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Season 1 Discussion: Straight Guy of the Week

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I was reluctant to watch the reboot because I loved the guys in the original series so much, but the new Fab 5 really won me over fast. There is so much negativity in the world and it's so refreshing to watch a show with genuinely good and kind people helping to make a difference in other people's lives!

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I saw a a bit of Season 2 but went back to Season 1 as I just got my Netflix account back on & I am so enjoying these guys especially Jonathan. He is hilarious and easy on the eyes. They have also managed to teach me a thing or two along with tears. Great show!

On 6/12/2018 at 4:30 PM, iMonrey said:

From what I understand, the next batch was filmed at the same time as the first. So it's really more like Season 1b even if Netflix is calling it a "new" season. They seem to be doing that more frequently now - dropping one half of a season's worth of episodes for a show then holding the second half for a few months. 

That's Netflix way of bringing people in to get a Netflix account which is a great marketing idea. 

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S1E1 I love all the press stuff they do that wanders onto the youtube channels I watch so I decided to finally check out the show. It took a long time to get through episode 1. I kept taking breaks. I feel like the cast was not totally comfortable with each other yet and they covered it up by being really extra. You can tell the difference between people who are being really wholesome and genuine and people who are being a little fake for the cameras. I don't blame them but it felt really apparent that they hadn't known each other very long and that they were just breezing into this guy's life for a few days at the most. 

That said, I do think a lot of my issues with the show are remnants of the old show. It's not that they can't be exuberant and loud and flirty but I feel like they have a sensibility and energy that fit better in the early 2000's. I'm hoping that they'll eventually ease into their own energy when they get more comfortable with each other. A lot of it has to do with the formatting of the show too. Right now the editing is kind of choppy. 

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S1E2 I thought this was already a lot better. I think it helped that the person who was the focus of the episode felt awkward so that covered up awkwardness from the show itself. Also, his speech thanking them was really sweet.

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S1E3 Less than 10 minutes in and I was already stressed out between the traffic stop and the MAGA hat. 

I'm loving Tan. They all have their moments but I like the way he justifies things. Like yes, husbands should make an effort for their wives as much as wives make an effort for their husbands. 

I like the idea of Karamo's role but it's difficult to basically just give people a few days of therapy and pep talks. 

I'm not sure about all his product recommendations but Jonathan is a great hairdresser. 

Bobby does amazing work. Everything looks like it's straight out of a magazine spread. I don't think he gets enough credit because he's usually off doing his own thing and then everyone just gets surprised with the home makeover. 

I knew the joke about Antoni going in and yeah... I get that the subjects aren't master chefs but I'm really questioning whether he can cook. He is very pretty though. I do think it helps that with this version of the show all of them are constantly checking in so it's not like the fashion guy only talks fashion or the food guy only talks food. They all talk about emotional issues, past baggage, self-esteem, etc.

George was cute. 

I like that the guys are so friendly but they don't hide what they think. They didn't pretend they were okay with any of the Trump stuff and Karamo didn't pretend to find NASCAR interesting.

It wasn't surprisingly that he'd know how to suit up being a police officer and being in the Marines. He knows how to wear a uniform. 

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S1E4 Really fun. I think they hit their stride with the last episode. The pacing and editing is better. I feel like I'm finally getting the mission statement they set out in episode 1. This is the first episode to make me cry.

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