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A Reminder About Political Discussion On PTV

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A Reminder About Political Discussion On PTV

Political commentary from Morning Joe or any related PTV editorial piece is fine to be discussed in this forum.

However, posts that contain personal political views are subject to moderation.

This directive is purposely broad because anytime hard lines are drawn in the sand and/or examples are given, some will use it as an opportunity to walk too close to the line, or even put a toe over it.

Please remember mods are only human, and sometimes stuff will slip through the net. So if you see a post that violates the above, please do not respond - use the report button.

8/8/2018 UPDATE: If you have a question on any of this, please PM the forum moderators, @dubbel zout or @17wheatthins.


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With the new design, @17wheatthins and I thought a new note on political talk would be useful for everyone. Hopefully this will clear up some of the confusion that's been going on.

Per the site rules:

"Where a show itself has *political content (e.g. Morning Joe) -- political discussion will be allowed ONLY as it relates to the show.

*For the purposes of PreviouslyTV, 'political content' is defined as discussion of actual politicians and political entities (Congress, Parliament, etc) and their actions, comments or opinions. General discussion of hot-button political issues, as long as it's related to show content, is a-ok."

Specific rules for Morning Joe include no name-calling, for example, do not use terms such as Cheetolini, the orange one, deplorables, etc. You can call an idea/law/proposal dumb/idiotic/etc., but don't call politicians that. Joe and Mika and any nonpolitical guests are fair game. (Remember the hosts have their own thread.)

Please don't quote posts that include any of this—you can edit out any text that is counter to these rules.

We do allow some leeway here, as we are trying not to derail the flow of discussion in the threads, but we don't want things to go too far off-topic.

As always, if you have any questions, please PM the mods, @17wheatthins and @dubbel zout.

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