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Holler! I mean Haller! I mean Legion Quotes!

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Episode 4

  • "...apparently I'm this super-powered mutant so I'm guessing I'll figure something out..." (David makes several hand gestures, nothing happens)
  • "He said it wasn't the drugs." "Who? Captain Nemo and his giant ice cube?"

It's good to see some humor in the show :)

Post your fave quotes from episodes here. 

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There's been some good shit in the show. Re-watching Chapter One, Shadow King/Lenny, when talking to David about how she died, she says this: 

  • "She was just a passenger riding around in your body. Don't give a newbie a bazooka and act surprised when she blows shit up."

The first sentence clearly foreshadows what we know now in Chapter Six. And the second sentence confirms that the Shadow King is "not a newbie" (ie. its been around for a while - before David) and that it considers David to be the bazooka of human hosts. 

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Two more I just thought of:

  • Episode One - Interrogator: "So after you switched bodies with a woman and left a mental hospital where all the patients had been magically sealed in their rooms you think you saw me get out of a car?" David: "Well you don't have to be a dick about it."
  • Episode Six - David comes in to ask Lenny if she's seen Syd. Lenny goes off on a supervillain rant about the cordyceps fungus. David: "A simple 'I haven't seen her' would have..." he trails off. 
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