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S01.E12: Reunion

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There's waterworks, walkouts and a barrage of allegations thrown as the real housewives of Sydney come together for the first time for the reunion that Australia has been waiting for. It doesn't take long for things to heat up when spiritual goddess, Athena and straight shooting, Victoria go head-to-head. The ongoing animosity between Krissy and Lisa soon erupts with Lisa in the firing line regarding her constant personal attacks. Tensions escalate when Lisa's husband, David, joins the couch. The usually quiet Melissa finds her voice when a topic hits a nerve and Victoria is less than impressed when her loyalty as a friend is scrutinised. It's a climatic end when Nicole is left mortified when she hears what one of the housewives has been saying about her behind her back.

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I can't stand seeing Athena referred to as a 'spiritual goddess'. There is nothing spiritual nor goddess-like about her....she is too damaged, too nasty and vindictive, too ignorant and completely self-unaware. 

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