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On 1/2/2017 at 2:59 PM, Maizie131 said:

trow125 - Just wanted to thank you for your post and putting quotes around "church."  Every time I see it it capitalized and w/o quotes I get pissed off.  Let's call it what it truly is --- a cult that's responsible for devastating countless lives. 

Someone on another thread (don't remember who, but he was a genius) suggested that COS stands for crock of.....

I loved that and have been referring to it as the crock ever since.

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On 1/3/2017 at 7:22 PM, Chaos Theory said:

JT sexuality is no ones business.  If he is gay and wants to stay in the closet for the whole of his career that is his right.   My only side eye comes when someone who is gay publicly demonizes gays.  From what I understand JT does not so I don't care one way or the other.   

On another topic I was channel hopping and I came across King Of Queens.   This was most definitely a show I ignored in the past but watched it for a bit.   Not to my tastes.  That being said Leah Remini is genuinely funny.   Was she still a scientologist when this was filmed?  

Taken on its face the show is okay.  The three main cast members are hilarious.  But the show, itself, suffered from the "stupid man, mean woman"  template that was so popular in shows for awhile (it may still be).  It started, I think, with Home Improvement, hit its nadir with ELR, dragging King of Queens along in its wake.  There were a lot of funny moments, but the stereotypes of the leads were not original and really kind of ruined the show for me.

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On 1/3/2017 at 8:54 PM, HunterHunted said:

My family and I contend that it is the only version of the fat husband/hot wife sitcom that ever really worked. Kevin was great at making Doug a charming sweetheart at his core. Meanwhile, Carrie was short tempered and a bit of an asshole. You could tell that she was smart and ambitious, but somewhat resentful that her lack of education prevented her from getting better jobs. The show felt balanced. Carrie weaknesses. Doug had weaknesses, but his strengths compensated for her weaknesses and vice versa.

When she mentioned kevin James on her show and on the Joe Rogen's, it was evident how much deeply she cares for him.  She called him kind on Rogen's show.  I think they had a comfortable chemistry that worked well for a couple that had been married a long time.  With her sense of humor (which I didn't know she had) and his loopy one, I'm sure they had tons of fun together.  Throw Jerry Stiller in there, and my guess is there was a LOT of laughter on that set.

On 1/5/2017 at 9:34 PM, bilgistic said:

It's one of my favorite shows. See username.

I would never have looked at it if you hadn't directed me to.  Good one.

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