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Bachelor in Paradise in the Media

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13 hours ago, UsernameFatigue said:

I didn't think Jasmine looked good either. I thought in particular that her hair looked limp and like it had a lot of split ends. Then I remembered that she is, or at least was, a hair dresser, which made it even stranger that it looked so bad. I remembered the hair dresser part as Kevin's mother was so rude to her about it.  She basically said in so many words that her baby boy was a hero as a fire fighter, and she was a lowly hair dresser. I wondered how Kevin's subsequent hook ups through the franchise (including the one from the Winter Games) fared with Mama Wendt. 

Considering that Kevin's hookup from Winter Games was Ashley I, my guess is, not so great.

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Angela and Kamil were both on Bachelor in Paradise Canada.  He was his usual douche self.  Angela actually found love.  She is from South Carolina.  He is from Edmonton.  They were on the reunion show and announced they bot( moved to Toronto and just signed a lease on an apartment.  

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10 hours ago, ECM1231 said:

Kevin W. and Astrid's newborn son, August, is hospitalized with Covid. Little guy is only 4 weeks old! Damn!  🙏

Just can't imagine what Kevin and Astrid are going through. They had such a tough time just trying to conceive this baby and now this. My heart breaks for them.

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13 minutes ago, Artsda said:


I'm surprised they lasted more than a few weeks after the show. Maurissa is way too needy.

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