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Nathalie Kelley as Cristal Carrington: The Siren of Dynasty

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If we're assuming that Nathalie and Cristal are now the same age, that means Cristal is now in her early 30's instead of her late 30's/early 40's like Krystle. Does this mean she won't have baby rabies like Krystle did being that she's now got a few more years left before menopause hits? I wonder if that's still going to be part of the plotline or if they're focusing more on Cristal ingratiating herself into Altanta-Carrington?

Krystle's drive to have a baby after her miscarriage does drive a lot of the plots up to Chystina's (however the hell they spelled it) birth in season 4 or season 5.

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9 minutes ago, luckyroll3 said:

What happened with this actress?  Did they just decide to get rid of the actress/character?  Did she quit?

It's unclear as to what happened. My suspicion is that there was some bad blood between Nathalie Kelly and the showrunners. Perhaps she was upset about Nicolette Sheridan taking over the show or something, but it does sound like Nathalie leaving was not on amicable terms.

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