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S01.E02: Branch of Olive

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Victoria confides in Krissy that she's thinking of tracking down her long lost father.  She's also invited the ladies for a wear-all-white lunch in Sydney's north even though she's reluctant to include AthenaX.  Despite some friendly gestures at lunch it doesn't take long for jokes to become digs, and digs taunts, and by the time Lisa arrives things have just about reached boiling point.

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My God that was tedious.  I find this cast utterly unlikable, with the exception of Lisa Oldfield, surprisingly.

Krissy should have her picture in the pictionary next to "Dumb See You Next Tuesday."  Chewbacca is right; so is room temperature IQ.  Even funnier when one considers Oz uses Celsius.

Matty, Athena X and Victoria just squawk over each other.  None of them are particularly interesting.

Melissa is so completely forgettable--why is she here?

Nicole is whatever, but certainly not compelling television.

This cast has no connection to one another and isn't even trying to pretend that they don't despise each other.  Compared to Melbourne, where the original cast all were connected and had long-standing histories, this iteration of the Housewives is, (thank you Gamble) truly feral.

I'll give it one more episode to turn around, but I have to say I expected a hell of a lot more from Matchbox, and certainly not a recycled theme song.

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^^^ I'm with you.... Tedious Tryhards. I'm so sick of arguments and insults over nothing just for the sake of draaaaamaaaarrr (stretching out that word like these Wives seem to draw out every wooooooord when they speak drawl.)

Namaste is quite rude and insulting for someone who is on a "spiritual journey" [eye roll]... shouldn't she be kind and nice?! Athena did, however, provide me with a giggle when she had to stifle what she was about to call her 'cape': "...the ne .... my beautiful cape". I'm convinced she was about to call it a net!

You can rent apartments in the same building as Victoria's apartment on Notts Ave in Bondi for holidays. One I found was $1000-1740 per night, another $2000 per week. Noice [tm Kath and Kim].

Lisa wanted the footage of her son calling her a "bloody fucking idiot" to be cut from the episode: http://thefix.nine.com.au/2017/02/27/08/42/real-housewives-of-sydney-lisa-oldfield-she-calls-him-a-dickhead 

I can't say I like Lisa, I mean her parenting style is... ummm.... brittle to say the least, but I like her on this show...she's at least interesting!


Recap of this episode:


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Lisa & her partner's parenting crack me up…reminds me of me & my husband a bit with the sarcasm & "no dickhead" policy.

Did Athena really compare her name change to MALCOLM X?  She isn't crazy, she's willfully ignorant.  And, Namaste?  That doesn't make you crazy, edgy or cool…it just makes you an asshole.

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