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S05.E15: Wrong Side of the Road

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On 3/12/2017 at 2:18 PM, MissLucas said:

I was happy to see Kitty again and hope she gets a happy end. At first I was somewhat doubtful about Lestrade's reaction to seeing her again. Watson's 'That must have been a hell of a letter' was great. But then I remembered what Kitty had done for his daughter - nice bit of continuity without spelling it out all out for the audience.

But I doubt Kitty will stay for more than one or two episodes. Ophelia Lovibond has her own show and although there's no word out about a season two I hope the CW picking up 'Hooten and the Lady' is a good sign.

Just binging the new season and the first thing I thought of when she was asked where she had been was she was going to answer that she had been off treasure hunting - and now I have the theme to Hooten playing in my head again

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