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S07.E23: Ready Or Not

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I felt that Barb really did want to have Jenelle help with the popcorn. I took her smiling when walking over to Jenelle as her trying to appear light hearted so Jenelle would speak with her. David didn't need to lie about "important emails" - it sounded like bullshit to me and I'm sure Barb. Considering Barb knows Jenelle and who she has dated more than I do, and I find it terrifying, I think she felt the need to try and speak to Jenelle to see what was going on. It's odd and bizarre that David, Jenelle's boyfriend of what? a year at that point? is in charge of speaking to Barb and exchanging Jace. I would not allow further visits with that going on. Totally agree with whoever said that would be a red flag. I'm sure Barb is waiting for the explosion every day lurking in David. Many of us are. 

I still see Barb as stunned by the way Jenelle treats her. I don't think there's enough info on Barb's other 2 kids to gauge who they are as whole people. I'm sure it wasn't all perfect in their childhoods but I think Jenelle is a sociopath. There is believed to be a genetic link...perhaps her father, who surely bears more blame for how his kids turned out than Barb, is also one. I also believe Jenelle (and Kail and Farrah) is a narcissist. Definitely could be as a response to how they were raised (Kail) or maybe not. I can't blame Barb for Jenelle without more proof. And I also want to recognize her absent father's role.

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