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S34.E10: A Line Drawn In Concrete

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Oooh, Debbie said the title quote. But with her superhuman powers she drew a line in solid concrete with a little twig. Now Sarah is poetic, talking about how the tide washes away lines drawn in sand. Debbie replies: "But it won't wash away the line I drew in concrete!  Ha ha!"

A secret advantage!! At least Andrea won't step on it with her boots, just with her bare feet. What bugs me about the challenges this season -- and this season in general -- there isn't any tie-ins to the local culture. I feel like this season could be shot in Orlando. Sierra has such graceful dives, half-hearted flop.  Troyzan loses his shorts - get out the pixels!! I'm trying to figure out exactly where the secret advantage is.

The master gymnast CRAWLS across the balance beam. That's how she won her gold medal at the Olympics! Those years of gymnastics training paid off. You have to admit, Sierra is good at the challenges when it comes to throwing at throwing and hooking things. Cirie's thought bubble: "Shut up, Jeff!!!" Michaela's thought bubble: "Shut up, Jeff!" I don't know if Cirie will get a warm fuzzy from all the support or if she feels embarrassed at the attention. Michaela claps with her eyes shut. Her thought bubble: "Big deal."  I like Cirie, but her post-reward challenge speech sounds like a Biggest Loser speech at the weigh-in.

Oh oh, super cop sees the secret advantage!! Oh Michaela, you missed an opportunity.  Burning question: why does Cirie wear a dress out here?

Debbie is too modest. She's not a captain in the Civil Air Patrol, she's a four-star general or whatever the highest rank is in the Air Force. Oh, Brad, shut up! He's afraid of the big bad outsiders contaminating his chosen six. I guess his inner jerk is starting to out itself. Shut up, Sierra. You are not in the driver's seat, you are shut in the trunk on a bumpy road. OK Cirie, wield your manipulative mind games on Sarah.

Immunity. This is the Immunity challenge? Well, it is a switch from the balance beam, climbing walls, going down slides and standing on a pole. Poor Tai, he could just turn around and look at others to see what the first letter is. Go Andrea! Oh, no! Troyzan is looking rough. Ha ha Culpepper! Too bad so sad. Well, I like Troyzan, so congratulations. I wonder if he will give a speech. No, but he gave Jeff a half-hearted hug. That idol looks like someone's macramé project. Ooh, Brad's team is now the cool kids on the playground. Everyone will want to be their friend.

Underdog alliance, please vote out Debbie. Brad would be my first choice because that would blow up his alliance, but Debbie would be OK.  Here goes the tribal council viola. Whatever happened to music that related to the country they are in?  That's nice of Jeff to call Sarah a human. What a compliment! Aubry's expressions when Debbie talks - ha ha! King Brad, first up, fitting for his royal status. And Debbie gives us another Civics lesson! All 8th graders will listen and fail their test tomorrow.

Now this is fun. I have no idea who will be voted out. OOh, the Olympic champion is started to look ticked off!! Jeff did a good job of shuffling those votes! And good-bye, Debbie!! One negative about her going - posting about episodes won't be as much fun. New catchphrase: "reshuffling the deck" along with "evolutionary" and "gamechanger" and "metamorphosis."

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I was about to say 'how many freaking advantages and idols does this how need?' until I saw that Michaela had the chance for it.  At least they gave the person not picked for the challenge the opportunity to go for it.  I would have liked it more if she actually saw the damn thing.  Better Sarah than Culpepper/Sierra/Debbie/Troyzan/Tai at least.  However, point remains, these idols and advantages are too much.  I especially don't like them being used so late in the game.  You might get to the final 3 because you had an advantage/idol, and win a final immunity.  Basically a get out of jail free card.

Jeff?  Shut up during the challenges.  You host this show and Cirie could still beat your ass at it.  And Cirie got up off her couch how many years and seasons ago?  I think she's evolved a tad since then, Probst. 

I really wish Michaela had not come back this soon, although who knows if the offer would have stood down the road.  She does need to keep a better poker face when it comes to her emotions.

For someone that didn't do much her first season, and who I don't think has done much this season (regardless of her being called the Godfather), Sierra is quite cocky.  Not after tonight! Loved seeing those smirks wiped off their faces.  I hope she realized that, if she did actually keep her word and go to the final 3 with Sarah/Debbie she probably wasn't winning.

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I also loved the looks Hali and Ozzy kept giving the six when they were crowing about how they were in control-especially Troyzan saying 'it's good to be just get to the final 6.'  I took that as more 'better to have finished in 6th place and let us 5 be on our merry way' than saying they'd start going after each other at that point.

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That was beautiful.  Would have enjoyed being rid of Sierra or Brad more, but I'll take what I can get. Watching the smug wiped off their faces temporarily and especially Debbie's as she got her torch snuffed was perfection. That said, Sarah is kind of a pretty crappy player. Woman seems to on play a lot on emotion and just whatever anyone tells her.

One second she's flipping because someone points out the obvious that she's at the bottom of the six, then she's not sure because Sierra peddles her a line that she sees a Final 3 with her, then she's flipping again because Aubry tells her nutty Debbie said something negative about her. Maybe it didn't happen exactly like that, since editing hides a lot but what was shown makes her look very easily emotionally manipulated. Not to mention, I'd be surprised if she lasts much longer since I'm sure the others must start realizing she's the biggest flipper in the game.

So is Zeke delusional? I couldn't believe when he told Andrea at the start of the episode that he had people on the other side who trusted him. She was dead on when she told him, "yeah for a few votes". The group made it clear that he was nothing more than a convenience to them, didn't even bother telling him of their plan to vote out Ozzy and he thinks any of them trust him? And Andrea was right that he showed everyone how shady he is.

At this point I'm torn about this season. I'm rooting for Cirie, Andrea or Aubry but I can't see them pulling this off. Not with Sarah the unpredictable flipper, Michaela who everyone seems to want to get rid of, Brad and Sierra firmly up each other's asses, Zeke the shady flip flopper who now seems to hate Andrea like she did something to him even if he's the one who turned on her and Troyzan just riding along. There's still Tai I guess, who has two idols at his disposal. Maybe Aubry can still work some magic on him like she did in their original season.

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Michaela, Michaela, Michaela.  So close to having an advantage that might’ve done your team some good, and you never even knew.  Kudos to Sarah for noticing and taking the chance to get it for herself!  I found it ironic that Sarah found herself in the position that eventually got her voted out in Cagayan—swing vote.  But kudos again to Sarah for not doing what she did last time—get overconfident about being the swing vote and wind up getting voted out herself.

I still have nothing but love for Cirie and the way she plays this game.  Her discussion with Sarah was brilliant and got the ball rolling which led to Sarah's defection.  Of course, as my mother pointed out, if Sarah doesn't get that advantage, she might not have flipped.  But she does have the advantage, which I think she might be smart enough to play correctly.  (My mother pointed out to me after she watched last week's episode that Debbie did not, in fact, play the extra vote advantage correctly as I first assumed she had.  Ozzy was a goner even without her extra vote.)

Speaking of Debbie, she is gone, gone, gone--HURRAH!!!!  She was grating enough before she went on a power trip, and will not be missed by anyone in this household at all.  And Michaela sitting there munching on coconut was hilarious.

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I know that we haven't seen much of Cirie . . . but can I hold out hope that the Reward Challenge would be her Hero Moment? Poor lady can't do water challenges, and it sucks to watch because she's a class act. If she wins, I wouldn't give her a tenth of shade that I reserved for Rob.

Who flipped on Debbie? At least she has the potential to flip the hell out on Day 39. And she appreciates the art of the blindside. After all, she was the architect of the Ides Of March.

I feel bad for Michaela. Would it have occurred to any other player to look for goodies while sitting out? And just when you think she can't look like a bigger chump, Sarah manages to get the advantage. At least Michaela seemed happy snacking on popcorn at Tribal.

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1 minute ago, Trick Question said:

Hali and Ozzy's "wait, we have to spend the next three days with Debbie?" faces FTW

LOL i know they were like "gee. Thanks guys."

Cirie's struggle/overcome moment was so sweet. But girl, why you pick Tai? you pick Michalea.

First with the Tea, and then with the Coconut'Corn. Micheala, you may not win this game (ever) but you have great tribal iconic moments for sure. (but you seriously need to listen to what Cirie told you. I'm still amused by it because I get you, but really. calm yo'self). 

Bye Debie. Bye bye bye Debbie. (also honourable mention to Aubry's eyeroll and go "eff yourself." re: debbie. basically. I couldn't even w/Debbie either. 

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5 minutes ago, enlightenedbum said:

The Cirie thing felt almost more like the show making fun of an older unathletic woman while the cast and Cirie herself tried to save it from itself.  I thought it was kind of distasteful and not inspiring.

Yeah, I almost expected her to be given a merit badge for competing. 

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3 minutes ago, Eolivet said:

You hit the nail on the head. I hated when Probst did it with David last year, too. "Aww, you have friends now! The athletic kids will sit with you."

Survivor is not about conquering your fears. It's about forming relationships that can win you a million dollars. And that's it.

I think Survivor can be whatever you need it to be. And Survivor has been - since Season 2 (imprinted on my mind) about facing something you fear. Rodger was scared of heights and couldn't swim but he flung himself off a rockface and swam a ravine and faced that (and he said that was, after meeting with Elisabeth one of the most enriching moments of his life and on the show).

I can see your POV, and I could see how Probst was doing it it could seem condensending. but I took it as a genuine outside the moment "Cirie, listen to me. YOU CAN DO IT moment." and I legit cried. (also. we also know Probst has no qualms shaming people for not finishing, being that behind and making them swim back, repeat player or not). but this could be a YMMV moment. 

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Debbie was just so unbelievably cocky tonight, but I think the best was when she went up to Aubry like she was 5 and talked down to her.  "It'll take a few votes for me to trust you, but then I'll get you in."  Aubry had the perfect response.  Glad she's finally in the game! 

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How weird is this. 

Hali - First juror in Worlds Apart, First juror in Game Changers
Ozzy - Second juror in Micronesia, Second juror in Game Changers
Debbie - Third juror in Kaoh Rong, Third juror in Game Changers

lol just messing with people now. 

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9 minutes ago, LanceM said:

How come super gymnast Debbie had to crawl across the balance beam?  I would have assumed she would have ran across that thing in 2 seconds flat.

And done a triple back flip!! Olga Korbut, look out!

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So Sarah finally got an episode to herself, and did not disappoint!

Smart move at the right time. Goodbye, CAPTAIN Debbie.

I remember Sarah as pretty much a nothingburger in her first season, nice to see her stir the pot a little bit.

Still enjoying the hell outta this season!

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Thank you Sarah for voting out the Air National Guard Gymnast!!! Those hideous fashion choices and constant yapping were making me question my viewing choices.

That advantage could have been glued to the bench and Michaela still would have missed it.

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23 minutes ago, vb68 said:

That was beautiful watching Debbie did her own grave at tribal. Buh-bye.

The more they talk about how horrible Michaela is and how they can't stand her, the more I like her!

But ...... SHE LIKES COCONUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   ; )

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3 minutes ago, NYGirl said:


Nicely done.  I was rooting for Debbie to go since it was her idea to get rid of Ozzie.


And now Ozzy can stink eye her into a coma. Or give it a good try at least. ;)

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I STILL think Sarah has a constant look of befuddlement but damn she played well tonight. So happy to see Debbie go down and now I'm anxious to see how the reshuffling goes. Will Andrea and Zeke be able to work together again? Probably not. And I agree with all those who felt uncomfortable with how Probst handled Cirie. 

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26 minutes ago, mojoween said:

I like Cirie, but I don't remember seeing them let the losing team finish the challenge like that before.  It was odd, to me.

I am not diminishing what she did b/c I, too, would suck at every challenge.

But Probst acted like this was sooooooooo amazing. He *asked* her if she wanted to finish. She didn't say..."Jeff, will you let me finish this?"

I'll let myself out.

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This was really the sweetest revenge for us Ozzy-lovers.  The show feels so pointless now.  You should have seen my disappointment when they panned to the two teams drawn up for the RC, and of course Ozzy was nowhere.  

Well, it FELT pointless until Tribal.  That was really great.  Sarah was getting really annoying with her SPEECHES - in her CONFESSIONALS, she EMPHASIZES every other WORD, like Tyra BANKS on ANTM, even though she isn't saying anything IMPORTANT.

But, then, she had a really good episode.  I've never really gotten much from Andrea, so it was nice this episode to see why people like her, I think.  

All in all, a good ep.  Debbie was my public enemy numero uno and man does she personify annoying as hell.

@sadiegirl1999 don't worry.  I see what you mean.  It seemed like Jeff really wanted to manufacture a moment.  He probably really felt for Cirie, but it was a little over the top. I probably cried anyway.  The music, the editing.... that's why Michaela's polite clapping and IDGAF face were so hilarious.

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The Cirie moment was definitely sweet, but also felt very patronizing. I think she was happy about it after, but during it, probably felt a bit embarrassed. But I'm sure glad she did it.

So glad Andrea was safe, but that was too close for comfort. Loved her and Michaela's showing at Tribal Council, though, seeing Debbie go and Sierra/Brad knocked down a peg was very satisfying.

Also satisfying was seeing Andrea get the comp beast threat edit she's always deserved. She's a really solid all around player, and seems to have found a good balance this time around, so I hope she can stay around for a long time.

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23 minutes ago, aquarian1 said:

I love Michaela, but dang! way to miss the "secret advantage" sitting right next to you.

I love Michaela, but I was mad at her for pouting and openly complaining.  She probably killed any chance she might have had to win. Yes, they were idiots to pick people like Cirie and Zeke over you, but you need to stay under control.

As for the secret advantage, unless the odd woman out knew to look for it, it would be easy to miss  (especially when you are pouting).  The other castaways actually had a better angle to see it from.

Maybe I am heartless, but I was rolling my eyes while the others helped Cirie earn her "participation trophy".  If you want praise and to feel good about yourself, complete the tasks. DURING the challenge, not after you have lost.

So glad to see Debbie go.  

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MaggieMae: Really!  Sarah's pokerface must work well for her as a cop. No matter what bullshit is thrown at her, she acts like it is truthful.

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2 minutes ago, Rachel RSL said:

I hated when Jeff was going on at TC about Cirie refusing to come in until she crossed the beam. Was that her decision or was that your decision, Probst? I mean, good for her for doing it but that seemed more like Probst trying to force one of his supposed powerful moments.

Glad we're rid of Debbie but I would have preferred to see Sierra go. It is possible to be in the majority alliance and not be an obnoxious twat. See: Brad Culpepper. (No, I can't believe I typed that either.)

Michaela is entertaining af but the things that I find entertaining as a viewer are the things that make her fellow tribemates dislike her. Coconut popcorn is amusing but won't earn her any votes if she somehow makes it to the final TC.

Ozzy cleans up nice! Hali, Ozzy, this will be the prettiest jury ev....oh, wait.

Hey! In addition to Hali and Ozzy, the jury just got a former "model", so it just got prettier, right? :)

If things had gone the way the talk was going, the pretty jury trend would have continued with either Andrea or Michaela.   

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18 minutes ago, Rachel RSL said:

I hated when Jeff was going on at TC about Cirie refusing to come in until she crossed the beam. Was that her decision or was that your decision, Probst? I mean, good for her for doing it but that seemed more like Probst trying to force one of his supposed powerful moments.

"Hamfisted" thy name is Probst. I felt the whole thing was very forced and contrived. I didn't go along on Jeff Probst's (self proclaimed as usual) 'Survivor is magical' ride.

The amount of confidence someone has that they are in control of the game is equal to the amount of enjoyment you get from a blindside of said player. This one was fabulous!

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