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S04.E12: Hot Potato Soup

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On 2/1/2017 at 10:35 PM, Eliza422 said:

I think the last thing this show needs is a plot point about fitz having daddy issues. I rolled my eyes when that scene started.


there are so many interesting things to put on the show dealing with inhumans and the senator and now some hot Russian sub guy, I just can't take such an unnecessary tangent.



On 2/2/2017 at 8:57 AM, teenj12 said:

Honestly, I felt the same way lol. Seems like something that should of been explored earlier in the series. 

I agree Fitz's daddy issues should've been at least mentioned/explored in the earlier part of this series. I feel like now, they are just grasping at straws just to keep this show going. 


Wouldn't it be cool if they stumble on another Inhuman colony? I know that in the comics, modern day Inhumans, on Earth, just live in small isolated bands/tribes and I do know that there were at least a few of them. I always wonder why Jiaying's was the only one that was ever shown? I mean with all the issues being done with the Inhumans no one has explored what another isolated community would look like and/or show a purely evil modern Inhuman (aside from Hive or the self-hating "Hellfire"). Personally, I would like to see just one modern day Inhuman wanting something like world domination (hey, who is and who isn't Inhuman is pretty random and only applies to genetics that happens thousands of years ago and now they have descendants from all over the world, so there have to be a few bad eggs in that batch- statistically speaking?) or maybe just one Inhuman that wants to rob banks for a living, or works for a certain mob family ;-), etc...

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On 10/02/2017 at 5:05 PM, CyberJawa1986 said:

LT  ... or L.T.  ...

Either way, new favorite character.  I need a spin-off o

Too bad SHIELD doesn't use a military rank structure. She could have been Lieutenant L.T. Koenig!

Nice episode although it seemed kind of dumb that they sent to agents to find LT that appeared to have no idea what she looked like or even that she was a woman.

Also my recording screwed up for a minute. How did Mack get robo Radcliffe to talk? And what exactly did he tell them?

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I ran out of gas on this show, couldn’t keep everyone straight in my head. After hearing Patton is coming back as a new character in season 7, I sought this episode out on Netflix. I just loved it and the arc it gave to the Koenigs. Plus a sister. One of my favorite episodes. I did make it through season 3, May now need to go back and start again with a new resolve....

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