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S14.E16: A Many Splendored Thing

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I hated this episode.  I thought Mary Stuart Masterson was horrible. I thought Bishop looked like Qasim's breath stank in their scenes. The reference to Sophie's choice was awful.  Gibbs thought it was ok to blow up a bad guy in custody? no way.  Too many characters.

Maybe they could send half the cast away, and have a show with the remaining characters.  Then the following week, we could have a show with the half that was out on a different crime.  This one line per character writing is awful. I'm starting to hate watch this show.

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Like many other posters: Too. Much. Bishop. Bishop is boring and acts like a 12 year old. And too many characters now. Tim's role has been decreased to next to nothing. I still don't know the new characters' names because their are too many and I don't really care for any of them. 

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Ugh...they really did a horrible job with Bishop, the character development (way too much personal stuff involving the team for no good reason) and then just the actress IMO isn't doing a good job at all.  Now this whole rogue business was ridiculous.  Is there no Office of Professional Conduct Office for NCIS because seriously, this is something that needs to be investigated pronto by them.  Not only did Bishop ignore Gibbs' orders, but Vance's as well, how the heck can they just move on with zero professional repercussions? 

The whole thing was just stupid and convoluted.  Did Bishop actually find the actual shooter?  If she is so bent on revenge, that would be someone to go after as well, and the whole assassination of Qasim was stupid to begin with, spray indiscriminately into a library?

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Finally joining the website to chime in and echo the sentiments of those who think this sucked. We knew Qasim for all of ten minutes, so his death and Bishop seeking revenge on his behalf fails to have any emotional impact. Indeed, it would have worked much better had that been Jake (as much as it would have sucked to have yet another Jamie Bamber character killed off). And the time frame of their relationship makes it implausible that they could have been together long enough to be discussing marriage--and to the first guy she dated after the divorce? Highly unlikely.

I don't dislike Bishop as much as the rest of you do, though I do find her dull, but this attempt at developing her and giving her the same tragic love life that nearly everyone else has falls flat. 

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On 2/23/2017 at 11:24 AM, MissLucas said:

He! Maybe it was the accent?

Heh. Probably. Supposedly, when he was on Law & Order: UK, there were people who didn't recognize him because he was using his natural British accent after years of a fake American one on Battlestar Galactica. Then he appeared on CSI: Miami a few weeks after leaving LOUK and this time couldn't recognize him because it was the reverse--going back to the fake American accent after years of using his real British one.

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