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Celebrity: Hall Of Fame Game Night Game

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Let's talk Celebrity.
This is our Game Night go to game. I think most people know it but just in case it goes like this:
Pre-Game Flight List

  • Create two teams -- preferably of 4 or more people each
  • Everyone writes down the names of 5 celebrities on individual pieces of paper. Fold them and put them in a bowl.
  • One of our house rules is that at this point the teams now pick each other's team names.

Round One

  • Select a team to go first
  • Now that team selects a reader
  • The reader takes the bowl and someone puts 1 minute on the clock
  • The goal in round 1 is to get your team to guess the celebrity name using natural language clues without saying the name in part of in full or rhyming. Basically, no cheap tricks.
  • Example: "She was a big daytime talk show host from Chicago, actor and now has her own cable TV network." Someone on your team guesses Oprah and you get a point.
  • Now pull out another name and do it again.
  • Keep going until your minute runs out.
  • BTW, there is no passing in Celebrity. You get stumped, it's a loooong minute until your shame ends.
  • Then the other team goes for a minute.
  • Keep taking turns and when the last clue in the bowl is guessed yell "STOP!" and stop the clock.

Round Two

  • Put all those same clues back in the bowl.
  • Whoever stopped the clock now continues with the remaining time from the last turn in round one.
  • Pull out a clue.
  • You get to say one word and one word only. Remember, these are the same celebrities form round one. I hope you were paying attention.
  • You can inflect the word, sing it but only that one word so choose wisely. You might say "Chicago" and you team might not get Orpah but if you yell Cccccchicagggoooo! like Oprah, they will get it.
  • Continue the one minute rounds until all the celebrities are named again.

Round Three

  • Same deal but now it is charades!

Aussie Rules Celebrity

  • If you are playing with a good crowd who's in it to win or if you got a tie breaker situation try Aussie Rules Celebrity which we made up a couple years ago.
  • Separate your teams so they can't hear each other.
  • Collaborate with your team to generate three celebrity names the other team will have to play.
  • There's three rounds like regular celebrity BUT you only do one clue per round and nothing repeats so each round is played with a fresh celeb.
  • Ooooooooo! So in round two you only get one word and no one has heard the celebrity name in the game yet!
  • So the key in Aussie Rules Celebrity is to find that celebrity that's famous enough to be included but generic enough to be really hard to guess. May we suggest Eva Mendes? Andrea Martin? Round two is usually the round that can really stump the crowd.
  • So team one chooses their reader for all three rounds, you start the clock and you go until all three celebrities are guesses.
  • Round 1: grab a name and explain who it is.
  • Round 2: grab a name and get a one-wed clue.
  • Round 3: grab the last name and do charades.
  • Now team two goes and has to beat that team to win!
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