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Barney Miller

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9 hours ago, Egg McMuffin said:

Danny Arnold’s season as co-showrunner on “Bewitched” was also that show’s best season (the first), before it became gimmicky and formulaic.

That's not really saying much though, is it? It's easier to write creatively for the first season of anything, before the tropes start to form. If he had come in after the show became gimmicky and formulaic and turned it into something more original and creative, that would have something to boast about.

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I see your point. But in this case, there’s a real change between the Arnold year (and the following season), where Bewitched was truly a romantic comedy, and the succeeding years, where it was about Samantha’s relatives putting a spell on Darrin, or Samantha getting caught doing witchcraft and passing it off as an advertising campaign. Arnold saw the witchcraft as secondary to the show’s story about a newlyweds in a mixed marriage. His successors amped up the witchcraft far earlier than was necessary.

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The “Hash” episode just re-aired.

I enjoy the episode until near the end when Fish gets angry at the cop he knew 35 years ago who is talking about Bernice. 
Fishes reaction seems more typical of someone drunk than high on THC.


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20 minutes ago, januaryman said:

Or when the guy says "You don't know what it's like to be oppressed" and Harris replies with "How long you been in this country?"

Probably my favorite line in the series. Ron Glass was a great actor.

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Only yesterday did I notice that the show title really should be "The 12th Precinct." 
The Pilot was titled "The Life and Times of Captain Barney Miller," with the show intended to be split between work and home life of the main character, who was to be the Captain (wikipedia.org/wiki/Barney_Miller, popmatters.com/barney-miller-season-1-2496233021.html).

The title did get shortened from "The Life and Times of Captain Barney Miller" to "Barney Miller" when the premise changed to revolve around the squad room, but Hal Linden as Barney Miller is just part of an ensemble, not the focus of the show, just as in the game we know as "Chess," the King and Queen are just pieces.

  • BTW, "chess" translates to "four arms" and refers to the "four members of the Indian army" that "were elephants, horses, chariots, and foot soldiers" (chessmaniac.com/the-etymology-of-chess).

I'm guessing the title wasn't changed to "The 12th" because...

  1. the Pilot title name of "Barney Miller" and the character played by Hal Linden already had some caché and name recognition among producers and others upon whom the future of the show rested. 
    But I don't see anything written about that. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  2. maybe in a largely pre-computerized industry, changing titles was a bigger deal, especially with regards to alphabetization. 
  3. Barney was perhaps the most well-rounded character, played endearingly by Hal Linden, which the title "Barney Miller" emphasized in the minds of viewers, perhaps helping ratings?


Shared some of this on a more general thread too

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In the series finale (which I saw when it first aired but haven't seen since), Captain Miller read out the characters' new assignments.  IIRC, Wojo was to go to K9 Corps, and the audience reacted as if this was especially awful.  Probably Wojo would have to deal with riots etc., but was K9 Corps really so much worse than other assignments?

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7 hours ago, Driad said:

In the series finale…IIRC, Wojo was to go to K9 Corps, and the audience reacted as if this was especially awful.…

5 hours ago, possibilities said:

I have zero basis for this, but I assumed Wojo is afraid of dogs.

I wasn’t able to pull up the entire episode, but I did get the very end (where the guys said their final goodbyes) and in one shot, Max Gail (Wojo) in the background, was unable to contain his emotion — his face briefly started to contort into a sob😭 that he just barely contained. 
So maybe the audience saw that and was hoping somehow he’d go with Barney or something?

IDK. In my personal head canon, Wojo discovers he really likes working with dogs more than people. This seemed to fit with his constant frustrations about how inhumanely humans behave. 
—And I say this as someone who determined a long time ago that I am really not qualified to be a pet owner. So it’s not an idea coming from my own feelings about working with animals.

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2 hours ago, TattleTeeny said:

Last night, I saw an episode where the guys were asked to take a lie detector test. Well, Wojo yelled at Scanlon and you can see Barney, off to the side a little, has a delighted look on his face at Wojo's outburst. It was so funny.

I rewatched too. That was 5.14 “Voice Analyzer.”
I enjoyed Dietrich effectively lying to the machine and then later clarifying that he was born in Pennsylvania, not a galaxy far, far away.🤣🛸

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Dietrich is a total dreamboat! As is Barney.

OH, also -- the part where Wojo wants to talk in Barney's office and says "Come on" to Barney, haha!

From about 5:30 you see Barney's eyes bug out, then at about 5:45, you see Barney's delighted smile. At about 30:28 is the "come on." Wojo is fabulous in this episode.

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23 hours ago, shapeshifter said:

I enjoyed Dietrich effectively lying to the machine and then later clarifying that he was born in Pennsylvania, not a galaxy far, far away

“It needed to be said.”  🤣🤣🤣  Steve was such a great addition to that cast.

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