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All Episodes Talk: Troubled People

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I'm another late comer to the series who just finished a steady binge watch on Netflix, and wanted throw my belated thoughts out into the void.  I thought the start of the first season was a little wobbly, but I grew to enjoy it very much, enough to be saddened by how it all played out.  I've seen comments on the other threads that this series should have ended at the end of Season 3 with Audrey going into the barn, and I have to agree.  I think parts of Season 4 were serviceable, but oh my did Season 5 drag down this series.  I've mourned a few series as canceled too soon, but I think I need to start appreciating the ones that go out in their prime a bit more.

If I were doing a magical retcon of the ending I would have had the mysteries based in old New England witchcraft without all the otherworldly family members showing up.  I thought for a while that's where they were headed, with the old mysterious barn.

The core trio of Nathan, Audrey, and Duke, with support from Vince, Dave, and Dwight, were a wonderful team.  It took a while for Audrey to grow on me but I liked her before the end of the first season.  Duke was the most enjoyable character.  I have to say, as love triangles go the first couple seasons of this struck a good balance of tension without excessive hand wringing.

I'm not sure how I'll remember this series, but there was a lot of it I did enjoy.

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