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S01.E04: The Farting Sex Tourist

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The little one liners this show keeps throwing are killing me.  

"There was no pee, so that's a win."

"Like, crush a mouse stupid."

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Whoa, Dan actually really didn't suspect anything and was just that concerned about ants.  Of course, now that he has found that finger, that's all going to change!

Enjoyed how all of Sheila's "be yourself/throw caution into the wind!" to all their neighbors ended up just causing even more conflict.

Thomas Lennon was spot on as Principal Novak.

Enjoyed Joel and Abby bonding and "freaking out" over everything going on.

So, it looks like Sheila's zombie transformation is similar to something that happened in 1600 Romania.  Hmm...

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Kid next door is awesome, Prinicpal Novak is hilarious, it makes me sad when Drew Barrymore says "relator" instead of "realtor". That is all

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Although Santa Clarita is pretty white (according to the 2010 census, the population was 70% white), I feel like I should say its defense that a quick google turned up three whole Indian restaurants, Joel! Lisa bitching about Riverside was hilarious (although in my recollection, Riverside is about as hot as Santa Clarita).

I like that Sheila's whole "live your best life/do whatever makes you happy" advice to the neighbors backfired. It's one thing to want to be happy, but if you have a family then you can't always put yourself first, especially when it comes to big things like buying an expensive car, having an affair, or leaving to follow John Legend (heh, I did love Alondra's reasoning though - John and Chrissy have a baby now so he will want to settle down and not tour as much!).

I'm glad Sheila ended up not eating Principal Novak, but he is still a dick so he may not make it through the season without being eaten. Discipline for things like ditching school is supposed to have a protocol so that students are treated fairly. Telling a mother that you still might suspend her kid depending on what she says next is an abuse of power.

Abby and Joel's mutual freakout was great. It's only been a few days since Sheila became a zombie so of course they have questions about how it has affected her and how it will in turn affect them. I'm glad they have each other to freak out to so that poor Joel doesn't have to get hugs from drug dealers who date high school girls.

Dan finding a finger may spell the end of Dan! But will they risk killing a sheriff? Ha, love that he and Rick were giving each other shit about the police vs. the sheriff's department again.

Rick seems like a nice guy, but I had to roll my eyes when he was congratulating himself for being such a good dad. You changed his diaper and put socks on him? That's it? WOW.

Why does Joel need someone in Santa Clarita who speaks Serbian to translate the writing on the pictures? Just use google translate! Or hell, find a Serbian-American forum and post a picture asking someone to tell you what it says!

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