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S01.E03: Greek Goddess

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Matty is deeply offended by AthenaX's behaviour at Victoria's lunch. Meanwhile, Nicole goes house hunting and things seem a little strained on the home front for Lisa and David. AthenaX makes sure she looks drop dead gorgeous at her party by having a killer outfit specially made, and while her husband Panos is certainly appreciative, the other ladies are more interested in what's happened to Matty? All except Lisa who has other things on her mind which she confides in with Victoria.

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When Matty(?) said in her TH that she loved talking things over with her husband and getting his advice, and the editors showed her talking over any attempt he made to speak…I died.  And Matty (if that is your name), if you aren't bothered about what Namaste said, you wouldn't talk about how UNbothered you are.  That being said, I wouldn't go to a celebration for that trainwreck either, birthday or not.

Namaste busts out the text she sent Matty…no apology to be seen.  Not surprised, though.  This is the woman so tone deaf she can't understand her art "friend" trying to tell her she sucks and he won't risk his reputation on her latest whim.

I was genuinely sad to hear Lisa is having problems in her marriage, a few short episodes and I'm at least invested in her (unlike the others so far).

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I'm still liking Lisa.

Athena is delusional but kind of entertaining (I wouldn't call myself a fan).

Victoria is mean but kind of entertaining (not a fan).

I want to like Matty but I haven't seen enough to decide....

The one who talks about being rich (nicole?) reminds me of Melbourne's Lydia.

I can't stand Krissy

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