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S10.E22: We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

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All I could think of when Burke and Christina were in the procedure room and he showed her the hologram heart is how, when he practiced his wedding speech to her (back in the "before episode") he said he wanted to put his heart in her hand.  And, then, he showed her a heart - and she put her hand around it.  It was another "full circle" moment - and it emphasized how smart Burke is to be sure he and Christina don't work together, because their connection is something that can be neither duplicated or eradicated. 


Just a wonderful image. 

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April is definitely not a fundie. Her interactions with Arizona and Callie are enough to show that. I guarantee you, the fundamentalists in my church would have NO problem tell them how terrible it is for them to be bringing a child into their sinfulness. 

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I just finished this episode 5 minutes ago, wow! I was floored when cristina took that trip and then Burke was there, but it as good to see him, great surgeon, now I must start 23 to see if yang accepted his offer.

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On 5/2/2014 at 1:07 PM, omgsowicked said:

 he should be able to teach their kids his beliefs (or lack thereof) as well. 

How do your teach non-existent beliefs??

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