 50s. And no matter what people think, why would that limit him to dating what he thinks he appears like, instead of his real age?  

I found myself smiling the whole way through Marc's interview. But ultimately I'm not surprised that she didn't stay with Marc. I think she really doesn't know what she wants. 

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Be seemed cool at first, although it worried me a little that she both complained about a guy asking her to split the bill *and* had her best friend say that the two of them were "expensive." I wasn't surprised when she said during the date recaps that she usually dates older (read: wealthy) men. By the end of the show I didn't care for her much at all. 

Lony was taking a selfie of himself while they were deciding which guy to show. Crazy. So first he sent her an hour outside NYC for the date. If it had to be that far away, why not drive together and get some good talking in? Indoor skydiving sounds cool, but it does seem like a strange first date even though we've seen it before. I wonder if they're not allowed to ask the person what they'd like to do (or if something specific would be okay)?

Thomas brought flowers, which she thought was corny. Ugh. At least she seemed to have a sense of humor about herself. They did seem to have fairly good chemistry. 

Nitin was the one I picked. Partly it was because he was a CPA and I thought he might make enough money for her. I laughed when he gave her a 4, after her horrible scores for the other guys. The "it was not a kiss" stuff was bizarre. I think she has this image of herself as a fabulous person and the truth doesn't matter as much as her idea of the truth. Frankly, I couldn't be with that kind of person. I was surprised that she picked Thomas, and surprised at her reason ("I could be myself around him")-- it didn't seem like she was having trouble being herself at any time, but whatever. I figured that a bartender wouldn't make enough for her and her roommate, and it seems like that ended up being the case. 

I liked John and agree that a guy who will dance has a great chance of meeting lots of women. Then he started with his "one of my love languages is touch..." and I was over him. What a way to talk. I wonder if he told his parents who he'd picked, just to get two votes closer to that $10k? I picked Melissa, who I thought might also be Catholic. 

Tiffany had kind of pissed me off with her "Midwest values" thing, like everyone else comes from a den of sin and corruption. I thought it was kind of obnoxious of John to complain that the ballet didn't give them a chance to talk; they would have had plenty of time to talk, over dinner, if he hadn't been an hour late. I lived in southern California for many years, and you plan for traffic. I think he would have said if there'd been a major accident that he couldn't get around. 

I was surprised that Melissa gave him a 3, regardless of fashion. And with Kat, it was like with Tiffany: he said she was not his type. I thought the dates were selected based on his types; I bet he didn't give the show anything to work with, just wanting to seem like a nice guy who didn't have a physical "type." Or maybe, since he picked Kat anyway, he really doesn't have one (in which case, why say so?)

I guess it's good that John and Kat at least ended up being friends. He didn't really have a connection with any of them. That leads me to believe that it's him somehow. Maybe he's not really ready to date. 

Since it's the end of the season, I guess I should go back and see the episodes I missed, on demand!

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