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S06.E06: Speechless

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On 3/29/2017 at 9:29 AM, Qoass said:

1.  She's the daughter of Bing Crosby who once stated in a Barbara Walters interview (ask your parents) that the only reason he would disown one of his children is if they were to have premarital sex.

2.  She shot JR!

Geez, spoiler alert! ;)

Just watched this episode on Pop this morning. My main takeaways were all the stupid half-shirts, and this: As much as the "movie"-making annoyed me, and as much as I was never one to find Jamie Walters all that attractive, I'll say this: Wow, he looked so much more relaxed, comfortable, and, dare I say it, kinda cute in those scenes. It was though he was able to relax when he wasn't filming his scenes with Tori Spelling. This was especially noticeable because in that final scene, where Donna confronts him, he's back to looking pinched and dull *even as he's declaring his undying love*. 

Oh, and Dylan. Were we really supposed to believe that he was tough enough to stand up to gangsters? 

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