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S28.E14: Fatzcarraldo

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All of the fast food restaurants in Springfield go healthy, forcing Homer to turn to the last bastion of greasy food for comfort.

I have no idea what happened to ep 13, this is listed as ep 14.

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Billboard: Kwik-E-Mart: Your two days til Valentine's day headquarters

chalkboard: If we're so good at predicting, how come my dad bet on Atlanta?

Couch gag: Maggie in a safe behind the painting

"Who's the boys?"
"Marge's boobs!"

I'm with Homer with being bored at the DMV Awards ("Less fun than it sounds!"), and the whole bit when he left was great. "The winner is me because I'm leaving!" Patty & Selma pretty much re-enacting Kill La Kill was an image I didn't need to see. And hey, someone remembered Ling and Jub-Jub existed!

So...it took 28 years for Homer to discover the phenomenon of putting chili on hot dogs. Then again, turns out he knew it the whole time, he just blocked it out due to childhood trauma. I liked Homer trying to bond with the hot dog guy, even if they couldn't remember each other. I loved their hot dog song, but then Michael Price (the writer) tweeted that it's a song by the Archies.

"I'm going to save that caboose full of hot dogs, which is what my father used to call me!" It was good to see CBG doing something.

Love that Homer is on the news so much, he has his own theme song. That climax was weird. Homer and a bunch of fat guys steal the caboose, Homer & the old guy reconcile, the caboose explodes, Wiggum lets Homer off the hook, then the Moon plays the sax (EDIT: Confirmed to be a Mac Tonight spoof), and the Wiggums somehow can see it. That whole cabal of fast food mascots didn't do too much, sadly. Loved the ending tag with everyone eating Mayor McCheese, though. Also, Lisa's plot didn't amount to much, either.

3 hours ago, ottoDbusdriver said:

I guess since the last episode was an hour long it counts as Episode 12 and 13  -- that's all I've

Yeah, that makes sense.

ETA: I liked that when Homer imagined everyone as food, that Bart was a Butterfinger bar.

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I wonder how many bodies were in all those "Christmas Decorations" boxes -- there were at least 16 boxes in the scene.
One of the skeletions was of Smilin' Joe Fission -- the plant's mascot.  Does that mean he was real, because I thought he was a fictional character from nuclear plant educational films ?

Homer: "Stomach filled with rage, must quench with french fries"

Krusty Burger -- Ball Pit Now Free of Malaria.
(Hey, at least it wasn't the Hanta virus --  because that would have really come out of left field)

Seen on the old menu at Krustyburger:

  • Laffy Meal -- A Disappointment in every Box!
  • Buzz Cola and Diet Buzz -- Now with 5% Less Buzz
  • Krusty's Milkless Milkshakes -- what happened to Krusty Partially Gelatinated Non-Dairy Gum-Based Beverages

New Menu at Krustyburger:

  • Buttermilk Sriracha Sandwich
  • Kobe Shiitake Ciabatta Explosion
  • Hanoi Honey Barbeque Banh Mi Pho-furter (get 'em quick before they're Saigon)
  • As well as Beet Aoili and Yellow Sauce pump jugs

Teenager at the Krustyburger: "Sorry, we no longer sell the Python Buster, would you like some Kombucha Kimchi mini-Tacos instead ?"

Restaurants spotted by Homer on his drive around town:

  • Kentucky Steamed Chickpeas
  • Tofu Bell
  • Arby's

Star Wars - The Force Awakens reference -- Homer: "Chewie, we're home."

I liked how one of Homer's Chili dog memories -- was of himself on his deathbead.  How is that a memory ?

Story ideas on the wall of the WSES Radio meeting

  • Segment: 'Lost and Found' Finds
  • Series: From Detention to Death Row
  • Toilet Tattletales
  • Need to Buy More Cards
  • Interview: The Vending Machine Guy, Title: The Yummiest Job
  • Interview Our Listener
  • Interview Martin's Grandpa (crossed out) Died
  • Ms Hoover's ClassRoom -- A "Diorama Mill" ?
  • Topic: Is Radio Dead ?
  • Topic: Why is Radio Dead ?
  • Inside the Teacher's Lounge: Den of Cigarettes ?

Deuce uses "Anthony's Weiners" -- and the weiner on the outside of the package was wearing tightey whities.  Hah !!
And the secret ingredient in the chili dogs is Duff Beer.

Dolph was reading The Koran in detention.

Kent Brockman: "Chili Dog Day Afternoon -- Weiner on a Roll"
Bumble Bee guy was cheering on Homer on the overpass.

Chief Wiggum: "Forget it Lou, it's Chilitown"

The Moon playing the Sax looked at lot like the McDonald's Mac tonight campaign (only Mac played the piano)

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