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Big Little Speculation without Spoilers

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I think the school bully is Madeline's daughter. She's popular so she would be in a good position to bully both Amabella and Ziggy without them pointing a finger at her.

I don't think Celeste's husband is Jane's rapist. I wouldn't be surprised if he were dead already, and Jane is blanking out on that part. I think the reason why Jane gives Celeste that long suspicious look when she first meets her is because she recognizes a fellow abuse survivor.

I have no idea who's dead. It's actually the least interesting part of the show. But, I think the police noting the multiple broken bones is a red herring to lead us to think it's Celeste, but actually if the victim falls off a cliff, there will be multiple broken bones.

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Im not sure where to put this. It isn't book talk but it is the synopsis for tomorrow's episode by TiVo. I'm spoiling it just in case. 


In the Season 1 finale, Celeste makes a bold move after another fight; Madeline deals with fallout from her past before the school's fall fund-raiser; and Jane learns who's really been hurting Amabella at school  

I hope that works. Fingers crossed. 

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On ‎3‎/‎27‎/‎2017 at 5:59 PM, wilnil said:

Earlier, I threw in a theory that it will be Madeline killing Perry, but now I'm starting to consider a "Murder on the Orient Express" (movie) scenario -- maybe Perry being hounded to his death by most or all of the main characters.

First, Stella's note above. Second, the police seem to be having a bit of trouble sorting out just what happened; the people they're interviewing seem to be collectively throwing suspicion on everyone. And the situation that seems to be emerging could give all of the main characters motives if Perry's true nature gets revealed.

Celeste's motive is obvious; she's now more in danger from him than ever.

Jane, even if Perry isn't her rapist, is likely to react with rage if she learns he's a violent predator.

Madeline, as I said before, is Celeste's best friend and is quick to get angry when her friends are threatened.

Even Renata, who takes no prisoners -- what if it does turn out to be one or both of the twins abusing Amabella, and when she confronts Celeste, Celeste says something like "Oh my god, they're starting to imitate Perry!"

And it's not limited to the women; Ed has his own suppressed rage over bullying, so I could easily see him aiding and abetting an impromptu "conspiracy" to give Perry what they'd all agree he deserves. (Nathan and Bonnie, not likely, unless their New Age lifestyle is only for show.)


Well, you were right.  Murder by Committee.

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Some of us haven't seen it yet, though it seems pretty obvious that Perry is the one who "needs killin", as they say.  I think it would be far more painful to him, and more satisfying to the audience, to see him at home in restraints as Celeste keeps him out of the loop on a new cereal for the kids,  an impromptu playdate, and similar life-altering incidents.  He'd likely implode from rage.

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This thread doesn't seem to be have been reactivated for S2 speculation. At this point it feels like we might as well speculate about a possible S3. Do we think everything will be resolved (enough) in the next 2 episodes that S3 will only be by public demand (and the cast's interest in making more?) I can't think of any dangling story threads at this point that would demand it from a content perspective. (I have to assume Mary Louise will be in some way defeated by the end of the season - I don't see her having the staying power to send us into a third season.)

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In the preview for the season finale, Celeste looks stricken and we see ML hugging the boys. I think this is misdirection and Celeste wins and ML gets to hug the boys one last time because Celeste won't have her around them anymore.

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On 7/14/2019 at 10:50 PM, chocolatine said:

In the preview for the season finale, Celeste looks stricken and we see ML hugging the boys. I think this is misdirection and Celeste wins and ML gets to hug the boys one last time because Celeste won't have her around them anymore.

I agree.  I'm curious about how everything will wind up tonight.  I'm so glad it will be over though.  This season has been a disappointment, imo.  

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