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S12.E04: The Price For The Past


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How appropriate that the person who married b & b is dead because their marriage sure is too....

Here dear husband, whose heart is breaking, let me sit as far away from you as possible and say very little without touching you. There there.

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Oh for crying out loud - Booth and Bones being targeted again?  Can't they come up with anything new for the last season?  

Aubrey's situation is nothing like Bones'.  Her father did what he had to do because he had to do it and he was apologetic and wanted to make amends.  From what we know of Aubrey's father, he's doing what he's doing because he wants to do it for himself.  If they turn him into another Max just so they can re-tread ANOTHER done storyline....... (grr)

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Hart Hanson has mentioned he would be open to a revival after this "last" season.  David said NO.

So now I am wondering if this storyline is setting up Booth to be killed.

The rats just made me think of Game of Thrones.  And the ones in the park were super cute and not the ones I think of when thinking of predatory, torturous rats.

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