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I vaguely remember playing the game way back in the day.  I can't remember if I ever beat it though.

Just got done watching the 1st season.  It started kinda slow but once he met the Speakers I thought it picked up.  Can't go wrong listening to Richard Armitage for a couple of hours though.  Looking forward to Season 2 which will hopefully be longer than 4 episodes (WTH?).

I was kinda surprised by all the profanity.  Not something I'm used to hearing in an animated program but given the subject matter it wasn't out of place.  Some of the stuff Trevor said was hilarious.

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I've never heard of Castlevania before but how can I resist Richard Armitage and Graham McTavish.  Watched the whole first season and I think I'm hooked.  I would love more of the story of Dracula and Lisa.

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I saw Jeremy Jahns review a few months back and, finally had a chance to watch. I played the game decades ago and really enjoyed the animated series. I was surprised by the cursing but, it worked.

Looking forward to S2.

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3 hours ago, Morrigan2575 said:

That looks awesome! And just in time for Halloween!  I hope its longer than 4 episodes, I need at least 6 preferably 8-10.

We're getting eight episodes this season. Agree that last season was too short - it felt more like a prologue than a season 1.

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Dracula's generals gather to prosecute the war against humanity. There is discord when Dracula's human allies, Hector and Isaac, are given command of the armies of the night.

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Just binged Season 2 and it was even better than the first season.  The addition of Isaac and Hector adds some additional layers to the human/vampire dynamic and Camilla is a great new villian.  I really found myself torn between Dracula and his foes because I could sympathize with the motivations of each side.  Already looking forward to Season 3.

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I enjoyed this season too.  The extra episodes definitely helped give the story and characters a more fleshed out feel.  That said, I don't really sympathize with Dracula.  What happened to his wife was awful and if he'd limited his revenge to those in the corrupt church then that would've been understandable and I could even root for that.  Slaughtering entire villages full of people who had nothing to do with it, including babies who weren't even born at the time it happened?  Not so much.  All I can think is how Lisa could've married this monster in the first place. 

I can't even sympathize with Isaac because he's basically a fanatic, a sheep who doesn't question anything about the cult leader.

Hector at least shows signs of growth and maybe redemption...though if he's willing to have the human race culled just because people from his childhood freaked out over his zombie pets then his reasoning is kind of lame.

Camilla was entertaining.  I was rooting for her to overthrow Dracula. 

I felt badly for Alucard sitting in that old castle all alone, crying.  

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Are enjoyed this season, loved the politics inside the castle. Hated Vanilla and want her destroyed next season. I don't feel sorry for Hector he was very dumb, maybe he'll wake up and turn on her.  

Issac is going to be a very scary force next season. He's devoted and Fanatical which makes for a very scary villain.

I was surprised at how much I felt for Dracula but, it was kind of obvious that he just wanted to die...wipe out the human race first but definitely wanted to die after.

I was shocked they ended Dracula so quickly, I expected more fighting and a constitution until next season. I don't think Camilla will make for a good follow up villain to Dracula.

I felt horrible for Alucard sitting alone in the castle with the ghosts of his family in happier times. He needs his besties back ASAP!

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