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S02.E02: Boardwalk Empire

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Thank you Jason Priestly.  While everyone was all "The Beach", he actually said "The Beaches" which is what it's been called since my family moved here in 1961.  I don't care what the Business Association decided, it's The Beaches.  Because it's composed of four original beaches -- Woodbine Beach, Kew Beach, Scarborough Beach, and Balmy Beach. .

Ahem.  Back to the show.

I liked the addition of Zoe.  The character seems like a standard type for a show like this but the actress has a nice energy that goes along with Shade and Angie and I was getting tired of Shade's kid and his ex wife.  The plot bent reality but they all do and it was entertaining enough.  I wonder if Shade's dad is going to start seeing the restaurant owner now.

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On 6/2/2017 at 12:23 AM, statsgirl said:

The plot bent reality but they all do and it was entertaining enough. 

If filthy rich land grabbers weren't employing not-too-different tactics to evict my 35-year-old single daughter and her fellow tenants from their already overpriced, subdivided, tiny apartments in Manhattan, I might have been entertained. As it was, the cages of rats and roaches just made it all seem improbable, when real estate moguls really do things like pay construction workers overtime to make noise 24/7 in adjacent apartments that they are keeping vacant in hopes of getting everyone out. </end-motherly-rant>

Yes. They can keep Zoe.

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