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Hysterical Historical 'Spoilers': Spoiler Policy For The Victorian Forum

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In this forum's episode topics please keep your comments to the episode at hand only; not everyone will be familiar with the details of Victoria's life/reign. Be considerate of those who know nothing or very little by refraining from discussing anything that happens beyond the episode topic that you're posting in, that way everyone is catered to and can enjoy the episodes as they air.

Please use only the topic History Talk: The Victorian Era to discuss;

  • every and any aspect of Victoria's entire life 
  • something that's on the show that 'didn't really happen' or was somehow different in real life
  • correcting the show with 'actual history'

Think of it as some kind of fabulous spoiler heaven!

Please note: Any post found to breach the above will either be moved or removed without warning at the mods discretion.

Thank you and jolly good show.

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Additionally, unless the topic has been tagged with the 'Spoilers' Tag, please use spoiler tags in all non episode topics for 'future historical spoilers'.

Thank you.

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