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Karma Ashcroft: Bad Planner

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I gotta say, with all this hate for Liam in the fandom, I'm partially surprised there's very little hate for Karma. I do like her character, and think she's an interesting one, but she's been the douche all season long. From getting her best friend to fake being in a relationship just to be popular to sleeping with Liam and not even telling Amy about it until she used the info right after Amy said 'I love you, let's give this a chance'. In that moment, I interpreted it as Karma wanting Amy to stop with her fantasies and knowing that her sleeping with Liam would hurt her, which I find a very douchey move. I know that Karma's going to go through a lot in the second season (her own possible 'sexuality' storyline journey) but season 1 did not have her looking like a good person in any way, shape or form. She used everyone around her for her own gain, which makes her selfish, and no matter how much Karma knows Amy, her not seeing even little signs until the wedding made it clear she's oblivious to things right in front of her.


I think right now, I'm not feeling that much sympathy for Karma, even though I like her character. It makes her not my favourite, although not quite my least favourite either. 


I don't know; Karma's journey is definitely coming, but her journey in season 1 was all about Liam and some about Amy. I think Karma needs to own up for her actions big time and her being played as the victim in season 2 isn't going to cut it for me. Amy and Liam sleeping together, now that I think about it, is going to portray Karma as the 'poor' one and although it worked for Amy this season, it's not going to work for Karma mostly because she dug her own grave and Amy's 'poor me' from the audience was due to Karma's love for Liam and her discovering her sexuality. Amy's non-feelings for Liam, and Liam's possible non-feelings for Amy doesn't exactly soften Karma's situation for season 2.

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Dear Karma:


Item 1:  Stop being a self absorbed bitch.


Item 2:  Stop being a self absorbed bitch in denial.  If you kissed a girl and found it "hot" (your word, not mine), if you and that girl have your own song and if the dance you and that girl did is probably the sexiest thing to happen this season, you're bisexual!  Sleeping with a guy doesn't obviate that.  Deal with it!

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