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Small Talk: Word on the Street In Sydney

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The Small Talk topic is for:
•    Introductions
•    Off-topic chatter
•    Having virtual tea with forum buddies

This is NOT a topic for actual show discussion. When you want to talk about the show:
1    Figure out the nature of the topic you want to talk about
2    Look for an existing topic that matches or fits
3    If there is NOT an existing topic that fits, CREATE ONE!

Examples of topics that populate show forums include (but by no means are limited to):
•    Character topics
•    Episode topics
•    Season topics
•    Spoiler topics
•    Speculation topics
•    In the Media topics
•    Favourite X topics
•    ...you get the idea

Happy trails beyond Small Talk!

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Matty was at Mardi Gras in Sydney this weekend. My friend got a photo with her as well (we where both marching and she was as well I guess) she was wandering all through the marshalling area. She actually was pretty chill :)

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