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The "What was Final Jeopardy? I missed it!" Thread

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This post lists places where you can see the category and clue for Final Jeopardy. Please do not discuss individual clues here. This is a spoiler-free thread. Most of the sites reveal the answer, but in a way that lets you try to guess first.

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5 hours ago, Good Queen Jane said:

I remember wondering why.

Because so many people would ask what FJ was in the main discussion thread, and I thought having this pinned at the top of the forum would help those people get an instant answer (or question--no, wait, answer!).

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Bumping again - my local station was quite concerned about tornadoes last night.

And an additional question - is there any place we can see full shows?  I thought someone had mentioned YouTube in the past, but all I can see there is a clip of Final Jeopardy.  Is there some search term I'm missing?

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I've found full episodes just searching Jeopardy and the date.

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