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S29.E05: The Others

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I agree, MTV messed up the format. The only time the champs and underdogs go head to head is during the team challenges to bank money, but it would've been great if they faced off against each other in eliminations as well. 

Also, it doesn't make sense to me that a team wins a challenge and still has to go through an elimination round. 

Zach swears he's the best male physical competitor on the Challenge or whatever bs he said, but hello, CT is there. If I were a guy, I'd be more afraid to go up against CT than Zach who gets tired immediately and lies down like he's about to die. He's already done that on more than one occasion including a final.

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In the past, it was advantageous in team-based challenges to thin the weaker members from a team, because they wouldn't have to split the money as much.

But here, if they have more challenges where they're allowed to compete in uneven numbers, then you want to keep a large team for awhile.

However, maybe they won't allow uneven competitions any more.

They will probably change the rules again.  Now are they going to let the remaining team split the money or for the finals, have it based on 3 teams of couples, male/female, so that the pot is split only two ways?

I haven't tracked the prize money in previous seasons or how they allowed money to be split in the past.  If this is the most amount of prize money they've ever offered, they may just allow it to be split by team members and the winners won't get a big share like Bananas did in the last challenge.

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I wonder if they'll continue the 'first female/male to score whatever the goal of the challenge is' to have to pick who is going in on the spot. Because I might avoid being the best/fastest/first in a challenge if I don't care to have a target on my back based on who I pick.

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Johnny is famous for doing just that. At times he will deliberately under-perform specifically so they don't win and he (or partner) doesn't have to be in a position to pick the person going to elimination and risk them coming back and going after him.  He claims that Vince deliberately tanked some challenges on Bloodlines but I think he probably just sucked and they are trying to save face.

I loved the scene where he tried to get in CT's face trying to impress him by insinuating that not only was he on CT's level but that he would have been his main competition. CT immediately put him on the no mind list, didn't really acknowledge it, and told Johnny to control his boy.  Too funny.  Also a nice moment showing the growth CT has had over the years. Back in his 20's on a drunken night that might have resulted in a situation.

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I'm disappointed that the champions don't face off with the underdogs during eliminations. Also, it seems counterintuitive to call a group the underdogs when you give the benefit of a 2 person advantage.

What poor soul will end up with Zach? The guy is such a fake macho man...does he ever say anything nice about women? It's funny that he's in the house with two of his exes but he's not even acknowledging Ashley K. She's still boring and forgettable as the first time she was on tv. 

Kailah is embarrassing. You drink so much that your senses are so devoid of feeling that you can't get up to the go to the bathroom? She just peed herself on national tv, lol.

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On 2/28/2017 at 7:48 PM, mojoween said:

I don't know why the producers thought 4 on 6 was going to be exciting TV because it so was not.  I was so annoyed with that structure.

Tony you know a golden shower is...you know what?  You'll find out when you get home in a few months.

I'm seriously just here for CT, Darrelle and Cara Maria.  The rest can all get bent.  Well I like Jenna but I fear for her decision making skills.

Nicole is heinous.  What adult seriously runs around eating directly from a jar of peanut butter?

I agree.  I also agree with Johnny. When I first saw Nicole my first thought was that she looked like Andy Dick.  I don't watch Real World anymore so this is the first time I've seen her.  She seems very impressed with herself for some reason. 

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I don't get why the underdogs get to have more players. This seems massively unfair.
The champions are past winners for whatever reasons, not superheroes. Can someone please
clue me in? Thanks. 

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Interesting that kailah is acting like she never goes overboard with men. I guess she's hoping nobody actually watched her season and saw her obsessed with Dione. 


Im happy to see Corey has some sort of standards and kailahs incontinene issues are over the line.

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After reading the recap, I must have missed Nicole's burn on Johnny that he already used his joke on twitter. That's pretty funny.

I couldn't stand Ashley M on the last show, but I weirdly kind of like her now. And shut up about her thigh tattoo Johnny. A. she was clearly being ironic when she called herself a classy broad for drinking vodka and beer at the same time, and B. are you really one to talk about someone else's trashy tattoos?

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