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On 16.4.2017 at 3:32 PM, ElectricBoogaloo said:

From a practical point of view, convicting Bryce of rape would be very difficult. There was no physical evidence from either rape because neither girl went to the police to have a rape kit done afterward. Hannah is dead so all Bryce has to say is that it's his word against hers. She can't refute anything he says. Jessica didn't want to admit she'd been raped and even if she did report it, she would have to admit that she was so drunk that she passed out and unfortunately, that would not work in her favor at trial. Keep in mind that I am NOT defending Marcus, Courtney, or any character who wanted to keep the tapes secret. I'm just saying from a logical and legal standpoint, a rape conviction would be VERY unlikely due to the lack of evidence so Marcus and Courtney don't want to ruin their perfect reputations for a crime that would go unpunished/unconvicted. It wasn't so much that they were actively trying to protect Bryce as that they were willing to stay silent in order to save themselves from being outed for what they'd done to Hannah (and being gay, in Courtney's case).

I mean it would be very difficult, but it wouldn't exactly be a he-said-she-said situation. You'd have Jessica's and Justin's testimony and Hannah's dying decleration, which is admissable in court.


On 20.6.2018 at 4:17 AM, 1775rik said:

However, as I understand it, Hannah picked up her check from the Crestmont about three weeks after Jessica's party.  During that encounter, Clay was very cold towards her, treating her, at best, as a casual business associate.  Both actors were very good in the scene--Clay's indifference and Hannah's wish to engage him and disappointment when he gave her nothing back were both very clear.  Go back and look at how fast she spun around when he called her back.  It had to be crushing for her discover he only wanted to tell her to return her uniform.

I don't think he was cold. I think he reverted back to his usual scared/cautious self. He thought he had somehow done something wrong that night and then he also lost his best friend. He was clearly hurting himself and didn't understand. Three weeks isn't a long time.

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8 hours ago, Miles said:

The story between Hannah and Clay is really tragic. I wish Hannah would have used her words when she was alive and not only after. I actually said "use your words" out loud a feww times. That would have solved most problems here. Clay would have understood. If it was too hard for her to tell him in person, she could have sent him a tape (or an MP3).

So the last two tapes are Bryce and Mr. Potter. Yeah, no giant surprise there, but good having it confirmed.


Well that's just wrong. Depressions can be and often are situational. Just because brain chemestry can be the cause doesn't mean it always is. Hannah's depression seemed to be caused by her situation. We saw her happy at the beginning (and kinda smug) and then a bunch of bad shit happened to her which made her depressed.


I'd like Clay to get together with Tony. I think those two are cute together. I know Clay isn't gay, but maybe a little bi?

But I know that will never happen, so whatever.

And if clay and her had broken up .. she’d be depressed again . Not saying situations don’t bring on depression , I know they do . But she obviously couldn’t handle her feelings and chose to make the decision to end her life . That is not something everyone does . so no I don’t believe he would have fixed her life long term .. I think unless she got proper help , it would have happened at one time or another . 

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