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S06.E03: Georgia

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On 5/1/2017 at 8:55 AM, Traveller519 said:

Always a joy to have Minna and her bluntness around. She's basically a switched-on, diplomatic version of Richard.

I have two friends who have see pent a large part of the masters in Georgia, I'd be interested to get their take on how representative the show was. I understand it's more democratic and modern, but not without its chaotic charm

Have travelled to Georgia a few times. Unfortunately the depiction of Georgia is not even close. Full of cliches. It is Caucasus (all the Slavic accents and names are therefore wrong to start with, lots of vine, but not vodka, etc. etc.), which is somewhat entirely different that the classic perception of an East European country. But it is a male dominated country, so that one is quite right. However, the rest is not, the whole first free elections to start with. The writers should have done  better research.

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On 5/1/2017 at 1:14 PM, Rinaldo said:

And has been for a long time. After he starred for three seasons on the moody Midnight Caller (I wish that series were available to watch now; it was good, as I recall) and then jumped into being the dad in the goofy Brady Bunch movies, I could see that he could handle any mix of drama and/or comedy.

And his role as Sherill Lucas Buck with a B showcased his ability to be pure evil.  And pure sex.  So I've had to reconcile myself with how I reacted to him that role.  Yum.  I love him here too.  All of these people are so awful I certainly am not going to find Kent worse than any of them.  And I too appreciated that he could use literally correctly.

This episode was so funny but I'm glad that I watched after reading this thread because it helped me look for things I know I would have missed if I hadn't.

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