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Tara Ariano

S01.E03: Brocket Hall

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23 minutes ago, iMonrey said:

I also don't get what was going on with the rats. Is the butler guy actually paying the rat catcher to release more rats into the palace, so that Baroness Lehzen will keep shelling out money for their removal? 

So she'll stop upgrading to gas lighting and resume using candles, which can be resold for easy cash.

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I love contrasting this show with the Crown.  How things changed in 100 years.  I've seen no episode where QE2 had "ladies in waiting", but then QE2 seems to get along with her mother a lot more than V did.  V is show signing documents in the red box, but no indication that she reads them.  And V has dinner with her prime minister every night, which QE2 certainly doesn't.  And no real private secretary for the queen (nor much civil servants at all).

How undeveloped Buckingham palace looks.  And the downstairs staff selling things like candles and once-worn gloves.  I can't believe how they'd terrorize the queen with rats though.

i don't really need to know the 'drama' over a seamstress who used to work in a bordello or the chef.

I really have to pay attention between the former governness/lead housekeeper and the lead seamstress, as they look very similar.

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