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S01.E01: Jatz Crackers

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Well, Victoria & Krissy revel in being little shits, don't they?  Good grief!  I mean, thanks for the gossip, Victoria--but I can't wait for her to get mad that Yoga & Diamonds chick called her a fat kid, yet think her spreading gossip about another woman's husband AND picking on Namaste is perfectly okay.  She clearly thinks she'll be the "Queen Bee" of the group with her facial expressions and "I can do what I want" attitude.  And Krissy deserved the Chewbacca slam...lady needs to know when to STFU instead of making it about her.

Victoria looks like she's two procedures away from a Janet from RHoMelbourne nose.  And her face is pulled so tight, I think she's already been speaking to Janet's doctor.  But Namaste also looks like she's been hitting the chemical peels & Botox much too often.

I was dead when someone told Victoria that that fishing net cape made her look slimmer.  Almost fell off the couch laughing.  And then Victoria throwing it in the water?  That's not a bitch move, that's a child move. 

The lady with the snake seems like a bit of fun.  Maybe a little much at times, but I'm hoping for the best.

I barely remember anyone else.

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