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S03.E16: Heroes Rise: These Delicate and Dark Obsessions

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A pretty good episode, but again I have to ask: why doesn't Falcone order a hit on the Mad Hatter?

I got to take photos of our very own Mayor Cobblepot in the line for Free Comic Book Day this morning.

On 5/2/2017 at 11:48 PM, sisterspoon said:

Didn't like the Ivy actress. Looked liked she was channeling/copying Barbara.  Hope she can make her character her own.  

I don't think Ivy's actress is copying anyone, but she's doing a good job of portraying a character who was a child until recently. And Barbara acts like a psychopathic womanchild.

On 5/2/2017 at 8:52 PM, jhlipton said:

This whole "they rule the city, you just don't know it" is patently absurd when we saw Falcone and Penguin do any damn thing they wanted without the slightest hoot from the Court of Owls.  Where were these "rulers" when Jerome was having his Carnival of Murder?  It may be part of the comics, but that doesn't mean it makes sense.

That incident was probably one of the things that convinced them their control wasn't absolute enough and they needed to destroy the city.

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18 hours ago, Noneofyourbusiness said:

A pretty good episode, but again I have to ask: why doesn't Falcone order a hit on the Mad Hatter?

Because the Court of Owls told him not to!  Duh!!!!

18 hours ago, Noneofyourbusiness said:

That incident was probably one of the things that convinced them their control wasn't absolute enough and they needed to destroy the city.

So they "control everything in the city" except when they don't.  Got it.

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3 hours ago, iheartET said:

Huh ? I recall her saying to him to swear to be Penguin's partner or whatever. I don't recall her asking him to be honest.

She asked him "Do you swear to be loyal and true to Penguin?" He couldn't lie to her because of the perfume so he told her no.

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On 5/2/2017 at 8:13 AM, luna1122 said:

Yeah, I thought Arlo Givens was Ras al'Ghul, tho he seems too old to be that character, but Wikipedia says Alexander Siddig will be Ra's al Ghul, so I don't know who Arlo is. Sensei, Ra's al Ghul's dad?

Maybe Ra's al Gramps?

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For some reason I totally forgot to watch this until today.

Ivy and Pengy! A great team up because it highlights the most cornered-rat trait of both characters--the utter frustration at not being taken seriously. In a weird and totally nonsexual way (thank God) Ivy is Penguin's dream girl because she "gets" what its like to be dismissed as a little person not worth bothering with, a freak whose interests are mocked and degraded, whose ambitions are laughed at whenever they're brought up. They're like a bizarro-land mirror version of Bruce and Selina, but instead of angsting and teen love it's freak-army building.

Jim Gordon, the dummy, was at his wooden middle of the road in this episode: my favorite part is when he spot Lee The Dour, spends a good thirty seconds walking up to her, then says "I didn't mean to interrupt you" or whatever that stupid line was. GAH. And then we have to spend the rest of that scene listening to Lee berate Jim AGAIN over that dumbass husband of hers who she seemed to marry out of spite and whom she knows damn good and well at this point was going to murder her. I'm assuming that line about "living with the destruction in your wake" was a setup for her to become yet another villain, because we don't have enough of those yet, amirite? It's like the writers have never heard of a female protagonist (as opposed to antagonist.) There isn't one woman on the show that didn't become watchable only after she became a villain (Babs, Ivy) or has always been one ( Selena [more chaotic neutral at this point but she's Catwoman coming up], Fish, Tabby). Lee started out strong and fun! She still could be if anybody cared about writing her well and stopped doing that horrible pouf to her hair!



Made me think- the Court of Owls referred to Gotham very ominously, as if it was the only important place in the world. Now, I don't doubt that Gotham is a significant city, if not one on a global scale, but, in this show at least, Gotham City never felt anything more than your rudimentary U.S. metropolis. It's certainly not the American capital, and doesn't even seem to be a capital of its own state or province.


This is why the Court and every other one of the bakers' dozen of secret societies running/ruining Gotham are SO STUPID. Not only do they keep doing the same things over and over and over again (you burned the place down TWICE and yet, for some reason, the traumatized/crazy citizenry didn't all join the local Booster's Club?), they never seem to grasp that they could just friggin' leave. Go to Rome! Paris! London! L.A.! Seattle! The whole "King Crap of Shit Mountain" chest-thumping routine is less intimidating and mysterious than it is "don't know where to look sad" at this point.

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