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Clay: Dad, where's your radio thing?
Mr. Jensen: My "radio thing"?
Clay: That thing you play CDs on when you're painting or working in the yard or whatever.
Mr. Jensen: My boombox.
Clay: Is that really what they're called?
Mr. Jensen: They were. I believe now they're called obsolete.

Kat: Oh, God no. Solid no, Hannah. [Bryce] is like frat boy Darth Vader.

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Hannah: Feeling paranoid? On edge? Yeah, high school does that to a person.

Jessica: Hot chocolate is the cure for all things shitty in life.

Jessica: We saw you staring at us and wondered which one of us you were checking out.

Hannah: That shit'll kill you, you know.
Clay: You got a salad from McDonald's, the people that make the Big Mac.
Hannah: Are you fat shaming my salad?
Clay: You called my lunch a murderer.

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Clay: Is "Gloomy Sunday" really a song?
Alex: Yeah, google "Hungarian suicide song."

Alex: Why don't they put up a poster that says, "Don't be a fucking dick to people"?

History teacher: Alright, young people. Let the learning commence. We've got a film today continuing on our World War II unit. It's full of facts even though technically it's fiction. No talking, no texting, no sleeping.

Tyler: What are you guys doing?
Alex: I'm recruiting Clay for the Illuminati. You want to join?
Tyler: Alex, you should not joke about the Illuminati, first of all. Trust me. What are you guys talking about?
Clay: Homework. We have a project.
Tyler: Right, the old project trope. The only class you two have together is gym.
Alex: It's creepy that you even know that.

Hannah: Alex, maybe you think I'm being silly like I get my titties in a twist over the tiniest things, but you didn't walk that hall. You didn't feel those eyes on you. You've never heard those whispers. You think I'm taking it all way too seriously. But here's the thing - you've never been a girl.

Hannah: College in New York City.
Clay: Why New York?
Hannah: The minute I get there, I can be someone else, whoever I want to be.
Clay: But who you are now is okay.
Hannah: Okay? High praise. Thank you.
Clay: I mean is awesome.

Hannah: What if girls made a list and you got worst biceps?
Clay: Girls would probably never do that list.
Hannah: Precisely.

Zach: Come on, Hannah. You know you can't be in [the boys' locker room].
Hannah: Why not? You've all been staring at my ass all day.

Hannah: Wally, why do you even sell candy bars that don't have nuts in them?
Wally: Because some people don't like nuts. And some people are allergic.

Mrs. Jensen: Are you drunk?
Clay: I think so.
Mr. Jensen: How much did you drink?
Clay: Just one beer. It was a big beer though and it was disgusting.

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Marcus: Nothing anyone did to [Hannah] was any different than what happens to every girl at every high school. She just wanted attention. And leaving those tapes? That's a fucked up thing to do. No one deserves that.

Mr. Jensen: I prefer to leave my lectures in the lecture hall but, you know, there's actually an important lesson to be learned from a hangover.
Clay: Don't drink?
Mr. Jensen: Sure, but you'll drink. It happens. The overarching lesson is that actions have consequences.

Clay: What is that?
Mr. Jensen: Hot sauce, horseradish, kale, a raw egg, and about six other things designed to cure a hangover. Oh, no. Don't smell it. Just drink.

Principal Bolan: "Megan is a whore and-" What on earth is a cum dumpster?

Courtney: I'm worried about you, Clay. Why aren't you entering the costume contest?
Clay: Because I'm not wearing a costume.

Tyler: I'm the student life photographer. I stalk everybody. It's my job.

Courtney: What is in this?
Hannah: Vodka, Scotch, Kahlua, and just enough of anything the parents won't notice is missing.

Hannah: Even though Tyler stopped coming around, I never stopped feeling afraid.

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Hannah: Boys are assholes. [shot of Zach] Some are assholes all of the time. [shot of Bryce] All are assholes some of the time. [shot of Alex] It's just how boys are. Well, maybe not all boys. [shot of Clay]

Jeff: Go get her.
Clay: Go get her and do what?

Hannah: Mostly boys are assholes. But girls? Girls can be evil.

Mr. Jensen: Good morning, pal.
Clay: Dad, we talked about "pal."
Mr. Jensen: Good morning, honey.
Clay: Well played.
Mr. Jensen: Did you shower?
Clay: I totally showered.
Mr. Jensen: I feel like it's possible you didn't shower.
Clay: I didn't shower.

Justin: That's a pretty picture you took of Tyler.
Clay: Not as pretty as the one you took of Hannah.
Justin: You made your point. Now shut it down.
Clay: "Shut it down"? Who talks like that?

Tyler: They pantsed me in the middle of the hallway.
Mr. Porter: I don't know what that means. They pantsed you?
Tyler: How could you not know what that means? You work at a high school.
Mr. Porter: The school I transferred from, kids shot kids. Pants I don't know.

Alex: You look amazing.
Jessica: Good enough to make your next list?

Ryan: Aren't you supposed to get on the mic and say things like, "Liberty High, let's keep it tight"?
Jeff: I'm a legit DJ, not a birthday clown.
Ryan: Those aren't the only two options.

Jessica: Omigawd, this is amazing! I fucking love these peanut butter and cheese crackers even though they don't taste like peanut butter or cheese. You would make the best soccer mom, dude.

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Hannah: All proceeds go to a worthy cause: cheer camp.

Jeff: Well? Complete sentences, right?
Clay: Yeah, totally.
Jeff: I even used a semicolon.
Clay: I saw that. Mad props. Paragraph structure's good.  Might need some fact checking.
Jeff: Seriously? I googled everything.
Clay: Well, the founding fathers did grow and use hemp but it wasn't weed exactly.
Jeff: Those are different?
Clay: Yeah, so James Madison probably wasn't a mad stoner. or at least not from the hemp. Sometimes actual books are more reliable for this kind of stuff.
Jeff: Right, right. Good point.

Clay: [Ryan]'s really serious about the zine.
Tony: He's serious about the zine, his shoes, and not much else.

Jeff: Favorite reading materials: fantasy and sci fi. Dude, why not just say you watch Lord of the Rings on repeat?
Clay: I don't do that. Anymore.

Skye: So what, you're into cheerleaders now? It's you and Carrie?
Clay: Sheri.
Skye: You guys make a cute couple. You can go with her to Abercromie and watch her try on pre-distressed jean shorts and gladiator sandals.
Clay: That is oddly specific.

Clay: Long time, no see. And I mean that sarcastically.

Sheri: I think you're lucky your parents are still together. I mean, it's rare.
Clay: I think they're bonded by their shared love of humiliating me in every way possible.
Sheri: Wasn't enough to keep mine together.

Zach: I don't get it. What's [Marcus's] play? He's an hour late.
Oscar: Make a girl wait. If she's still there after you show, you know she's DTF.
Zach: What's DTF?
Oscar: Dude, spell it out.
Zach: It's already letters.

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On 4/10/2017 at 9:48 AM, ElectricBoogaloo said:

Hannah: Boys are assholes. [shot of Zach] Some are assholes all of the time. [shot of Bryce] All are assholes some of the time. [shot of Alex] It's just how boys are. Well, maybe not all boys. [shot of Clay]

I'm a sucker for this

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Just because I don't have her skinny ass body doesn't mean I'm fat!
Pratters: Maybe she should try a diet.
Hannah: Seriously, Pratters? Jesus.
Pratters: I'm just saying if you're getting fat shamed then, you know, don't be fat.
Mrs. Bradley: Mr. Pratters!
Zach: Pratters, that's like someone saying to you, "Don't be an idiot and a dickwad." Can't help it.
Pratters: Exactly. Thank you.
Zach: Totally not on your side, dude.

Hannah: You got six compliments today. I got a cartoon and a campaign flyer from Courtney.
Skye: You do realize that shilling for votes is not a compliment, Courtney?
Courtney: I'm sorry you feel that way, Skye, but I'm proud of my efforts and I wanted to share that with the class.

Clay: Go away, Tyler.
Tyler: I get that a lot, especially lately.

[Clay keys Zach's car in the parking lot]
Skye: Sticking it to the man! Or, you know, one particular man who's rich enough and fucked up enough to get his asshole son a $60,000 car.

Clay: I can't do this anymore. This goddamn school - it's a terrible place.
Skye: You're just now coming to this realization? Where have you been for the past three years?

Tony: You don't fuck with another dude's car!

[Clay and Courtney giving the new foreign exchange students a campus tour]
Clay: So as you can see, it's one of the finest high school parking lots in the world!

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Mr. Porter: What do you think your punishment should be?
Clay: Isn't that your job? I mean, it's not like you're trained to be a shrink or anything, right?

Clay: Everyone wants to talk. No one wants to actually do anything.

Justin: Tony's a dick.
Zach: He's not a dick.
Justin: He's a dick, he's a prick, and he's a cock.
Zach: Okay, those are the same things.
Justin: No, they're nuances of meaning.

Hannah: "Dream big," they say. "Shoot for the stars." Then they lock us away for twelve years and tell us where to sit, when to pee, what to think. Then we turn 18 and even though we've never had an original thought, we have to make the most important decision of our lives. And if you don't have the money and you don't really have the grades, a lot of the decision gets made for you.

Hannah: What future are you peddling?
I'll let you take the first guess.
Hannah: Hoarder?
Close. Librarian.
Hannah: No way you're a librarian.
I know. When people hear the word "librarian," they think 60 year old white-haired woman with cankles. We are rebranding.
Hannah: No offense, but isn't it a dying industry? You know, like travel agencies and cupcake stores?
Let me guess - you own a kindle.
Hannah: Not in a million years.

Ryan: Just take a brochure. They have scholarships.
Tony: I don't need a brochure, I don't need a scholarship, and I don't need four years of wasted time. I have skills.
Hannah: And a sweet Mustang.
Tony: Thank you.

Clay: Are you kidnapping me?
Tony: Did you kidnap Courtney?
Clay: I had a purpose.
Tony: So do I.

Alex: "Let's end the bastard"? What is that all about?
Justin: It's about protecting ourselves.
Alex: From what?
Justin: From Hannah's lies.
Alex: But did she lie? Cause I'm really not sure. Cause she tod the truth about me.

Hannah: That poetry group looked like an AA meeting.

Clay: What's the rope for? Are you going to tie me to a tree and force me to listen to the rest of the tapes?

Hannah: Who would want to be a teacher? Kids are assholes.

Hannah: Wow, you do a  really convincing imitation of a thinking, feeling human.
Ryan: Hannah, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you feel embarrassed or humiliated. I know what that's like.
Hannah: You do?
Ryan: I'm a skinny faggot who writes poems. I mean, please.
Hannah: I don't think you're supposed to use that word.
Ryan: Mmm, you're not. I'm allowed.

Tony: Are you a man or not?
Clay: Not, most definitely not.

Hannah: I don't like it when people read my things.
Ryan: Every poem you write should be like someone reading your things. It should be terrifying and incredibly embarrassing.

Tony: Try to slow your breath down.
Clay: How do I do that?
Tony: By breathing slower.

Mr. Jensen: [Clay]'s playing hooky. He's not missing.

Clay: That was freaking amazing!
Tony: Was it? Or was it fucking amazing?
Clay: That was fucking amazing!

Clay: You promised me the secrets are at the top of this rock. I risked my life to get here.
Tony: You wouldn't have died. You'd break a bunch of shit.

Ryan: The whole point of creative expression is to hold up a mirror to the world so hopefully these godawful people can start to see themselves and make connections to help them get through their dreary ass lives. Your pain is important to other people.

Tony: Apparently I was the only guy at Liberty who didn't grab [Hannah's] ass or stare at her tits.

Hannah: You're a self-serving egotistical fuckwad.

Clay: I wish I had known though why you cared so much about Hannah.I kept trying to figure it out. I thought maybe you were in love with her.
Tony: Clay, you know I'm gay, right?
Clay: What? No, I didn't know that. How was I supposed to know that?
Tony: I thought everyone knew.
Clay: I don't think everyone knows that.
Tony: I think a lot of people know it. Wait, wait, wait, did you think that I was just friends with Ryan?
Clay: Well, yeah, I guess so.
Tony: You think I would be friends with a guy like Ryan?

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Justin: Since when do you drink at school?
Bryce: Since when do you turn down a drink?

Hannah: Why can't people just swallow their gum like when we were kids?
Clay: I never swallowed my gum.
Hannah: Of course you didn't.

Courtney: We both know [Hannah] made all that stuff up.
Jessica: Did she? Because that photo of her on the slide with Justin was real. The hot or not list was real so maybe the rest was too.

Mrs. Jenkins: Even if a crime can't be prosecuted, it shouldn't stay a secret.

Justin: It didn't happen the way Hannah said.
Clay: Yeah, I've heard that before.

Mrs. Jenkins: Maybe we've been looking at the wrong warning signs. Maybe we don't have a suicidal kid. We've got one with a drug problem.
Mr. Jenkins: I really don't think so. I teach potheads. I know what that looks like and it's not Clay.

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Alex: Seriously, dude, that's bull shit. He got suspended for three days. That shit goes on his record.
Marcus: Yeah, I don't really care. At least we shut him up.
Zach: We kept him out of school for three days. I don't think we shut him up.

Ryan: Tony wouldn't budge. He's got the tapes hidden somewhere and this medieval self flagellating moral code.

Ryan: Why are we defending Bryce? Can someone tell me that? I mean, he's a fucking rapist.
Zach: Jesus, would you keep your voice down?
Ryan: I published a poem. He's a rapist.
Zach: Stop using that word.
Alex: Why? What other word would you use?
Courtney: If Hannah is telling the truth, but Jessica says she's not.
Ryan: Really, Courtney? That's still your position? Hannah is lying? Come out, come out, little girl.

Bryce: I'm not really from a gun family. We ski.

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Clay: How the hell am I supposed to listen to [my tape]?
Tony: I think the asshole answer is you put the headphones on, the cassette tape in, and you press play.
Clay: That is the asshole answer, isn't it?
Tony: Yeah, but it's true.

Mrs. Jenkins: Be safe! Call me if you need a ride! And don't do any hard drugs! Or any drugs!

Jessica: Clay!
Clay: Is the party over?
Jessica: The party hasn't started. No one's going to be here for like another hour.
Clay: Oh. But I thought - I heard it started at seven?
Jessica: Yeah, and A - it's 6:55 and B- seven really means nine.

Alex: It's a party so I'm pretending to have fun. No, I'm actually here as part of my ongoing plan. I'm going to hang around Jessica enough that she gets annoyed and she falls back in love with me.
Clay: I feel like there's a logic flaw in that plan.
Alex: It's love. It's not logic.
Party people: Hannah! Hannah! Hannah! Hannah!
Alex: Cool, Hannah came. Now we can annoy Jessica together.

[Clay's phone rings]
Clay: Hey, mom.
Mrs. Jenkins: Hi, Clay. It's mom.
Clay: Yeah, I just said that.

Jessica: How's the hot tub at your place?
Bryce: Hot.

Zach's mom: You have more points and more rebounds than Justin. I don't know why you're not the captain.
Zach: Well, that's not how they choose captain, mom.

Justin: Look, I can sleep in the garage.
Alex: No, that's weird. You're not a hobo.

Clay: I need to throw up.
Tony: Okay.
Clay: I don't have anything to throw up.
Tony: You need some food.
Clay: So I can throw it up?
Tony: So you can settle the fuck down.

Clay: I'm ready to keep listening now. We don't have to waste any more time.
Tony: Eat your food.
Clay: I can't.
Tony: Don't act like a child. Eat your sandwich.
Clay: I'll stop acting like a child if you stop acting like my grandpa.

Skye: Don't mock what you don't know.
Tony: I'm Catholic. I know all about this mystical bull shit.

Clay: What a bitch!
Tony: Wow.
Clay: Well, she is!
Tony: I just never heard you use that word before.

Clay: You're like this unhelpful Yoda.
Tony: Is that a crack on my height?

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Mr. Jensen: You're still drinking coffee?
Clay: You're still drinking coffee.
Mr. Jensen: I guess we just hope for more for our children.
Clay: We'll probably live longer if that helps. If your generation doesn't destroy the planet first.
Mr. Jensen: It's too late, I'm afraid.

Justin: Fucking Hannah!
Alex: Yeah, fucking Hannah. Fuck her for killing herself.

Justin: I just want you to understand.
Jessica: And I want you to understand what it's like to be raped. But I truly hope you never will.

Mr. Baker: We have no leverage.
Mrs. Baker: We have my fucking charm!

Tony: The perfect disguise for Clay Jensen is not a hoodie.

Marcus; The first thing we need to do is find out what they know.
Alex: Or the first thing we need to do is tell the truth.
Zach: I'm with Alex.
Marcus: I don't think it's as easy as you think. I mean, what exactly is the truth?
Ryan: Profound, Marcus. Truly profound.
Zach: And bull shit.
[Tyler enters]
Courtney: Omigawd, how did you find us?
Tyler: I deserve to be here.
Courtney: No, you don't.
Tyler: Because you don't like me, Courtney? Because I embarrassed you? I'm getting it worse than any of you.
Alex: Just let him stay.
Zach: Yeah, Courtney. And how did you get to run this meeting anyway? It's not the fucking dance committee.
Tyler: I sit or I start taking pictures.

Courtney: Your dad must know something, right? From the other deputies.
Alex: He's more a sweep it under the rug kind of guy.
Marcus: Works for me.
Alex: Yeah, I don't think he gives a shit about you.

Courtney: If we don't get our stories straight before these depositions, it's bad for all of us.
Alex: But what is the story exactly?
Courtney: Hannah was a liar. She was jealous and needy and emotionally unstable. She thought everyone was out to get her.
Tyler: Aren't you describing yourself?

Zach: Justin freaked because Jess was flirting with Bryce so he called Bryce a rapist and told Jessica that everything on the tapes was true.
Marcus: No fucking way.
Zach: And Monty and Jamie and a few other guys heard everything.
Courtney: Wait, wait, wait. They heard? They know about the tapes?
Zach: Well, Justin didn't go into fucking detail about the tapes, no, but they all heard him call Bryce a rapist and that Hannah was telling the truth.
Ryan: Good for Justin. And Bryce IS a rapist.
Courtney: IF you believe Hannah.
Ryan: Seriously? Courtney, you are the only girl here and that is the position you're going to take?
Courtney: Hannah lied. We know this.
Ryan: I don't know it.
Marcus: We can contain this. We just have to control the narrative.
Ryan: You're deluded. The narrative is Jess knows Bryce raped her.
Alex: You guys would make shitty chess players. We're two moves away from being checkmated.
Marcus; Not necessarily. Not if we bring Bryce into it with us.
Ryan: Bryce. The rapist.
Courtney: Alleged rapist.
Ryan: Fuck off, Courtney.
Tyler: Or we turn him in. Bryce is dangerous. I don't get why we're still protecting him.
Marcus: We're not. We're protecting ourselves. I applied early admit to Columbia. Zach's got scholarships. Ryan, I know you've got big plans. Courtney? Alex?
Alex: I've got no plans. I'm good to tell the truth.

Marcus: You want to sacrifice Bryce to save your own ass?
Tyler: Yeah, of course.

Alex: You want to know what's worse than being a rapist? Hiding behind one. Fucking justifying a fucking rapist - that's worse. You want to get the story straight? We all know the story. Everything Hannah said on the tapes is true. You're gay. So what? Tyler, you're a stalker. Ryan, you're an arrogant asshole. Zach, you're just an entitled idiot who does cruel, stupid things even though you probably have a decent heart. And Sheri's a fucking coward who got a kid killed.
Marcus: Alex, that's enough.
Alex: No, Marcus. You'll do anything to keep up your perfect reputation. And yeah, I'm a fucking weak pathetic loser who ruined the one good thing that I ever had because I wanted a fucking rapist to think I was just like him. Hannah was my friend. And we should tell the truth about her.

Brad: You always introduce me as your friend.
Tony: You are my friend.
Brad: I'm your boyfriend.
Tony: Boyfriend sounds so-
Brad: Gay?
Tony: That's not what I was going to say. Ryan always used to say, "This is Tony, my boyfriend," like I was some kind of possession.

Bryce: Listen, I'm going to hook you up this time because you seem pretty desperate and I happen to have a bunch of shit on hand right now. And, you know, 420 brotherhood.

Girl: You're going to get pepperoni grease in the water.
Hannah: Think of it as a moisturizing spa treatment.
Jessica: I read that pepperoni oil reduces cellulite.
Hannah: You know, I actually read that too, except it only works hen it's mixed with cheese.
Jessica: And tomato sauce.

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Jessica: Guys talk at our school and they do shit - they do things to girls that no one ever talks about and no one ever does anything about.

Bryce: Who's gonna believe a dead girl, right?
Justin: I guess we'll find out.

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Clay: [describing his unfinished tattoo] It's a fucking comma!

Clay: You're supposed to call me if you even just think about it. Where are your rubber bands? Have you been trying meditation?
Skye: Meditation is the most fucking boring thing in the world.

Alex: You look beautiful today. 
Jessica: So do you. 
Alex: I look damaged. 
Jessica: It's a good look on you. See? Everybody's checking you out. 
Alex: They're checking you out. You're pretty and sad. People love that.
Jessica: You have a cane and a scar. All my scars are inside.
Alex: We're definitely going to hell for joking about this.
Jessica: Alex, my friend, we're in hell already. I plan to look like I'm enjoying it.
Alex: They're looking at you more. 
Jessica: They're looking at you more.
Alex: Which one of us is more tragic? Ryan should do another one of his stupid polls.

Alex: I meant to ask you guys about my note. 
Zach: What note? 
Alex: My suicide note. 
Zach: Jesus, put that away. 
Alex: It's not radioactive.
Zach: No, I know, it's just we're not allowed to talk about suicide. Or you. Or Hannah. 
Alex: Says who? 
Zach: Says the school. They made a rule the day after you - after that day. And if you talk about it on campus, you get suspended. 
Alex: That's so fucked up.

Tyler: People tell lies about you, and other people believe them. And it gets to the point where the lies might as well be the truth.

Clay: Hey, Tony, what do you know about Scott Reed?
Tony: Uh, the baseball player? He plays baseball and he's friends with Bryce. That's what I know.

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Clay: You don't know why you're here. You don't know how I'm supposed to feel. You don't know why I haven't seen you and have tried not to think about you for months and then you show up tonight.
Hannah: Precise and accurate, in true Clay Jensen style.
Clay: You're still allowed to make fun of me?
Hannah: Allowed? Obligated? Who can say?
Clay: Are you real?
Hannah: Do you see me?
Clay: Are you corporeal?
Hannah: That seems like a science-fiction question. 
Clay: Can I touch you? 
Hannah: That seems like a loaded question.

Hannah: Who gave [the polaroid] to you? And why now, the day my trial started? 
Clay: You think they're connected? 
Hannah: You think they're not?

Clay: I was wondering, do you ever work with Polaroids?
Tyler: Amateur hipster tripe. 
Clay: I'll take that as a no. 
Tyler: It's retro analog bullshit. There's no negatives, so what's the point? 
Hannah: Unless that is the point.
Clay: So no one can make a copy?
Tyler: No, you can make a copy of anything. You just take a digital picture of it.

Coach Rick: I understand you had a little chat with one of my players yesterday. I'd appreciate it if you'd come see me first next time.
Porter: Okay, well, it's my job to have a chat with students. I can't be coming to you every time one of them happens to play baseball.
Coach Rick: No, sure, sure. Look, I'm glad we're working on awareness, and educating these kids about consent and everything you're doing. It's great. I'm just looking for a little teamwork. I give the right speeches, you give me a heads up if you've got a concern about one of my guys.
Porter: Okay. I got a concern about all your guys. Heads up.
Coach Rick: You know what? I'm sick of athletes always being the targets.
Porter: Coach, athletes have the run of this school, and you know it. I just don't want them to run kids over. You want teamwork? Check your boys so I don't have to.

Alex: Somehow I don't see Bryce walking into a sex shop.
Jessica: What do you think about Chloe?
Alex: I don't know, she's in smart classes but she does stupid things. I can't see her having any ideas.

Tyler: Mr. Kurtz just freaked out on me. Apparently, I'm no longer allowed to photograph female sports. This is how our school has decided to respond to my testimony.
Alex: By only letting you photograph the jocks who bullied you. This school is king of irony.
Tyler: Yeah, I don't really understand irony exactly.
Alex: Yeah, no one really does.

Matt: Gluten free pasta. That's like moisture free water.

Todd: All right, here we go.
Steve: Yes. Desert Hearts is supposed to be a classic. The Kids Are All Right, Blue is the Warmest Color. Maybe we wait and watch this one last.
Todd: Isn't this just very binary thinking?
Steve: Movies and shows are a wonderful way to open up a dialogue.
Todd: So we're screening one about a man who breaks up a lesbian couple? 
Steve: Oh, God. I forgot about that part. At least the lesbians aren't serial killers or policewomen.
Todd: And the male gaze makes Blue is the Warmest Color very suspect as fodder for positive conversation.
Steve: Good Lord, you overanalyze everything. That's probably why she didn't tell us before.

Olivia: [Jackie] washes one dress and it sets me back five months. I swear, I was ready to kick her out right then and there. But I think she might be a friend, and I don't have many of those right now. Present company excluded. 
Tony: No, I get it. You mean friends who aren't in high school.
Olivia: You know, Andy used to tell me, when I'd listen to the tapes for the umpteenth time, and I would call you with new questions, he would say how inappropriate it was that I was spending time with you.
Tony: Really? You didn't tell him that I don't play for your team?
Olivia: What happened to that boyfriend of yours? The handsome guy? I haven't seen him around in weeks. 
Tony: Brad. 
Olivia: Brad.
Tony: Yeah, we broke up.
Olivia: Oh. That's too bad. He was pretty. 
Tony: Yeah.
Olivia: He didn't talk much, but he was very pretty.

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Jessica: I don't blame Hannah for anything. That's how it is for girls. People judge you by the way you look, the things they hear about you. They put a label on you. I just feel like boys get to define themselves. They get to choose their identity, and they can hide behind it. Well, most boys. I think some know what it's like to be afraid to feel like the world gave you a certain label that you have to live with for the rest of your life. But most boys don't know what it's like. Every single girl does. Even boys who mean well want to tell you who you are. So we just start expecting them to put a label on us. And we just do it to ourselves.

Ryan: Welcome to the team.
Courtney: Don't start with me, Ryan.
Ryan: Hey, it happens when you're ready. I came out when I was five. I didn't really have a choice. Guess I was just born fabulous. I'm just glad you made it out. 
Courtney: Yeah. Me, too.
Ryan: If you start driving a Subaru and wearing flannel, I will hold an intervention. Be warned.

Alex: Wait, your hair is different. 
Jessica: It's court hair. 
Alex: I don't like it.
Jessica: Noted.

Clay: We have to fucking stop [Bryce]. 
Alex: How? I'm a cripple and you'll get grounded for life if you even speak to him.

Jessica: Why are you guys both looking at me? 
Alex: Umm, mostly cause you're sitting across the table from us?

Tony: I'm coming in with you guys.
Clay: But you're on the witness list. They check it.
Tony: No, I got my brother's ID. I haven't slept in two nights. I just wanna know what I'm looking at in there. What if you're on the list?
Alex: I'll just wave my cane and cry. It works everywhere.
Tony: Wait. I bet there's a handicapped entrance.
Clay: I don't think you're supposed to say handicapped.  
Tony: Take my arm. 
Alex: Fuck you both.

Jessica: They take one photo and it defines you and then it becomes your job to prove everyone wrong. This is what they did to Hannah, and now they're doing it to me.

Cyrus' dad: Mothers who baby their sons raise men ill-equipped for life. It's a patriarchal tragedy.

Cyrus: It's the Liberty way. Ban books, and celebrate guys who can hit a baseball real hard.
Cyrus' dad: I went through the same bullshit. Scapegoating, mob mentality. Yeah, I should've fought back.
Tyler: Kinda hard to do when you have no power.
Cyrus' dad: Who says you have no power? 
Tyler: The world? 
Cyrus' dad: Well, don't listen to the world. If you don't fit into one of their boxes, they want to punish you, but don't let them. 
Cyrus: Real heroes fuck shit up. 
Cyrus' dad: Mmm, more like resist. But yes.

Tony: Why the fuck would I know anything about how to find someone in the city?
Clay: I don't know, I mean, your brothers. I just thought -
Tony: What? You'd ask your brown friend for help navigating the streets?
Clay: What? No. I mean, not entirely. I mean, is that racist? I'm not racist. Am I racist?
Tony: Okay, don't go into your Clay-hole. I'm not in the mood.

Clay: I hope I find you. And I won't call you back again. I mean, I might call you back. I'll probably call you back. Okay. Bye.
Justin: In my experience, a girl who doesn't call you back is a girl who doesn't want to talk to you. 
Clay: Really? You're gonna tell me about your experience?

Girl: Hannah's totally Single White Female-ing you right now.
Jessica: Does that work if one of us is brown?

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Zach: Hey, man. Can I sit here?
Alex: I don't exactly have the upper body strength to stop you.

Courtney: Do you even like Hannah? Or are you just trying to get with her?
Marcus: Yes, I do like her. And I made a bet with Bryce.
Courtney: What is your deal? Some days you're this serious person with legitimate plans for the world, and the next, you're, like, this stupid guy. Like, one day you're Hillary, the next day, Bill.

Jessica: [Zach's] car is so insane.
Alex: Shouldn't we steal it and do a road trip across the country?
Jessica: Yes, running from the law, like Thelma and Louise.
Alex: Yeah, if Thelma had a bum leg and boy parts.
Jessica: It sounds so sexy when you say it like that. 
Alex: I mean, I am pretty sexy.

Justin: Sheri, please, please just - I'll give you some cash, just please go get me like half a gram. That's all I need. And then I'll go to court and I can testify, and you'll never have to see me again.
Sheri: And why do you think I'd know where to buy drugs?

Sheri: Look, we don't have time to play games, Justin. Do you want to help Jessica or not? Huh? Okay, if you do, stop being such a little bitch and get yourself better. 
Justin: I've never heard you say bitch before.
Sheri: I've never had to babysit your crying ass before.

Porter: Marcus, let me, uh, ask you something. Your father, he's a churchgoing man, right?
Marcus: Yeah.
Porter: What do you think he would say if he listened to your tape?

Hannah: Are you sure Alex should hear the tapes?
Clay: Odd question coming from the person who made them.

Hannah: That girl's unconscious. You should show these to someone. Turn him in.
Clay: And say what? "I found this polaroid in my locker. Arrest him"? I got his confession and they did nothing.

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Ryan: Nothing that's worth anything comes without pain. A work of art is only good if it arises from necessity, from need. And it can be political need or personal need or, ideally, both. Art should be confrontation. It should shock and scare you. Silence is never the answer. But when there's so much going on inside you, society expects us to stay silent. And it's a dangerous thing when there's so much going on inside you but no one to share it with.

Clay: Maybe a shower would help. 
Justin: I'm not that bad.
Clay: You smell like dead feet. Just shower, please. 
Justin: I'm hungry.
Clay: How can you be hungry? You threw everything up.
Justin: Maybe that's why I'm hungry.

Justin: Wait, he's my babysitter? What happened to Sheri?
Clay: Sheri couldn't skip twice in a row. She's taking the evening shift.
Justin: I thought he wanted nothing to do with me.
Tony: No, I don't. So keep your mouth shut and don't piss me off.
Justin: Don't piss me off.
Tony: And if you puke on this leather, I'm going to have to kick your ass.
Clay: Great. So WebMD detox info and contingency plans are on the desk. Don't let anyone see you. I gotta go. Umm, have fun. Don't kill each other.

Clay: Do you wanna talk about it? 
Alex: Aren't we talking about it? 
Clay: I guess so. 

Clay: Hey, what is that guy doing? 
Alex: Uh, chalking the field.
Clay: What is that machine? 
Alex: I don't know. I guess it's a chalk machine?

Ryan: I get it. He makes all our panties drop.
Hannah: Wait, you think Justin's hot?
Ryan: Of course I do. I'm not blind, or, like, chemically castrated.
Hannah: You said, and I'm quoting, that he was "the exemplar of athleticus douchebaggerus."
Ryan: Which only makes him hotter. 
Hannah: I know, right? How is that even fair?
Ryan: All right, enough. You put your hand on the hot stove. Owie. You've learned your lesson. Yes? 
Hannah: Yes.
Ryan: You are going to delete him from your phone and cleanse him from your heart.
Hannah: Well, we should probably skip my next three poems.

Cyrus: Ryan's a fucking tool. 
Chad: Worst kind of gay.
Tyler: I mean, I didn't mean that because he's gay.
Chad: Oh, I did. He's fucking shallow and pretentious and he fucking dresses gay every day. Classic homo.
Cyrus: Chad's also gay, FYI. Hence, he can say shit the rest of us can't.

Justin: Oxy was like taking the edge off, but all these pills are so pricey, and heroin's cheap. So you know, here I am, shitting myself in Clay Jensen's bathroom.

Hannah: Enough writing about my emotions. Can we just eat them?
Ryan: Yeah, we can totally eat them.
Hannah: Vanilla or mint chocolate chip?
Ryan: Please. Vanilla is not a flavor. It's an admission of defeat.

Olivia: Why did she keep in contact with Justin?
Ryan: Loneliness. It can be intense at our age.
Olivia: It's not just at your age.

Zach: Have you tried porn? 
Justin: Yeah, of course I've tried porn!

Zach: It'll happen. You just gotta find the right girl.
Alex: All right, well, let me know when you find yours. Maybe she's got a friend who's into scrawny and broken.

Nina: For the longest time, nothing was the same - how long I slept, what I ate, what I wore. I mean, my clothes didn't feel like me anymore. Bright colors made me feel like a fraud and my black clothes didn't seem dark enough, and just nothing seemed to fit. Just literally everything felt like a lie. And nothing I did seemed to help. No drink, no drug. Well, I didn't actually try every drug, but let me tell you, weed just had me crying and all in my feelings.

Jessica: How did you know? About me.
Nina: Um, I didn't. I just figured in case those rumors were bullshit, which they obviously were, that I'd be a friendly face.
Jessica: Friendly and slightly stalkerish?
Nina: I don't stalk. I lurk.

Sheri: I'm sorry. I didn't get your text message.
Clay: The procedure is if you see the car, you go through the window.
Sheri: Your whole family has the same car.

Ryan: Do you want to know why Hannah wrote these poems? She was reaching out. She was desperate to be heard, to connect. And people took that lifeline and they twisted it. They took her own story away from her. And she fought to get it back. But in the end, the story they told was so loud that it's all that she could hear and she started to believe it and forgot who she was. It's easy to let that happen, to lose yourself, to believe that no one could ever know you or love you and that you're the only person that knows what you're going through. And you convince yourself it's going to get better. And then it doesn't.

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Zach: I keep to myself mostly. I don't always tell people things. I'm not good with, like, drama. I learned pretty early on not to rock the boat, to stay in my lane. The best son a mother could have.

Clay: Some doctors tested Marines that had TBI with dates and memory questions to see if they could continue serving.
Alex: I'm not a fucking Marine, Clay. I shot myself in the head.

Ms. Paul: Mr. Porter is out this morning. I'm Ms. Paul, and we're going to be watching a very interesting film.
Cyrus: Human Centipede?
Ms. Paul: Well, no. It's not a nature film. It's about life after high school and how it gets better.
Cyrus: That's great, but what the hell are we supposed to do until then?

Tyler: My neighbor saw us shooting so my dad's calling your dad. 
Cyrus: Shit.
Tyler: But now he wants to take us shooting.
Cyrus: So, wait, we're getting in trouble for shooting guns, so they're taking us to go shoot guns?
Tyler: Essentially, yeah.
Cyrus: Do adults think these things through?

Mrs. Porter: What do you want me to say, Kev? I was glad to bail you out of jail and wait two hours at the impound?
Mr. Porter: You said that I should use the time that I have left to do the most good. Take care of those kids.
Mrs. Porter: And how is assaulting a drug dealer taking care of those kids?

Sheri: Are you serious, Ryan? You're really trying to dig up dirt on Hannah?
Ryan: No, I wasn't. I'm interested.
Sheri: Yeah, well, your interest tends to end up in your zine.

Zach: Can I get a box of Mike and Ikes, a box of Hot Tamales and a Diet Coke, please?
Scott: No, you cannot have fucking Mike and Ikes and Hot Tamales because you're not a fucking child. 
Monty: Actually, his mommy says he is. 
Zach: Okay. Fuck off, you guys. Don't you get tired of the mama's boy jokes?
Monty: Uh, no. No, we don't.

Zach: This 2001 thing is supposed to be a masterpiece, so-
Hannah: God, it's, uh so boring. 
Zach: Oh, is it? 
Hannah: Yeah, but at least it's long. You should still see it, though, so at least when pretentious people talk about it, you can yawn really loudly.

Zach: So, yeah, that [movie] was painful.
Hannah: Right? You're in space. Why aren't you having fun in space?
Zach: Why does nobody talk? Why is the movie so long and nobody talks about anything?
Hannah: I mean, at least talk about the fact that, holy shit, you're in outer space.
Zach: Would you ever want to watch a different movie? 
Hannah: Like with you?
Zach: Yes. Yeah. Yeah, I meant with me, as part of the the plan. Except not at my house. My mom doesn't let me have girls over.
Hannah: So you're inviting me to watch a movie at my house?

Zach: I mean, they're never gonna make a movie about Cameron taking a day off.
Hannah: People underestimate the Camerons of the world. I mean, they can be surprising. Everyone thinks when he falls off the diving board that he wants to drown. But I think he just wanted someone to save him.

Zach: After that, we went on Space Mountain, and I threw up all over her. And after she broke up with me, I took a long walk through Toon Town.

Hannah: You know, cause of my reputation, like, people calling me a slut and everything, it made sex seem bad, like this negative thing. But I don't want it to be. I want my first time to be how I want it, not how everyone says it's been.

Hannah: I want to lose my virginity, and I want it to be great. Like I want to do it on my terms and with someone that I like. Would you be interested in having sex?

Hannah: I had to get past the initial "This is wrong. God's gonna punish me and all women" feeling of shame.

Clay: It wasn't on your tape.
Zach: She put everything on your tape? 

Zach's mom: Why would you keep this from me?
Zach: Cause that's how we do things, isn't it? 
Zach's mom: What does that mean?
Zach: I don't even know how you feel about Dad dying. I don't know how you feel about anything. What if I felt like Hannah did? Because I have, Mom. I actually have. What would you do?
Zach's mom: Zachary Shan-Yung Dempsey, that is enough. Don't say such things. 
Zach: Why not? 
Zach's mom: This trial. That girl has put thoughts in your head. You do not feel that way. You're fine.
Zach: Yeah, exactly. I'm fine.

Mr. Standall: We can't change the past, but we can be better, right?

Cyrus: Don't drink it so fast. That's a one-way trip to barf town.

Tyler: You hacked Zach's iCloud account in two minutes?
Cyrus: His password was zachattack so...

Clay: Look, I was trying to help Hannah's case.
Lainie: By hiding Justin here? In the home of a lawyer whose firm is trying the case? Do you have any idea how that could look?

Justin: Hannah, she sleeps with one guy. She has a crush on another guy, being me, and she kisses a third, being you. All of a sudden, she's a slut? All of a sudden, you don't know who she is? You're a dumbass.  
Clay: I'm not a dumbass.
Justin: You're dumb. You're an ass. Dumbass. 

Zach: Hannah had nothing to be ashamed of. I made her feel like she did. Because I don't tell people things, like I said. Hannah didn't tell me how she felt either. But now I guess I know. And I'll be ashamed for the rest of my life. And shame burns.

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Caleb: You should come for a morning run next time.
Tony: I don't run unless I'm being chased. And even then, I don't run. 

Alex: Fuck you! You fucking rapist!
Zach: Dude, shit like that doesn't do anybody any good.
Alex: Yeah? Well, it felt good to me. Maybe if you'd stop defending him all the time.
Zach: When have I ever defended him?
Alex: Every day. Every day you hang around him and play baseball with him, you choose his side. 

Mackenzie: So, um, last night was really fun. We should, maybe, do it again sometime.
Tyler: We should clean vomit off your brother's boots?
Mackenzie: We should hang out. Maybe not in the bathroom.
Tyler: So hang out in your yard?
Mackenzie: Or another building. Restaurant. Movie theater, perhaps?
Tyler: Do you mean, like a -
Mackenzie: I mean, like a date. It's an early stage in the mating ritual of homo sapiens. We agree to go somewhere together. I obsess over what to wear and then you obsess over if you should pay or if we're splitting it. We show up, it either goes great or it goes terrible, and then we decide if we wanna put ourselves through it again.
Tyler: What sadistic person invented this ritual? 

Hannah: Will you write me, like, old-school letters?
Clay: Yeah. I mean, can I write them on the computer and print them?
Hannah: You may not. And no postcards. I want handwritten missives filled with your deepest, darkest secrets.
Clay: Are you gonna write me back?
Hannah: "Dear Helmet, today someone smeared feces on the bathroom wall and I got to clean it up. But there was an expired box of Milk Duds that I got to take home for free."

Marcus: Look, you need to help me shut this down.
Bryce: I need to?
Marcus: You owe me.
Bryce: I don't owe anybody anything, Marcus. I got a lot of eyes on me right now, okay? I can't get involved in some stripper shit.
Marcus: You're already involved. You were there.
Bryce: I'm not in the video.
Marcus: Are you fucking kidding me? After what I did for you in court, you can't return the favor?
Bryce: A favor's only a favor if someone asks for it. 

Jeff: Don't you have a class to get to?
Clay: Don't you guys? 
Jeff: No, man. We just won state. They don't make us go to school anymore.

Clay: Remember that poem that everyone was talking about?
Jeff: Everyone was talking about a poem? How is that possible? Who talks about poems?

Jeff: Man, if you and Hannah's relationship were a novel, a major theme would be mistakes.

Clay: The last time I took your advice, [Hannah] ran out on me at the dance.
Jeff: No, no, no, no, that wasn't my fault, all right? If I recall correctly, it was your nerves and uptight nature that just ruined everything. Look, you both are just too hung up on shit. We'll work on this.
Clay: I don't have an uptight nature.

Nina: I need more yoga pants.
Garrett: I mean, how many pairs of yoga pants does one person need? I mean, do you even do yoga?

Jeff: You know my body's a temple, right? 
Clay: I don't think about your body.

Clay: Are you sure? I mean, we don't know where these drugs come from, or even what drugs they are.
Hannah: The way you say "drugs" makes you sound like a Republican senator.

Clay: For someone who hates parties, I go to a lot of parties.
Alex: Yeah.
Clay: And it never ends well.
Alex: Nope.

Tyler: Alex told me to come. 
Jessica: Tyler, he was just being nice. He doesn't want you here.
Tyler: I want to talk to Alex. Okay, look, I brought him something.
Zach: What? "Oh, happy birthday, Alex. Here's a photo book of you in a coma"?

Hannah: If you could see the future, would you want to see the future?
Clay: No. 
Hannah: You answered that fast.
Clay: Well, like, can I change the future? Because if I can see it and I know what's coming, and there's nothing I can do about it, then it's just anxiety.
Hannah: You can always change the future.
Clay: So you don't believe in destiny?
Hannah: I do. I just believe it can change.

Cyrus: I'm introducing my old man to the wizarding world of Harry Potter. 
Tyler: Seriously? 
Cyrus: Seriously. He's the last person in the world that doesn't know what his patronus is. 
Tyler: Fucking muggles. 
Cyrus: Right? Hey. Pay attention here. You're going to need to know that for the sixth movie.

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Justin: I will do whatever I have to to make you fucking pay.
Bryce: I'm not going to pay for a goddamn thing, Justin. I've got a legal team working for me around the clock. I've got state fucking senators that will talk about what a fine citizen I am. What have you got? A junkie mom and a deadbeat dad? Oh, shit. Wait, that's right. You don't even know your dad, do you? You never met the guy. You're just a white trash piece of shit, Justin. Nobody's going to listen to your truth. Nobody in this world gives a shit about you. You've got nothing and nobody.

Clay: Look, are they sure it's bipolar? It feels like kind of a blurry line between someone being manic and also just, you know, being in a really good mood.
Skye: Clay, I tried to jerk you off in front of your parents. I mean, that wasn't just a good mood.

Skye: I can't keep pretending like I'm okay, like I don't need to work to get well, like it's everyone's fault but mine. I want to live a better life than that.
Clay: You're going to forget me. 
Skye: Oh, my God, I never could.
Clay: I'm just gonna be this one guy you knew one time.
Skye: I can let you go and still love you.

Olivia: We don't always get second chances to help people. To be there in the right way. To love them.

Justin: Where's the scar?
Alex: Oh, it's - there's scars. But they're under my hair. That's why I grew it out.
Justin: Yeah, I remember how it used to be. When you first started at Liberty, some of the guys were like, "That hair makes him a fag." But I was like, "That's fucking stupid."
Alex: Well, that's super kind of you.

Olivia: You know, Jessica, if there's If there's anything you ever want to talk about... Sometimes I think if Hannah would have come to me, maybe things would have been different.
Jessica: Maybe it was too painful for her to talk about it. Maybe she kept it all in to protect herself. I'm not good at that. The more I think about it, she was really brave.
Olivia: Oh, but, honey, we both know that didn't work. Keeping it in, that's not brave. Feeling the pain, facing it that takes courage. It's okay to let it out.

Lainie: The Register called me today, Clay. Those audio files were watermarked. You stole them from my computer.
Clay: You told me you weren't working on the case. 
Lainie: That's no excuse. 
Clay: You told Sonya. About Zach texting Hannah. That's how they knew everything.
Matt: Is that true?
Lainie: She's a colleague. I pointed her in a direction. It's hardly the same thing. 
Clay: It's worse.
Lainie: You endangered my job, my license, our livelihood.
Clay: You ruined my fucking life!
Matt: Jesus, you sound like children. And there's just one child here.

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Matt: Why do you read what people say online?

Bryce: [Chloe] said 10:00 was fine, so I don't know what's going on. 
Nora: Was this before or after the ribbon cutting ceremony?
Bryce: I mean, I invited her yesterday at school.
Nora: And did she confirm? She might not know to confirm. Not everyone has a grandmother like yours, wielding Emily Post like a bible.

Barry: Son, if something's not right with Chloe, you need to make it right. A woman who loves you is to be respected and not to be crossed.

Caleb: You can't hide in this town with that car.

Caleb: You want to take your mind off it all and watch Madrid destroy Barcelona Monday night?
Tony: What makes you think I like soccer?
Caleb: You're Mexican and you're gay. How could you not like soccer?

Bolan: You're acting out, and I need to know why. I need to know what you need because I don't want to see somebody getting hurt with this.
Clay: Somebody already has gotten hurt. Two people, but we're not allowed to talk about them.
Bolan: Suicide contagion is a real thing, and we've got to take measures to protect you kids.
Clay: I don't understand. How does silence protect us?
Bolan: Kids get talking about Hannah, maybe even admiring what she did, they might think somehow that this is an answer. It might be a way for other kids to feel their pain, that they could live on after they die.
Clay: Where on her tapes does Hannah say that?
Bolan: Well, whoever posted her tapes online seems to believe exactly that, that her story should go on forever.
Clay: Maybe they just wanted to start a conversation. We weren't talking about these things before Hannah.
Bolan: Of course we were. In counseling sessions, in health classes.
Clay: That's not talking, that's telling.

Clay: Have you even listened to them?
Bolan: The tapes? No. I was made aware of them by Mr. Porter, but we brought them directly to our attorneys. I didn't listen to them.
Clay: Maybe you should.

Amber: Honey you can run as far as you want, you will never get away from who you are.
Justin: That's fine. Just as long as I can get away from who I was.

Tyler: What are you here [in this class] for?
Clay: Truancy, grudges, the hypocrisy of high school administrators. Cyrus: Dude, we've never officially met, but you helped me fix my bike once freshman year. Cyrus. 
Clay: Clay. 
Cyrus: Dude, I know. That Bryce Walker thing? That was fucking hardcore, man. I mean, you have balls. I mean, we heard you literally getting the shit kicked out of you. You're coughing up blood. And you still keep fucking talking to him? I mean, damn.
Clay: Uh...thanks?

Clay: So what do you guys actually do in here [in class]?
Cyrus: We plot the complete and violent overthrow of civilization.
Clay: Super. Count me in.

Porter: Listen, what happened to you was not your fault.
Hannah: You don't know what happened to me.
Porter: Hannah, if my daughter were older, I would tell her the same thing - that men, they can control themselves. Everybody can. Everybody acts like consent is this complicated thing, but it's not, all right? Everybody knows whether they have it or not, and it was that boy's job to know.
Hannah: Mr. Porter-
Porter: Listen. Listen to me. It wasn't your fault. We need to get you some help.
Hannah: What if it's too late? What if I'm too messed up to fix it?
Porter: No. It's never too late.

Mrs. Porter: You did the right thing.
Mr. Porter: I doubt that the school will agree.
Mrs. Porter: But are you right with you? Are you at peace in your own heart?
Mr. Porter: Good lord, babe, I don't think that I ever will be.
Mrs. Porter: You're a good man, Kevin Porter.
Mr. Porter: What do you think they're going do to me?
Mrs. Porter: Nothing they haven't done already. Nothing that's going hurt you more than what you feel right now.

Cyrus: Fuck, man. You have a way of getting the shit kicked out of you.
Clay: Thank you for noticing.

Clay: Is he outlining? 
Cyrus: Tyler's kind of OCD. I misspelled "hypocrite" on Marcus's window, and he freaked out.

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Hannah: Okay, what's going on? You've been kind of bitchy all day.
Tony: Excuse me? I don't have a bitchy bone in my body.

Tony: There's a guy at school.
Hannah: I love this story already. Who is he?
Tony: He's artsy. 
Hannah: Artsy. 
Tony: And dramatic.
Hannah: All code words for "too gay"?
Tony: No, no, it's not that. He's just totally not my type.

Hannah: Is he into you? 
Tony: Oh, yeah. No question.
Hannah: If you do say so yourself.
Tony: Look, he's always smiling at me, he laughs at jokes that are not jokes. And he, like, touches me on the arm and shit.
Hannah: And what's the stimulus response when he touches you on the arm?
Tony: Part of me wants to say, "Watch the leather, homo." The other part of me wants to throw him against the locker and kiss him.
Hannah: Oh, dear lord. You are in trouble. You have to ask him out!

Clay: So if you weren't using, what have you been doing the past 48 hours? 
Justin: I saw my mom. 
Clay: Your mom? I thought you didn't know where she moved.
Justin: Well, turns out I lie sometimes.

Clay: If you have all that cash why'd you call me?
Justin: You said you needed me. I'm just I'm done with doing fucked up things.
Clay: Yeah. I may need you to do one or two more fucked up things.

Coach: They'll have all this cleaned up by game time. So let's get our heads back in the game, guys. We can let this get to us, or we can take the field tonight and show these people who we really are.
Zach: And who exactly are we, Coach? Apparently, we're the rapists.
Coach: I don't want to hear that talk, okay? We got a championship season ahead of us starting tonight. We're going to prove these people wrong.
Zach: How does winning a baseball game prove we're not rapists?

Tony: When we act out of anger or fear, we can hurt people we don't mean to hurt.

Tony: Hey, what's up, Ryan? Still doing that internet thing?
Ryan: I'm sorry, we can't all bump into hot boyfriends every time we walk into a boxing gym.

Tony: I don't know about this. 
Hannah: Why?
Tony: I don't know. I mean, look at him. He's staring at himself in the mirror.
Hannah: Like you don't use a mirror. How much pomade does it take you every morning to look like that?

Ryan: Tony Padilla. To what do I owe the pleasure?
Tony: I, uh, I think you're cute, um, and funny and you have a way with words that I'm not entirely sure I understand.
Ryan: I am flattered and aflutter.
Tony: My point is I like you. And I think you like me? And I'm, you know. Words are not really my thing, so I'm not going to say anything clever or cute. I just, um, do you want to go to an art show with me?
Ryan: You did your research. What took you so long to finally come to your senses and ask me out?
Tony: I'm "carpe dieming," apparently. Seizing the freaking day. 
Ryan: I like it. You do realize that means "fuck the day," though, right?

Bolan: So you thought it was coincidental that our field was vandalized just hours after you spoke your truth?
Porter: The field was vandalized for one reason only.

Tony: You know that horoscope stuff is bullshit, right? You really think a planet billions of light years away can affect your lotto numbers?
Ryan: You know, Scorpios are very skeptical by nature.But luckily, I'm a Leo which means I can handle you. 
Tony: Yeah?
Ryan: We're both emotional, though in completely different ways, which means we'll probably wind up killing each other at some point.
Tony: Well, that's encouraging.
Ryan: But in the meantime, the sex is going to be, like, mind-blowing.

Bryce: Why don't you just catch what I throw and be happy? It's when you start thinking that shit gets fucked up.
Zach: You just gave a whole fucking speech about teamwork, but that was bullshit, too, wasn't it?
Bryce: What the fuck is your problem?
Zach: You're my fucking problem. We both know that Hannah didn't lie on those tapes.

Zach: You already have three of these. There's the rest.
Clay: Wait, wait. It was you? Why the big mystery? Why couldn't you just talk to me andt ell me what was going on?
Zach: Cause I'm a fucking coward. And you're not.

Sheri: These photos go back, like, years.
Justin: It's no wonder these fucking baseball guys are so fucking tight. I mean, they're all covering each other's asses for this shit.
Sheri: These poor girls.
Clay: That's the thing I don't get. I mean, why are these girls getting themselves into this situation in the first place?
Sheri: Seriously, Clay? You're gonna blame the girls?
Clay: No, I just mean look, I mean, this girl's laughing. Like she's having fun.
Sheri: Oh, my God. This is Nina, that girl on the track team. She's Jessica's friend.
Justin: Shit, really?
Sheri: Clay, you don't know what was happening in this photo. And you don't know what happened after.
Clay: But clearly, no one's forcing her to be there.
Sheri: Look, girls don't just get themselves into bad situations. Guys make the situations bad. You don't know what that feels like, to be a girl in that room.

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Nora: Aren't the glasses a bit much?
Bryce: Yeah, I haven't worn these in, like, forever.
Barry: Warren thinks they make him look more empathetic, relatable.
Nora: Can't he just be those things?

Clay: Look, if we don't stop this, there will be more Chloes and Bryces and Ninas.
Jessica: Omigawd.
Clay: This is proof, Jessica. Proof of who Bryce is, who they all are. Proof that you're not alone.
Jessica: And that makes it easier? What, like we're some part of a fucking club? Jesus, you guys.

Alex: Aren't you pissed off?
Olivia: I've made a lot of enemies in this town.
Alex: It's Bryce. 
Olivia: You think so? 
Alex: Yes.
Olivia: No, he wouldn't get his hands dirty with this.
Alex: But who else would it be?
Olivia: Bryce has money. And boys like him, men like him, they have protectors and enablers and people with lots to lose if they're found out.

Clay: I want to know the truth.
Hannah: I told you my truth but you don't believe me. You say you love me but you're always willing to believe the worst of me.

Jessica: I know how much you talk about your story being yours, so I thought you should get to decide what to do with this.
Nina: Yeah, but the thing is is that this isn't my story. This is the lie. That I was into it and having fun, you know? And I guess I was, you know, until... But there's no picture of that, is there? No proof.

Dennis: Bryce, you usually use protection, don't you?
Bryce: Uh, I do, usually.
Dennis: But you didn't use protection with her on that night, correct?
Bryce: Correct.
Dennis: And you two didn't talk about STDs or pregnancies, right?
Bryce: We did not, no.
Dennis: And she never did actually say, "I want to have sex with you," isn't that correct? 
Bryce: Correct.
Dennis: And she didn't make any specific gestures to indicate consent, isn't that correct? 
Bryce: What, like a thumbs-up? 
Dennis: Did she give you a thumbs-up?
Bryce: She did not.

Tony: [Bryce] lies through his fucking teeth and everybody shakes his hand. 
Clay: Are we sure he lied? 
Tony: Jesus, Clay, come on.

Coach: Have you been talking to Zach Dempsey?
Porter: No, not lately. Why?
Coach: He's talking about quitting the team because of this thing with Bryce.
Porter: Mmm hmm. "This thing." You mean that Bryce is a rapist.

Courtney: Fucking boys.
Ryan: Disgusting.
[Courtney pulls the fire alarm]

Clay: Wait, the the box. The box, it's gone. 
Justin: Jesus, you left them in the fucking car?
Clay: What was I supposed to do? Carry it around? Put it in my locker? It's child pornography, for fuck's sake.

Bryce: I like the idea that somebody built this thing that holds people up, helps them get where they need to go. And yet, one wrong turn and you're plummeting down, down, down, splat. Game over. 
Hannah: Did you take me out here to murder me?

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Alex: What's the big emergency?

Zach: This is what I woke up to this morning. 12:12 a. m. "Someone gave me a bullet. " 12:13 a. m. "Someone gave me a gun. " 12:37 a. m. "I figured it all out. " You can't fucking text shit like this to a person and then fall asleep.

Alex: Okay, I couldn't explain more because my thumbs got tired. 


Justin: We'll lose him.

Clay: Dude, it's a Prius.

Justin: And I'm a fucking awesome driver. 

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Bryce: You should be more scared than you are, Justin.
Justin: Bryce, I've got nothing left to lose. That makes me the dangerous one.

Alex's mom: Alexander Dean Standall! What is this? Do you know the damage these things can do to your health?
Alex: The only damage [sour gummi worms] do is to the roof of your mouth, mom.

Lainie: What the hell happened to you two? 
Justin: It was a fight. 
Clay: Sports.
Justin: Mine was a fight and his was sports.

Justin: Your parents said we could drive together. And they'll be right behind us in one of the other Priuses.

Hannah: So, uh, this is my room. I was kind of saving it for our third or fourth date.
Justin: I usually try to save the whole "my mom's an addict" thing until the fourth date.

Bolan: We've decided to refer Tyler to a diversionary program. This is a program for kids who need a kind of behavioral guidance so that they don't end up in legal trouble. And once he completes the program satisfactorily, he of course will be welcome back at Liberty.
Tyler's mom: What about the other boy?
Bolan: Cyrus is going to be suspended for a period of time.
Tyler's dad: How is that fair?
Bolan: He did come to us voluntarily to confess, and he's been very forthcoming.
Tyler's mom: Well, Tyler will be forthcoming. Tyler, tell him the truth.
Tyler: He's not interested in the truth, mom. If he did, half the jocks would be at his stupid diversionary program.
Tyler's dad: Tyler.
Tyler: They just beat the shit out of kids in the hallway and nothing happened. No one does anything.

Bolan: Kevin. So, uh, the district has completed its review, and, uh, they've decided to terminate your employment. Effective immediately.
Porter: Anything else?
Bolan: If there's anything I can do.
Porter: Well, that's very nice. Thank you. You know what you can do? You can do more. These kids, they deserve better than what we're offering.
Bolan: Well, our per-student spending, it's -
Porter: Save the talking points. You pay that fucker Coach Rick two times more than you pay any counselor. I made a mistake, a terrible, tragic mistake. And maybe I wasn't trained well enough for the job that I was asked to do. Maybe I didn't fit in here either. Well, I'll take the blame. But who's going to take the blame next time?
Bolan: I hope there won't be a next time.
Porter: I hope so, too, but there's always a next time.

Alex: Okay, don't freak out.
Jessica: Don't start that way and I won't.

Hannah: We used to judge people who came to the movies alone.
Clay: Well, I'm not alone, am I?

Hannah: I think zombies just really want to be loved.
Clay: That's ridiculous. Zombies want to eat brains. That's it. Period. No deeper meaning, no metaphor for human existence, nothing.

Caleb: My dad got me into boxing. And I was a fighter long before I figured out I was gay. After I figured out I was gay, I was glad I was a boxer. And I was glad I was past the point that my dad could scare the shit out of me cause I didn't ever want to be scared again, especially of someone that I love.

Olivia: My daughter wasn't the perfect victim. There's no such thing. Hannah was a beautiful young woman, full of life and dreams and passions and fears and failings like any other teenage girl. And we let her down. And people want to point to the parents, but we didn't allow her to be bullied, and we didn't send her away when she came and asked for help, and we didn't send her back to class with her rapist. Boys bullied her and adults allowed it. You know, I don't know a single woman who hasn't faced sexual assault, abuse, or worse. Not one. Many survive. My daughter didn't, and that's not her fault.

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Mackenzie: You look good. 
Tyler: Thanks. Yeah, apparently, natural sunlight and physical exercise are, like, good for us or something.

Olivia: Before we start, I am distrustful of religion. It's just my mother always told us we should abide and have faith, accept what's coming to us. And I think that teaches people to be passive. I think abiding and acceptance is bullshit. Excuse my language.

Clay: Life is divided into "Hannah" and "after Hannah."

Clay: I don't have anything to compare it to. I've lived here all my life. It's like asking Han Solo, "How is space?"
Hannah: Wow. You're an actual nerd, aren't you? I admire that. There's courage in being a nerd.

Clay: The thing I'm most afraid of is forgetting you. The thing I'm second most afraid of is I'll never be able to let you go.

Clay: Do you think Hannah is going to hell because she killed herself?
Priest: I don't. I think the God I believe in, a just God, would have mercy on a soul like hers.
Clay: And if God forgives her, we should.
Priest: I believe we should follow his example, sure, but it's not always easy.
Clay: And do you think...does God forgive us? The people who let her down?
Priest: I think he does. Clay, you don't have to believe in the immortal soul to believe that people live on with us.
Clay: Wait, what do you mean?
Priest: Just that we've lost Hannah, but not the things she gave us. Compassion, understanding, love. Those don't go away.

Zach: How the fuck did Bryce only get three months and you got six? Aren't you pissed?
Justin: I guess I just wasn't surprised.

Ryan: Actually, I'm gonna take a gap year. I'm going to Europe. Which, I know, sounds like a cliché, but, honestly, Asia is the cliché. I mean, I could be going to Goa, but I'm not. I'm old school.

Courtney: It's annoying how smart she is. I don't like it when people are smarter than me. But it's fine because she's cute.

Clay: My parents - I mean, me and my parents wanted to see if you might want them to adopt you.
Justin: Wait, what?
Clay: Like, adopt you into our family.
Justin: You mean, like, I'd be your brother?
Clay: Well, I'm not familiar with all the lingo, but -
Justin: Wait. Why are you asking me and not them?
Clay: Because it was their idea, to be honest. And at first, I thought it sounded idiotic. And they left it up to me, seeing as I was the person who brought you in their life in the first place. And maybe it's a good idea, so
[Justin starts crying]
Clay: Are you - are you crying?
Justin: You know I'm, like, really fucked up, right?
Clay: Well A, yes. But you're clean and going to meetings. And B, I'm also fucked up in certain ways.
Justin: Okay, yeah. I'd like to be adopted, yeah.

Monty: Fucking Tyler Down is back.
Bryce: So?
Monty: So I wanna break his head open.
Bryce: Yeah, that's a great idea at this particular time.
Monty: The field, the thing with Marcus. He cost us our season. We need to do something.
Bryce: We are not going to do a goddamn thing. I'm on probation.
Monty: Right, I know. I got you. I'll take care of it.
Bryce: Clearly your father didn't beat you hard enough cause you're still a fucking idiot. The last time you tried to help, you almost fucked up my whole plea deal.

Olivia: No matter how many reasons there might be "why," there are always more "why not."

Alex: I beat off three times this morning.
Zach: I don't want to know that. Why would you tell me?
Alex: Cause I thought you'd be happy for me.
Zach: Actually, I'm very happy for you. That's, uh, impressive.

Clay: I mean, you've had, like, a lot of sex, haven't you?

Tony: This is the first dance I haven't DJed in two years.
Clay: So now you get to dance.
Tony: Dude, people become DJs so they don't have to dance.
Clay: I thought it was because you had great taste in music.
Tony: That's just my gift to the world.

Justin: You guys look good. 
Alex: Yeah, I bedazzled the cane.

Jessica: You sure you don't want to sit down?
Alex: No, I don't want to sit. I want to dance. I just need to work up to it. You want a drink? 
Jessica: You know they're non-alcoholic.

Justin: You would've been really good for Hannah. I'm just saying.
Zach: Yeah, you know, if I didn't fuck it up like I fuck up everything else.
Justin: Dude, you do not want to be having that contest with me.

Cyrus: Jensen, come on. Are you about kicking ass or are you not?
Jensen: I am. I totally am.

Clay: Justin, you okay?
Bryce: He's fine. I can't touch him. Or you, or I go to jail.
Clay: Funny. I don't have that problem.

Jessica: What's with these mats?
Justin: They must have had a wrestling meet yesterday.
Jessica: Wait, we have a wrestling team? 
Justin: You were a cheerleader. 
Jessica: Not for the wrestling team. And I was a shitty cheerleader.
Justin: Yeah, you were.

Justin: Do you ever think about it? Doing what Hannah did?
Jessica: No. I don't. With everything that happened, I never thought that was a way to go.
Justin: I've had some shitty days. But I always wanted to live.  I wanted to be alive.

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On 5/22/2018 at 10:04 AM, ElectricBoogaloo said:

Tony: Look, he's always smiling at me, he laughs at jokes that are not jokes. And he, like, touches me on the arm and shit.
Hannah: And what's the stimulus response when he touches you on the arm?
Tony: Part of me wants to say, "Watch the leather, homo." The other part of me wants to throw him against the locker and kiss him.
Hannah: Oh, dear lord. You are in trouble. You have to ask him out!

That right there made me almost see what Tony and Ryan saw in each other.

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On 5/19/2018 at 8:00 AM, ElectricBoogaloo said:

Clay: I hope I find you. And I won't call you back again. I mean, I might call you back. I'll probably call you back. Okay. Bye.
Justin: In my experience, a girl who doesn't call you back is a girl who doesn't want to talk to you. 
Clay: Really? You're gonna tell me about your experience?

Justin: Look, all I'm saying is that Skye Miller is a piece of work. She's fucked up.

Clay: She's -? I think you should stop talking for, like, the foreseeable future.


Clay (to Ghost!Hannah): You did an evil thing. Get the fuck out. 


Clay: How do I make her stop? She won't stop.


Clay: Hannah wants him dead.

Justin: I don't think she does. I don't think she wants to keep seeing people get hurt. I don't.


Clay: He - he saved my life. All right? We - we have to help him. 


Tony: Did you do this?

Clay: I got him a guest pass. Apparently you forgot. 


On 5/23/2018 at 7:30 AM, ElectricBoogaloo said:

Justin: You were a cheerleader. 
Jessica: Not for the wrestling team. And I was a shitty cheerleader.
Justin: Yeah, you were.

Jessica: *looks offended*

Justin: What? You said it.

Jessica: Still!


Clay voiceover: How can we find joy in our lives? In this world after Hannah. How do we take what hurts most, take the darkness and turn it into light? I think the answer is we love each other. Easy to say. But what do we do when it's hard to love? The next time someone is in desperate need and they're about to make a terrible mistake, what do we do? Do we look the other way? Do we just protect ourselves or do we help them? Do we do whatever we can to save them? I think I know what Hannah would want us to do. 


Clay: Tyler, listen to me. You don't get out of this alive, and I don't want you to die! I don't want you to die.

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Alex: It's a quick slide from "we can be friends" to "don't fucking touch me."

Zach: Your eye's looking worse.
Alex: That's the problem with fighting football players. 

Principal Bolan: Now you listen to me, Jessica. You incited a riot and there are consequences. You're the student body president, for Christ's sake. You're supposed to be a role model.
Jessica: That's what I was being.

Clay: You're a good friend.
Tony: It's my blessing and my curse.

Jess: If you apologize again, I will cut you.

Ani: I've missed the carriage house.
Clay: Justin and I prefer "outhouse."

Ani: Well you [and Justin] have done some more decorating.
Clay: We have not.
Ani: Well, that wasn't there before. Or that.
Clay: That's not decorating. That's putting shit up.
Ani: I apologize. I should have used a more manly verb.

Ani: You are good at so many things, but one of your greatest gifts is staying angry.
Clay: I'm not angry with you.
Ani: And self awareness, not one of your gifts.

Justin: I've got scones so dry they taste like you're eating a wall.

Justin: I fucking hate when you guys speak African.
Ani: You are aware that Africa is an entire continent, yeah?

Matt: I think we should clear out the workshop and turn it into a bedroom.
Lainie: For Justin? So we bring him into the house and then send him to a different building?
Matt: For both boys. They're going to be seniors next year. They need their space.
Lainie: Apparently they don't need their space if they manage all kinds of miscreant behavior without either of us knowing.

Clay: This is the trophy case. We actually have many more academic decathlon and robotics trophies but they're kept in the math and science wing which is in an entirely different building to keep the main student body from being infected by something like actual knowledge. To your left is the classroom of the ironically named Mr. Champion who stares at girls' breasts while he's talking to them. These are posters for the drama club. We actually have the most low key drama club anywhere. They're totally not annoying people at all, the drawback being their plays are super boring, but really nice people. Library's out that way. It's a pretty typical library as high school libraries go, which means underfunded and thoroughly devoid of any book that would be remotely controversial. This is my locker which I sometimes use to stick my head into and scream. They call this the back quad even though there's no front quad. And back quad sounds like backwad which sounds either like a wedgie or a roll of fat that shows when your shirt rides up. Football and soccer fields down there. Baseball field out there. Clearly the nicest parts of the school because athletes are our heroes and deserving of everything they want, including the ability to sexually assault girls and never suffer any sort of consequences because why should they?

Clay: What the fuck? Hey, leave him the fuck alone! Hey, you need to step off and leave him alone, got it?
Jock: Dude, that's my brother.
Clay: Oh. Well, so the fuck what? You should still leave him alone. Brothers should take care of each other.

Ani: For a sourpuss, you have loads of friends.

Justin: [Clay] might seem like an uptight asshole at first, maybe even for a while, but he's a really good guy so just give him some time. He's worth it.
Ani: How much time?
Justin: For me it took like eight years.

Courtney: In light of the stressful events, Principal Bolan wants us to come up with some ideas to promote school unity.
Jessica: That's fucking ridiculous and you know it, Courtney.
Courtney: Can the secretary please strike "fucking" from the record?
Secretary: I don't actually take notes, but okay.

Courtney: Look, Jessica, I am super sympathetic to your feelings, especially given the circumstances under which I ascended to president, e.g. the ouster of Marcus, the sexist pig who like strippers.That being said, the student council has no actual power and student councils as a rule never do. And like most, I actually just did it for my college applications.

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Jess: There's the insanity of us [making a schedule to babysit Tyler] and then there's the insanity of "omigawd, you built a website."
Clay: I didn't built it per se. It's really just storage space.

Ani: You and Zach Dempsey? Friends? Project partners? Secret online gamer pals?
Clay: D - none of the above.
Ani: He's hot. But he's too hot. I don't trust too hot.

Ani: Why do athletes think a gym bag is an accessory?

Sheriff: You've had some run ins with him in the past.
Tony: I haven't actually. Bryce and I have always been very friendly.
Sheriff: But you're not friends.
Tony: I don't have many friends.
Sheriff: I find that hard to believe.
Tony: I have high standards.

Tony: I haven't seen Bryce in months. Why are you talking to me about him?
Sheriff: Well, come on, son. You're a convicted felon with to strikes who's missed twenty two days of school. You're exactly the kind of person I should be talking to.

Nora: My father doesn't like taking his meds. He says they cloud his mind.
Chloe: I'm sorry.
Nora: Well, it's a mind already clouded with old age and bitterness and what turns out to be a fairly virulent strain of racism thhat he no longer sees the need to filter.
Chloe: I'll bet he was a really nice man before he got sick.
Nora: He wasn't.

Zach: Maybe don't get your psychological insights from Monty.

Clay: You don't want me to know where you live. You think I might be a stalker.
Ani: I think you're the opposite of a stalker. That first day at lunch, you ran away like you were ill.
Clay: I didn't run. I deftly avoided.

Nora: [Hillcrest] is your chance for a fresh start. Are you not even remotely capable of trying to straighten yourself out?
Bryce: Sadly, mom, I think the answer's clearly no.

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Clay: What did we say about dirty dishes, Justin? You have lasagna over there from, like, four nights ago. You're not Dr. Fleming discovering penicillin.
Justin: Dude, no one ever understands your jokes.

Clay: How was your first day [working at Monet's]?
Justin: Turns out I'm a fucking genius at making lattes.

Clay: I'm so sorry about that place. It said "authentic British food" online. But is Britain actually trying to poison its people or is that place revenge for the Revolutionary War?
Ani: Sorry, you went online to find authentic British food?
Clay: Yeah. I mean, I also Googled "What is Kenyan food?" but I just felt kind of racist. Which, by how you are looking at me, maybe it is?

Bryce: [Jess] came to see me.
Justin: No, she didn't.
Bryce: She seems like she's doing great.
Justin: Dude, if she's coming to see you, she's not doing great. And if you're fucking lying to me -
Bryce: I've never lied to you.
Justin: You have, though. Every time you called me brother.
Bryce: My dad left. Did you know that? My mom can't stand to be around me. Chloe dumped me. Hillcrest's a fucking nightmare.
Justin: Am I supposed to feel sorry for you?

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Clay: Tyler’s my friend. Justin lives with me and my family.

Justin: They’re adopting me.

Ani: Oh, that’s fantastic. Clay believes brothers should take care of each other.


Jessica: Hey  - what do you mean, girls like me?

Ani: Who've got power they're finally ready to use.

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Zach: Maybe don't get your psychological insights from Monty.

"That's like getting your clothes from Walmart." And in the 13 Reasons universe the only remotely acceptable thing to buy at Walmart is Twist Up.


Monte: You’re a crazy motherfucker.

Alex: Yeah. So leave.

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4 hours ago, bettername2come said:

"That's like getting your clothes from Walmart." And in the 13 Reasons universe the only remotely acceptable thing to buy at Walmart is Twist Up.

I liked that the follow up to this was Justin walking up and saying, "I get my clothes at Walmart."

I like that the whole "small town with only one high school" setting shows us the disparity between people like Bryce living in McMansions and kids like Justin who don't know where their next meal is coming from. There are definitely high schools where it's all rich kids but it's more common to have a range of socioeconomic backgrounds. Even someone like Zach who isn't a huge asshole like Monty is so financially comfortable that he has never considered the fact that someone in his inner circle has to buy his clothes at Walmart and can afford to give Chloe the money to pay for an abortion without needing it repaid.

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Jessica: How long are you going to be mad at me for?
Alex: I don't know. How long was I in love with you? At least that long.

Clay: I'm just saying, it's a guy with binoculars watching people. That's the whole movie. How is that not boring?
Ani: That's what made it so great, right? I mean, he is stuck behind glass, in a wheelchair, and he still figures out how to play the hero. 
Tyler: Totally agree. 
Ani: Thank you, Tyler.
Clay: I feel like we just watched two very different movies. I mean, the camera was cool.
Tyler: Exakta VX. Classic.
Ani: It is not about the action, Clay. It's about - help me out, Tyler.
Tyler: Well, terrible things happen every day. But we never really stop to notice, you know? If we spent a little bit more time watching and listening, you know, to our neighbors, to life around us, you know, maybe the bad things wouldn't happen so much.

Ani: I want to believe that people can change. I know they can.
Clay: You're thinking of Bryce?
Ani: I'm thinking of people. Not everything is about Bryce.
Clay: Well, it kind of is, though, isn't it?

Ani: It was hard to know. Was Tyler lying to us? Or just being Tyler?

Tyler: Why do you hate me?
Zach: Tyler, I don't hate you. I'm scared of you. And to be honest, I don't trust you.
Tyler: Well, I don't trust you.

Jessica: Welcome to the first meeting of Hands Off Our Bodies.
Casey: The flyers say "ho."
Jessica: Yeah. It stands for Hands Off.
Ani: We're taking back the word, reclaiming it.
Girl: How about Fuck Rapists and Dismantle the Patriarchy?
Ani: It's not all that catchy though, is it?
Casey: Okay, fair. How about Stab All the Jocks and Watch Them Bleed? Still want to be an ally?
Tyler: Oh, I can get on board with that.

Casey: I think whoever shot [Bryce] did the world a favor. The only question now is how do we make sure they don't turn him into a martyr?

Casey: Allies are welcome and all, but be a fucking ally.

Clay: Tyler, listen. Look, it's going to be okay, whatever you did.
Tyler: What? Do you think I'm going to like stab you in my house?

Bryce: Those guys saved you, man. That's decent. Maybe I'd like to think someone would do that for me.
Tyler: No, no, we're not the same. You hurt people. I didn't.

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Ani: We both know that's where this whole story begins and end - with boys trying to be men and everyone they hurt along the way.

Nora: How are you feeling today, dad? Amara Josephine says you've not much of an appetite.
Nora's father: It's those West Indies spices she puts in everything.
Nora: She's Kenyan, dad, by way of the UK. And I don't think she puts anything in your scrambled eggs.

Monty: You know, you can't just [search our lockers]. What about our First Amendment rights?
Principal Bolan: Yeah, that would be the Fourth Amendment, Mr. de la Cruz. And the Supreme Court has established our school's right to function in loco parentis.

Alex: What is it about me that isn't good enough?
Jessica: Alex, come on. It's not It's not about that.
Alex: Then what? Cause I don't understand why you weren't ready to date me but you're ready to date him.
Jessica: Why you want to be with one person and not someone else, you can't always explain it.
Alex: Well, try.
Jessica: It's like you learn to listen to your body. Who you're attracted to. Who makes you feel safe.
Alex: Safe? He let his best friend rape you! And then he lied to you about it! How the fuck does that feel safe?

Justin: Math! I mean, math! No one uses it!

Principal Bolan: I don't suppose you'd believe me if I were to tell you that I'm a feminist.
Jessica: No, not really.

Bryce: Hey, come on in. Take a seat. Grab a drink
Alex: . I'm not here to party. You said that you had the stuff.
Bryce: The juice? Yeah, and for half the price that towny gym rat charges. 
Alex: Dude! 
Bryce: Relax, man. No one here gives a fuck. There's a dude selling coke out back.

Winston: Your friends are messed up.
Alex: Yeah, they're super messed up. Also, they're not my friends.

Alex: You work out here?
Clay: Uh, I was I don't know, self-improvement, you know?
Alex: I don't recommend illegal supplements, for what it's worth.
Clay: No. But, will you show me, like, how to do all this shit? Justin is always like, "Squats are key," and all I can think about is him taking a crap.
Alex: It's actually somewhat like that.

Ani: It's my two favorite sad, skinny guys.

Clay: A prostitute?
Ani: I'm, like, 90% certain.
Clay: We have prostitutes in Evergreen?
Ani: Shocked. Shocked! I think they perhaps prefer "escort."
Clay: That's just ridiculous cause no one's getting escorted anywhere.

Clay: We know enough, right? Alex went to a prostitute. Bryce blackmailed him.
Ani: But does that sound like Bryce to you? It seems like Bryce would celebrate him for scoring with a pro.
Clay: That's the most anti-Bryce thing you've said in days.
Ani: Oh, good God, it wasn't anti-Bryce. If anything, it was anti-men.

Alex: You're a horrible person.
Bryce: Yeah, pretty much.
Alex: That kid is scarred for life because of us.
Bryce: Alex, baby, we're all scarred for life. Check your fucking head.

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Ani: You always believe [Tony]?
Clay: He's never lied to me. He's withheld certain information for a period of time, but that's a whole other story.

Harrison: I think you're a fool, Nora.
Nora: That's nice, Dad. Thank you.
Harrison: [Barry] was the best thing that ever happened to you. A fighter, that man. A climber. Self-made. 
Nora: Self-made with my money.

Tony: I guess [Bryce] brought his car into the shop.
Sheriff Standall: But you said you didn't have any contact with him.
Tony: Maybe Javier dealt with him.
SS: Okay. Well, we can bring Javier in. Of course, that would mean a complete check of his legal status.
Tony: It's not illegal to fix a tail light.
SS: It's illegal to lie about it if you're covering up a crime.
Tony: I think I'd like to see a lawyer now.
SS: All right. Tony. I want you to think about this. Okay? You got a good heart. I know you do. My son told me that.
Tony: I feel the same way about him.
SS: All right, but you got a history working against you. I don't want to put you in the position where you appear to be uncooperative.
Tony: I appreciate that. I'd also appreciate seeing a lawyer.

Bryce: Oh, this is a very enthusiastic color.
Nora: It was very fashionable in the '70s.
Bryce: Well, that decade was on all kinds of drugs.

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Justin: It was the day we found out that Bryce was going to get away with everything.
Sheriff: But he didn't get away with everything.
Justin: Yeah, he did.

Clay: You're speaking insane things.
Ani: You're being very defensive.
Clay: You just ripped my favorite character to shreds.
Ani: That's where you went wrong, choosing Percy as your favorite character. Terrible decision. Your taste is shit.
Clay: You actually root for Astrid and Zymorx? He's a douchebag robot with the good pieces of his brain missing. Astrid deserves better. -
Ani: Astrid is a self-sufficient healer who chooses to see the best in everyone. Need I remind you that Percy's only personality trait is to save everyone? Oh! Okay, now I get it.

Ani: It is not dress up. It's cosplay.
Clay: Explain the difference.
Ani: Oh, come on. You're quite deep into at least half a dozen different mythologies and universes, and you're obsessive about what is and isn't AKR canon.
Clay: Turtlebot was a spin-off for kids and the creators disavowed it.
Ani: Right, and you're pretending you don't know what cosplay is and that you haven't been dying to do it.
Clay: I hate costumes. Like, I even hate Halloween, and I love candy.
Ani: You spend your life hiding from people and you hate costumes.
Clay: Okay, don't do that "I'm quite perceptive" thing, it's annoying.
Ani: But what you're wearing now is a costume. We're all in costumes all the time, trying to become the thing we're wearing.
Clay: If that were true, I would've become a hoodie a long time ago.

Ani: That fan boy shit is charming when it's about robots, but when it's about a real live girl, it doesn't seem so charming.

Clay: It's possible I'm sensitive about my chest.
Ani: You have nothing to be sensitive about.
Clay: I think partial nudity is always sensitive.
Ani: But men walk around with their shirts off all the time.
Clay: I am not now nor have I ever claimed to be a man.

Clay: I didn't do anything. 
Lainie: But the police think that you did.
Clay: Yeah, but I didn't!
Lainie: You know as well as I do the court system is not perfect and that innocence is not a perfect defense.

Ani: Nice watch.
Bryce: My dad's in Geneva. He sent me an apology. No note or anything, but it's implied by the price tag.

Bryce: So you and Clay Jensen are hanging out?
Ani: We're just friends.
Bryce: I bet he has some things to say about me.
Ani: Well, he doesn't like you.
Bryce: Yeah, that's an understatement.

Ani: I just continue to be impressed that you can sew.
Clay: My dad taught me. Which, like, I think is supposed to be embarrassing for me or my dad.
Ani: When, in fact, it's neither.

Bryce: Ani, you need a ride up the hill? 
Clay: She's fine. She likes to walk.
Bryce: Who likes to walk?

Clay: I'm sorry about kissing you.
Ani: Well, I kissed you, technically.
Clay: Yes. I'm sorry you regret it.
Ani: No, I don't regret it. I don't have regrets, ever. I just shouldn't have done it. 
Clay: That seems like regret.

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Clay: What's it like? In juvie.
Justin: Dude, you're not going to juvie.
Clay: No, I'm an adult.

Clay: I have to go talk to Mrs. Walker.
Justin: Why the fuck?
Clay: At the sheriff's station the first time, I could tell her the truth to her face.
Justin: Your mom literally just said do not do anything suspicious.
Clay: She also thinks I'm a crazy person.
Justin: I feel like you going to talk to Mrs. Walker right now kind of supports that theory.

Clay: So because we can't kiss that also means we can't talk?
Ani: Well, we're not not talking.
Clay: We're not not not talking.
Ani: So we are talking?
Clay: Apparently.

Clay: Look, I get it. It was a one time thing. You were momentarily overcome by my natural powers of attraction, and honestly, I don't blame you, but we can get past it. We can go back to us pre-kiss. I can go back to not wanting to kiss you. I didn't even know I wanted to kiss you until you kissed me. Or I kissed. Or until there was a kiss between us.

Ani: Do you have any idea the trouble you've made for me?
Clay: I'm sorry, I'm about to go to jail for murder. Can we save the cultural ramifications of us knowing each other until after I'm out from under this?

Porter: In the tape, [Clay] confronts Bryce, accuses him of sexual assault.
Alex: Yeah, which was true. Bryce raped Hannah.
Porter: Then it sounds like Clay escalated the conflict by throwing the first punch?
Alex: Clay didn't go there for revenge. He allowed himself to get the shit beat out of him so we would know the truth, and I admire him for that.
Porter: For taking justice into his own hands? Alex, he could've gone to an adult.
Alex: Hannah went to an adult. Clay knew that no one would believe Hannah unless Bryce confessed. It was never about hurting Bryce, it was about justice for Hannah.

Bryce: You are out of your mind. You choked me in the boys' room. You fucking choked me!
Porter: I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable.

Porter: It feels like Clay went after Bryce more than once in the past year.
Justin: Didn't you? 
Porter: We're not talking about me. 
Justin; Maybe we should be.

Clay: You can believe the best of Bryce but the worst of me?

Porter: After I left Liberty, I went back to school, for my Master's in social work. I was doing intern hours at the family counseling center, like I told you. Mrs. Walker, she tracked me down there.
Clay: You specifically? Why not a real therapist?

Porter: It's a labyrinth, not a maze. It's a sacred pattern. A maze, you get lost. A labyrinth, you find yourself.

Clay: [Mrs. Walker] didn't really want to help [Bryce]. I mean, not if she hired you.

Clay: Aren't you violating, like, doctor-patient confidentiality?
Porter: Well, [Bryce]'s dead. And I'm not a doctor.

Bryce: This girl, she's different. She makes me better.
Porter: No, she can't do that. Only you can.

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Ep 3x05

Ani: I think you're very handsome. I think you're adorable.

Alex: Yeah. Well, you're the one girl in this county that would go for a skinny, sad kid. And you went for Clay, so...

Clay: I'm gonna let that go because you're under stress. 


Bryce: You're the only decent human left at Liberty.

Monte: Got that right. 


Clay: I don't want you to - I don't want you to hurt yourself.

Alex: Yeah, I've run out of ways to do that. 

Clay (to Ani): Do you think I'm a sad, skinny kid?

Ani: Ah I think you are a lean but right-sized very handsome, very complicated kid.

Clay: I'll take it. 


Justin: You seem awfully dark tonight.

Clay: How are you not?

Justin: I guess I am. But I'm alive, so I figure I'm ahead of the game. 

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Dennis: You've officially been named a person of interest by the sheriff. He held a press conference this morning.
Clay: A press conference?
Justin: What does that mean? "A person of interest">? What the fuck is that?
Matt: Character assassination is what it is. 
Dennis: It's a tactic. 
Lainie: It means nothing legally.
Clay: It doesn't feel like nothing. It feels like they're about to arrest me.
Dennis: They can't arrest you. They don't have enough, so they try to put public pressure on you. They don't have the evidence to call you a suspect, but they want you scared. 
Clay: Well done then.

Ani: Ignore the chatter.
Clay: It's pretty loud.
Ani: Well, don't talk back. 
Clay: You mean don't defend myself? 
Ani: It doesn't matter what you say. It matters how you seem. And you seem angry. Guilty people get angry.
Clay: Maybe people who are falsely accused get more angry.

Clay: Are you throwing grapes all over my bed?
Zach: Well, it's the international semi-finals for the Olympic qualifying grape throwing competition.

Tyler: That was supposed to be a joke. Maybe it's not a time for jokes. Maybe I'm not good at jokes.
Clay: Um, a little bit of both, but thanks for trying.

Clay: Um, you know I didn't kill Bryce, right?
Chad: Oh, yeah, totally.
Cyrus: We don't hang out with murderers, only the dispossessed.
Chad: I don't know what that word means, but right on.

Seth: Who the fuck is Abercrombie?

Justin: I love you, man.
Clay: Yeah, me too.
Justin: I have to take a shit.

Coach: Did you make a coverage on that last down? 
Justin: No.
Coach: No, sir.
Justin: No, sir.
Coach: That's all I want from you. 
Justin: What, like an apology? 
Coach: No, no apology. Accountability. Look, we owe that to each other. We do our best. We fuck up, man. We get better and we learn.

Bryce: Fuck, man. How did we get like this, you and me?
Justin: You raped my girlfriend.

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Sheriff Diaz: Thank you very much for coming back to town. It's very kind of you.
Olivia: I don't think kindness had anything to do with it. I believe I was instructed.

Diaz: We last spoke on November 7th. That's the day after Bryce Walker's body was found. You told us you were in town for the closing of your house.
Olivia: That's correct.
Diaz: But we checked the courthouse records. Your house closed on the 31st. But you stayed in town into the next week. Over that weekend, Bryce went missing.
Olivia: I'm sorry, is there a question you'd like to ask, sheriff?

Olivia: Did you know that this department has put more investigative efforts into solving the murder of a convicted rapist than it ever did for any of his former victims?

Justin: The nightmares again?
Clay: Not again. They never stopped.
Justin: Shouldn't you be talking to someone?
Clay: Shouldn't you? Who do I talk to? What do I say? "I didn't kill Bryce. I'm not crazy"? I feel like that actually makes me sound like a crazy person who killed Bryce.

Jessica: it turns out this whole toppling the patriarchy thing is, um, totally hard.

Olivia: [The police are] idiots, but they're dangerous idiots.

Bryce: I wouldn't be lurking out here. Grandpa's got a gun and he's racist and senile.

Bryce: I didn't know. I swear to you I didn't know.
Tony: Well, that's so comforting.

Bryce: I didn't know.
Tony: Yeah, you said that already, like it's supposed to fucking matter to me. The fact is, all of this bullshit is a chain reaction that started with you. Would there have been a trial if Hannah hadn't killed herself? Would Hannah be dead if you hadn't raped her? You've ruined so many fucking lives. And still, even now, you act like it's somebody else's fault. Bryce, look at me. It's your fault. Take some fucking responsibility.

Bryce: I listened to the tapes. To Hannah's tapes. I just, I'd really like to speak with you.
Olivia: Not interested.
Bryce: I understand the pain that I caused.
Olivia: You never could understand that.
Bryce: You're right, but I'm trying to. I'm trying to understand. Please help me to. 
Olivia: Oh, I'm not here to help you. I will not be a part of this - your penance or absolution or whatever. What you did to my daughter - you broke her. Do you understand that? 
Bryce: I do. 
Olivia: No, you don't. You wanted something and you took it, because you felt entitled. You felt it was your right to rape my daughter. And you have blood on your hands and you always will.
Bryce: I'm sorry.
Olivia: I wish you a lifetime of learning what sorry means.

Clay: You never asked me if I [killed Bryce].
Olivia: You never asked me.

Clay: I hate this time of year. 
Ani: What, you don't believe in romance?
Clay: I don't believe in over the top theatrics designed specifically to maximize likes on social media.
Ani: Okay, yeah. The public display of it is all a bit crass, but I do see the appeal of a public gesture.
Clay: Wait, are you taking the pro-romance position?
Ani: Is that shocking?
Clay: Yes, it absolutely is. You're completely anti-romance. You have rules.
Ani: I'm not completely anti-romance.
Clay: You refused to teach me "I love you" in Swahili because you were afraid I'd use it against you.
Ani: Okay, well, it was more the linguistic tourism that I objected to. And high school dances are not romantic, they're institutionalized anxiety.

Bryce: I'm off my probation. But I still don't think it's a good idea to beat the shit out of you. However, that doesn't mean I can't fuck your friend.

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Ani: Watching what Clay went through, I thought it's surprisingly easy to make an innocent person look guilty.

Clay: Don't ever tell anyone this. I write fan fiction.

Monty: You're a crazy bitch.
Jessica: Yeah, and you should fear that.

Tony: Jesus, Clay. If the cops see you here-
Clay: Tony, I really am sorry. I just don't have anyone else I can turn to for this.
Tony: If that's the case, I really don't want to know.

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Justin: I didn't want my shit to get in the way of your shit.
Jessica: Your shit is my shit.
Justin: We share shit.
Jessica: This is getting gross.

Clay: What's your excuse [for being at homecoming]? You hate football. 
Tony: Yes, but Caleb loves football. 
Caleb: I played in high school. 
Tony: Please don't ask him.
Clay: What position?
Caleb: I tell him one story and now he calls me Glory Days.

Zach: Winning at the cost of who you are, winning at the cost of becoming someone that you hate, means nothing.

Zach: You took away my future tonight.
Bryce: You took away mine.
Zach: No. You did that to yourself.

Diaz: You beat him and drove away and left him on the pier? In the middle of the pier, just laying there? Was he conscious?
Zach: Yeah, mostly. He was yelling things at me. He was in and out. 
Diaz: But immobile? He couldn't stand?
Zach: No, sir. No, I broke his leg pretty good. And one of his arms, I think.
Diaz: So, you're here to confess to his murder?
Zach: Yes, sir.
Standall: Well, thanks for coming in, Zach. But what you did was assault and battery.

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Justin: You got one on me, Jensen. I've never had [an ankle monitor].
Clay: Yeah, I'm breaking your records all the time.

Standall: So just what I've learned today: Tyler Down was almost a school shooter, Tony Padilla's family was deported because of Bryce Walker's family, and my own son went to a prostitute with Bryce. What else?
Ani: Well, of course you know that Justin Foley's a drug addict?
Standall: No, I did not know that.

Standall: It would be a terrible thing to blame the wrong person for Bryce's murder.
Ani: And yet you were all ready to blame Clay Jensen.

Clay: My dad put in a tape deck. I think he thought it was funny.

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