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S04.E06: The Big Day

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20 minutes ago, GeeGolly said:

For real? They're airing her wedding again? And 2 hours of it?

Uh oh, Jessa is gonna be mad.

Don't worry, she'll make sure that Jessa the TeeVee Stah gets her share. No doubt, we'll be treated to the homecoming of Limpet and Manbun and flashbacks of their weddings as well.

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It's sad and I don't mean to laugh at her but Michelle has legitimately lost her mind. Her behavior is very strange. 

I feel bad for Anna but she could leave Josh, right? What would happen if she did? No ones gonna die.

"I don't know the groom very well." lol Jill. Omg (insert an older Duggar brothers name here/seriously they're all the same to me) saying "you should ask Jinger these questions. She'll know everyone one of them." Another lol that probably wasn't intentional.

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6 minutes ago, sheshark said:

Miss Cindy is in love with the V, the big V made of roses.  And Meechelle companionably pats Jeremy on the back, and then slooowly slides her hand down his shoulder and arm.  Mmmm that bicep.

(small voice)...does it make me a terrible person if I admit that I might have done something similar a time or two myself? 

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20 minutes ago, Chicklet said:

Michelle clearly likes Jinger best of all her kids. Well after Josh screwed everything up.

Given Jessa's free rein, I've always felt that she was her favorite.  Either she reminds Michelle of her younger self or she is afraid of her.   

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I think Jing and Babe are the only two who were really in love with each other (compared to the other couples), but who knows,  and those kisses sure looked practiced. Hm.

I only thought that Jing might be her parent's favorite since she had an actual decent wedding and reception. Well I'm assuming there was food other than the sketchy cupcakes and it wasn't held in a parking lot.

Where did the pastor come up with a Jaguar?

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Jill and Derrick have moved beyond the awkward 'season of life' and are now firmly entrenched in being creepy simpletons. Why must they make everything about themselves? 

8 minutes ago, Gemma Violet said:

I noticed they edited out Derrick stealing Jill away from the groomsman as they exited the church. 

Thank goodness! 

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1 minute ago, dorcastrilling said:

During the rehearsal, while they scanned the church, I swear there sat Josh, face turned sideways.  

Also, why do all these people call the altar the stage?

Because they use it to upstage the bride and groom with their gross kissing scenes.

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47 minutes ago, Adeejay said:

Hostess to Jill and Derick:  What was your favorite part of Jinger and Jeremy's wedding?

Jill:  It reminded me of our wedding.

Ugh!  What a stupid woman!

Sheepish voice: Sigh. That's my favorite part of many weddings, too.  

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2 minutes ago, pinkelephant3 said:

Wait did jillymuffin really just push food onto her fork with her finger... Ughh they need manners!

You beat me to this by a minute.  I have a niece in kindergarten who's been taught not to do this anymore.  I thought Jill looked pretty worn out in every one of her talking heads.  She and Derick are definitely a special pair.  Every other word from her mouth makes her sound like a blooming idiot. 

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Easy does it, Pink, Jill doesn't usually use utensils at all.  I noticed they even had china, not styro plates.  They looked very awkward.

My paper plates are Dixie, with a nice flowered ridge around it so it reminds me of what my real plates probably look like.  JK, used a real one tonight, as a matter of fact.

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