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Toby Kennish: Brother Extrordinaire

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Toby is probably my favourite character. I still like Bay and Emmett and I don't mind most of the parents, but Toby is the sweetest. I'm glad Gabreel is older than me too. He does have a serious baby face though. He's playing ten years his junior on this show.


I'm not crazy with the way they went with the marriage plot. We all knew it would fail, but at least it kept Toby on the show. It also resulted in a very poignant scene with John when they talked about Toby's marriage being over.

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Honestly, the only part I liked about the marriage plotline was that it allowed Grabeel to show his true acting chops after the marriage dissolved. His scene with John in his apartment showed a vulnerable side to Toby, and it allowed John to parent Toby in a realistic way (and it made me really love John, as most times he's very critical toward people)

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